At the first Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, held at Olympia in the summer of 1980, among the performers were the duo of Jeremy Sandford (concertina, piano) and Philippa Finnis (vocal and diverse instruments). The singing of Philippa Finnis (on The Raggle Taggle Gypsies) was extremely fluid, melodious and powerful - quite extraordinary.

They are seen performing here:

<Philippa Finnis & Jeremy Sandford

Jeremy Sandford at Elephant Fayre 1982

Jeremy Sandford also performed with Philippa Finnis at the Elephant Fayre, 1982 in Cornwall. Here he is seen playing his concertina.

At the time they were living at Wern Watkin, near Crickhowell, in Wales - see here.

A brochure on Crickhowell township

Olympia 1980
View from the balcony over the Mind, Body Spirit Festival at Olympia in 1980

Flamenco troupe at Olympia 1980
Flamenco group performing at the Festival 1980


Tepees and their inhabitants at the festival, 1980 Olympia

Teppee people at th festival, Olympia 1980

Group dancing at festival Olympia, 1980

Dance group at Olympia 1980

Public - Mind, Body, Spirit Olympia 1980

Some members of the visiting public.