Eric Steadman was friends with Robert Priddy from early on at Belmont Hospital, Sutton, Surrey, where Robert's mother worked as a Staff Nurse and Eric as an occupational therapist. Eric moved to live in Norway (where Robert already had settled) and later he went to Sweden and married Barbro Aina Charlotte (né Friedman). Here they are visiting Robert's childhood home from the erly 1940s at Roffey Park, Sussex, Robert on the left, Eric on the right..
Eric Steadman and Robert Priddy at Roffey Park ca. 1964

Eric was from New Zealand, where he had become a professional tailor. In England he worked as a therapist at Dr. Maxwell Jones' groundbreaking social therapy unit attached to Belmont Hospital (the Unit later becoming known as The Henderson Hospital. As social therapists, Dr. Jones' used young Scandinavians who were training there as social workers, which was Robert's and Eric's connection to Norway and Sweden. In Norway, Eric worked as a group therapist at Dikemark Hospital, and also as a therapist at a children's home in Grindvoll (near Oslo). He later moved to Stockholm and became one of the first group therapists to practise there in public institutions. Later still he and Barbro moved to UK, firstly Stratford-upon-Avon and later Maida Vale, London. Eric Steadman was a very intuitive and widely-informed person who had great success in his work. Unfortunately he suffered from a lifelong heart ailment and died in the 1980's.