Some of the bygone era of Charing Cross Road music shops. In the 1950s and 60s there were many more music shops there than at present in Charing Cross Road.
A central feature at No. 75 and 77 was Dobell's record shops (see photo). For me, three prominent music and instrument shops in the 1950s were Selmers and Macaris (est. 1958), which sold all manner of instruments, especially guitars, and Scarth, which has apparently disappeared from all memory. It was right on the corner of Lisle St. and Charing-X Rd. and it sold classical guitars, lutes, accessories and sheet music etc. If I am not mistaken, the mainly-classical music shop Boosey and Hawkes (or maybe it was Chappall) had a big outlet on Charing Cross Rd. (near the Tottenham Court Rd. end) where Clifford Essex Music had its main outlet too.
One or two were located off or near to Charing Cross Road, such as the Fender Shop in Shaftesbury Avenue- Later came Rod Argents' music store in Denmark Street. Footes drum shop was in Brewer Street (Soho).

ARTICLE FROM 'MUSICIAN'S ONLY' A Stroll Down Shaftesbury Avenue - Window shopping in Soho (September 1980)

The legendary Doug Dobell's record shops (one for jazz, one for folk) was in Charing Cross Road until 1989. It was in the latter years (maybe just after 1989?) found at an address in Shaftesbury Ave. area, New Oxford St. end.

Macaris were usually well to the fore with the latest in instruments and peripherals (amplifiers, effect boxes etc.)
Now Macaris has changed ownership

A recent new music shop