Some Euro-Jokes

The Elephant Shoot: An international party went elephant shooting and returned home to write each their book about it.
The Englishman wrote: "The Noble Art of Elephant Shooting."
The German wrote: "Towards the Final Solution of the Pachyderm Plague."
The Japanese wrote: "Instructions for Use of the Nikkomatic self-ranging, stereoscopic-sighted Elephant Rifle, with Full Guarantee."
The Norwegian wrote: "Norway and the Norwegians."

Marooned on an Island: Two Danes, two Norwegians and two Swedes were marooned on an island. A year after, they were found and saved. The two Danes had set up a trading post, the two Norwegians had made an alcohol still and were fighting one another, the two Swedes had not spoken to one another as they were waiting to be introduced.

Heaven and hell: Heaven is where the police are British, the chefs French, the mechanics German, the lovers Italian and it is all organised by the Swiss.
Hell is where the chefs are British, the mechanics French, the lovers Swiss, the police German and it is all organised by the Italians.
Today, all have in reality challenged the stereotype, but then the Swiss...

The Well: During the 2nd World War, some Russian commissars wanted prisoners of war to jump down a well to satisfy a bet they had made between themselves. The bet was about who could convince each patriot to jump. The Frenchman was told it is for la patrie, le gloire, l'honneur. He jumped. The Italian was told, 'it is for amore passionata', he jumped, eagerly. The German was told 'it is an order!' He obeyed. The Englishman was told 'it's a sport'- he couldn't let the side down, so he jumped. The head commisar arrived on the scene. He told his subordinates, "Now you all jump for the greater glory of Uncle Joe!" They had to jump. He collected all their winnings.