Elsa & Walter Uhlfelder
Elsa and Walter Uhlfelder

Elsa Uhlfelder

I wish to inform the public of two Jewish persons I knew well whose families were victims of the Holocaust. Their names do not seem to be found anywhere on-line, so I am submitting them and can send photos of them if required. One is Elsa (later Uhlfelder), who my mother and I knew from 1952 until about 1964 (since deceased). She had lost her entire family (in Auschwitz as far as I recall) and was working as a sister at Belmont Mental Hospital, Sutton Surrey, where my mother worked (and I too for a several months in 1953.
Around 1954, she married Walter Uhlfelder, who had also lost his entire family in the Holocaust. He lived in Paris and she moved there (to Neuilly) . I visited them twice, firstly in Neuilly in November 1947 then again in June 1963 in Paris (they had moved near to Porte de Clignancourt). I do not know the years of their deaths.
I hope this information may be of interest to someone. I can be contacted at reroatgetmail.no (with @ for at)