Some names of those on the official recruitment photo from 1955 include:
from left to right top line: John Berriman, Butler, Leroyd, Nigel Hardinge, George Barr, Peter Yates,
from left to right seated: George, Lindsey, Geoffrey Allen, Carl Nugent, Cullen, Bob Priddy

AS 10 -Swanton Morley - 1953

This is a signal from an ex-signaller to those colleagues of mine who tapped the keys in those days and are who knows where now. If you find this page, you might like to drop me a line and say hello. It would be fine to have an e-mail chat and hear how life went. Yes, this is Bob Priddy. (dit-dit-de-da-dit, dit-dit). If you want to read my account of being in the RAF, please contact me. I live in Norway near Oslo, where I have been basically resident since 1960, and am retired. All are included in this invitation, as well as some not on the sprog photo, such as John ('Ginger') Mason, Tom Boad and others (eg. Peter Varney).

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Also a newspaper clipping about the forced landing I endured when the Perceval Prentice lost the engine power at 1000 ft. over ploughed fields - I was the signaller under training on that aricraft. The pilot and I eere lifted by helicopter to RAF Martlesham Heath and later flown back to Swanton Morley.

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