Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
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As of 23-11-2011, over one thousand, six hundred and forty persons had signed this petition!

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Glen Meloy, USA. Member for 26 years. Position in S.S.Org: Member of 1st Advisory Board of the SSB Society for USA. Co-Manager, Sathya Sai Book Center of America in 1974-5.

Dennis J. Hanisch, USA . Follower for 27 years. Position in S.S.Org: Founder member and Vice-President, Seattle Center.

Lionel Fernandez, Mexico . Follower since1967. Position in S.S.Org: Centre Chairman May-October 2000.

James Albert Danis, Canada . Follower for 13 years Position in S.S.Org: Coordinator of Retreats etc., Vancouver Center.

Andries Krugers Dagneaux, The Netherlands . Follower from 1992-2001. Position in S.S.Org: Ex-Coordinator of seva wing.

Timothy Conway, USA . Follower for 22 years Position in S.S.Org: President of the Sathya Sai Baba Center of San Francisco from 1982-4

Barry Pittard, Australia . 1976-1999. Position in S.S.Org: Former English Lecturer, Sathya Sai College, Whitefield.

Shirley J. Pike, USA . Position in S.S.Org: Ex-President, NC Region: Ex-President Cedar Rapids Center, Iowa.

John Hartgering, USA . Follower for 10 years. Position in S.S.Org: Ex-President/Service Coordinator of Centre.

Elena Hartgering, USA . Follower for 20 years Position in S.S.Org: Ex-Vice-President of Centre and Regional Workshop presenter.

Reidun Priddy, Norway . 1983-2000. Position in S.S.Org: Founder member and Seva Wing Coordinator 1986-1998

Robert Priddy, Norway . 1983-2002. Position in S.S.Org: Founder member/Ex-Chairman of Sai Org. (Oslo Center) and Coordinator for Norway 1986-1996.

Stephen Carthew, Australia . Follower for 15 years Position in S.S.Org: Ex-office-bearer in the South Australian Org

Dave. G. Brandt, USA . 1970-1999 Position in S.S.Org: USA. Official Contact for Nebraska, N. and S. Dakota.

Serguei Badaev, Russia . 1995-2001 Position in S.S.Org: Ex-President of Sai Org. Moscow Centre and Deputy National Chairman for Russia.

Dinara Badaeva, Russia on May 20. 2002. 1995-2001 Position in S.S.Org: Moscow Centre Educational Coordinator.

Alexander Keilonat, Germany . follower: 1998-2000

Keith Ord, Spain . Follower from 1986-1991.

Terry Nelson, USA . Member 1979-2000.

Richard Nelson, USA . Member 1979-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Ex-President Santa Barbara Center.

Alexandra Nagel, The Netherlands . Follower briefly in 2000, Active in exposé investigations.

Margarita Sanchez Van Dyck, Mexico . follower: 1984-2000

Juan de la Cruz, Mexico . 1992-2000

Marc-André St. Jean, Canada . Position in S.S.Org: Former member of Sai Center in Montreal

Dhyani Jo Sinclair, Canada . Position in S.S.Org: Member and Sai Centre Secretary, 1995-2000.

Everett Shocket, USA .

Barbara Shocket, USA . 1980-1990.

Sharon Purcell, USA . Follower for 32 years. Position in S.S.Org: Founder member of Tustin Center, California.

Sathya Purcell, USA . Lifetime follower until age 23.

Stijntje Riemersma, The Netherlands . Follower for 20 years. Position in S.S.Org: Coordinator/Secretary Utrecht group, 6 years.

Hortense Quijs, The Netherlands . 1995 - 2000 Position in S.S.Org: Maastricht Group Coordinator

David. J. Lyons, USA . Follower from 1981 to 2000. Position in S.S.Org: Ex-President of the Center of Greater New Orleans.

Helen Lewers, Australia . Member 1980 - 2000.

Marit Larssen, Norway . Position in S.S.Org: Bergen group Coordinator 1996-2000.

Soma Jeyendren, Australia .Devotee 1989 -2001. Position in S.S.Org: Coordinator of celebrations, Pennanthills Center, NSW.

Other signers in chronological order from latest to earliest:-

Lorraine Walshe-Ryan, Australia, on November 6. 2011. Follower: 1996 to 2008

Teresa Pendelbury U.K. September 24, 2011

Elizabeth Alexander, USA on July 13. 2011

Mantish Mohesowa, Mauritius on July 11. 2011. Follower since childhood, joined the SSO in 2010 as Bhajan Convenor, Vice President

Dilip Narain, Australia on July 8. 2011.Follower: 1979-1982 student Puttaprti college. I attended his college with my 2 brothers and was abused sexually.
My father handed over thousands of dollars in cash. How could his abuse of innocent children be covered up for so long?

Jack Roper, Australia on July 8. 2011. Follower: 1982 to 2006 Position in S.S.Org: Chairperson South Australia

Ashish Grover, India, on June 22. 2011. "There is truth to all these alligations and just like other Scams in this great country"

Nenad Gregor, Italy on June 13. 2011.

Harikrishnan ps, India on June 4. 2011. Follower: 1 year "SSB is the biggest fraud of the millenium---"

Sunder Murthi, Belgium on May 30. 2011. Follower: 12 years "satyanarayanan is a fraud"

Hanora Brennan, Ireland on May 29. 2011. Follower: 15 years 1990 to 2005

Vladimir Kardakov, Russia on May 22. 2011

Minu F(suppressed), India on May 19. 2011

Swaroopa Sreedhara, India on May 18. 2011

Rajni Gupta, New Zealand on May 14. 2011. "Please try to get this investigations done at whatever hard wor. Otherwise a criminial would be worshipped as GOD, thanks to PMs CMs and cricketers of India.Tell the petioners, how they can help in this case. Our posts are removed from webs, with no apparent reasons, Looks like there is no freedom of speech in case of Sathya raju"

Bappi Dasgupta, India on May 11. 2011. "Fraudsters like him should not be entertained. i totally agree with the petition against him and his organization."

Mohana Fiddler, Canada on May 9. 2011.

Anu k(suppresed), India on April 28. 2011

B.C. Kang, Malaysia on May 3. 2011. " Justice has to served on all found guilty of this large scale fraud."

Ashok Anand, USA on May 3. 2011

Lori Tompkins, USA son May 1. 2011. "His activities should still be investigated/exposed even after his passing. India and the world deserves to know the truth about this man."

Bhavani Haran, USA on May 1. 2011

Mir Ejaz, India on May 1. 2011. In Islam, this is called "SHIRK" (associating parterns with the Creator), a major sin, which the Creator will never forgive, if one dies without repentence.

Roshan Nikhil, Mauritius on May 1. 2011. "Sai baba is a fraud, playing with the emotion of the innocent people. Several time he said he will live till 95 or-96 years he died at 85 years... I personally think that all his organizations should be closed."

Rajat Kanti Paul, India on April 30. 2011 "As an Indian working as a member of a rationalist organization to eradicate such weeds."

Raphael Bertho, Spain on April 30. 2011

Asmath Ali, Saudi Arabia on April 30. 2011

Sanket P, India on April 30. 2011

Raj Kumar, India on April 30. 2011. Follower: 1982-1993

Veeral Bhundia, United Kingdom on April 29. 2011. " A Fake and a Con Man"

Arun Rao, India on April 28. 2011

Renzo Zanutel, Italy on April 28. 2011

Santhosh Kumar, India on April 28. 2011.

Chris Dokter, Netherlands on April 28. 2011. Follower: 1980-1990, "I was one of few early devotees from my home country, Visited Sai Baba three times between 1981 and 1985. I had two interviews back then. I was active in the Sai Organisation mainly as a translator: the Sandweiss book..."

Wilson Valsalan, Saudi Arabia on April 27. 2011

Madhukar T, Australia on April 26. 2011

Ahmed Shoukath, India on April 26. 2011 "Student In his younger days, he used to dress up as a woman, in India there is a term for those kind of people, not only that all he does is merely cheap tricks."

Prahadhir Palakani, USA on April 26. 2011

Jørgen Bosoni, Norway on April 26. 2011

Vipra Verma, India on April 26. 2011 "A fraud with more than £5.5 billion empire...called himself God ? It is pity that people blindly believe this fake Baba"

Sanjeev Zararia, India on April 26. 2011. "I hear often that only the illiterate follow such gurus blindly. It is NOT just the Illiterate, but the "Literates" too that are highly gullible---"


Manjunath Basappa, India on April 26. 2011.

saidil das, India on April 26. 2011.

Arindam Mojumder, India on April 26. 2011.

Prosanta Bordoloi, India on April 25. 2011.

Dilip Amarnani, Philippines on April 25. 2011.

Annie Tull, India on April 25. 2011.

Asma Raheem, India on April 25. 2011. "I don't have any personal grudge against sai baba, but its stupid to see Indians been lured by such godmen by adopting gimmicks that falsely lead people."

Barbara Gallien, USA on April 25. 2011 "Sai baba is a false priest who fleeced money and energy of millions by shrewd talk of spirituality, trickery and slight of hand, and blowing dust in peoples faces while doing selfish deeds. He was a child molester and a con man and nothing more."

Roberto Mari, Italy on April 25. 2011.

Nur Arradhiah Mohamed Yusoff, Singapore on April 25. 2011. "There should be peace between faiths, but any person claiming the status of a Holy being and is involved in mass trickery, murders and sexual abuse MUST BE INVESTIGATED!"

Sarah Leong, Singapore on April 25. 2011. "This person has made a mockery of the Indian government, who idolize him despite clear evidence of his various misdeeds! The world is watching..."

Swami Deepakaranya Saraswati, Netherlands on April 25. 2011. "I was happy to hear that this man has passed away. This man has raped children, but was supported and protected by Indian politicians and judges---"

Abhishek Anchal, India on April 25. 2011.

Johnny Deen, India on April 25. 2011.

Noble Thomas, USA on April 24. 2011."No denying the good done to people made possible by the man's blind followers but at the same time since the ends do not justify the means, a thorough investigation into his activities is welcome."

Satyajeet Patil, India on April 24. 2011.

Animesh Singh, India on April 24. 2011.

Bharat Prajapat, India on April 24. 2011.

Valencia Satzinger, USA on April 24. 2011.

Stephen Satzinger, USA on April 24. 2011.

Vivek Sharma, India on April 24. 2011. "Why would a God live so lavishly and perform cheap tricks? And, if philanthropy is the metric, are Buffett and Gates grandfathers of God because of their philanthropy? Surely a God would not have any problem with audits and transparency?"

Gautam Nambiar, India on April 24. 2011.

Santhosh Joseph, United Arab Emirates on April 24. 2011.

Bairavavanashiman Venkataraman, India on April 24. 2011.

Harneet Deo, Australia on April 24. 2011. "People like him have kept india primitive"

Shrey Goyal, India on April 24. 2011.

Praveen Krishnan, Malaysia on April 23. 2011.

Milan Mehta, United Kingdom on April 23. 2011. " The people against sai baba have nothing to gain from exposing any wrongdoings of sai baba and his organisation, whereas the latter have everything to lose and thus avoid any investigation, this alone seems suspicious to me"

Rohan Perera, Sri Lanka on April 22. 2011.

Ramakrishna Reddy Gurrala, India on April 21. 2011.
na Position in S.S.Org: na

Satya Kanungo, India on April 20. 2011.

Babu Dole, Germany/India on April 16. 2011.

Jasmin Wietstock, USA on April 15. 2011.

Alvaro Filippo Michelon, Italy on April 14. 2011. Follower 1981 - 1990 I was first molested by Sai Baba 81. But I thought it was a privilege. I'm so sorry i have lost 10 years of my life behind that clown paid by Satan. Now I'm alone and I'm studying what is the truth and I learned that Jehovah our Creator has given us the solution to all our problems: the Bible. Now Sai Baba is dying and will finish his dirty without knowing that there will be annihilated forever as evil

Donatella Conti, Italy on April 14. 2011.

Vincenzo Panepinto, Italy on April 12. 2011.

Ashwin Puri, India on April 9. 2011.

Girish Sarpatwar, India on April 7. 2011. "You do not have to be an Einstein to see the fraud of Sai baba. But I am appalled by the blind belief of so many people in Sai baba."

Sandeep Kumar, USA on April 6. 2011.

Dolly Rattan, Trinidad on April 6. 2011. Follower 1976-1998 "May he be rewarded in kind for all the suffering and hurt that he has inflicted on his innocent victims."

Sattesh Singh, India/England on March 28. 2011. "The real sai baba of Shiridi used to sleep on floor and his pillow was a brick, but no offense, but the new sai baba is having a luxory stay."

Rajni Gupta, New Zealand on March 27. 2011. " i hate this murderer who calls himself a GOD He is not even a proper human"

Rajesh Datta, India on March 25. 2011.

Guendalina Sabba, Italy on March 14. 2011.

Pathma Saravanan, Australia on March 10. 2011. Follower 1973 to 2007 "Investigate this great fraud who has ruined so many lives. I myself have lived a life devoid of freedom of thought for a long time and it took a long while for me to start thinking for myself. It is better to live in the world for however short or long and be master/mistress of one's own life than follow a fraud like this."

Kseniya Osipova, Russia on February 23. 2011.

Maria Teresa Lanza, Italy on March 18. 2011.

francesca natarelli, Italy on March 14. 2011.

Amy Dave, USA on March 14. 2011. until 2002

Animesh Gupta, USA on March 11. 2011.

David Kerr, New Zealand on March 5. 2011.

Pavan Melukote, India on March 2. 2011.

Kseniya Osipova, Russia on February 23. 2011.

Dominic Bloomfield, United Kingdom on February 22. 2011. Follower: About 4 days (2011)

Kristy Walder, USA on February 19. 2011.

Mariapia Orlando, Italy on February 14. 2011.

Aviva Sheb'a, Australia on February 11. 2011. " No amount of good works can override abuse and hoodwinking the masses. The sheer obscenity of SB opulence should be proof enough that all is not well..."

Brenda Laurin, Canada on February 10. 2011. "Wake up - Governments - do something to help your people".

Jenifer Short, USA on February 3. 2011. "One of my teachers was going to build a temple in India before he suddenly died. Sai Baba told him he was going to reincarnate and be born in the town where the temple was to be built..."

Hardik Vaidya, UK on February 1. 2011. "Pls. save thousands of devotees from this fake person."

lena Alperirn, USA on January 30. 2011.

Jyothi Hosamani, India on January 30. 2011.

Avantika Mishra, Singapore on January 30. 2011.

Artur Ferreira, Brazil on January 28. 2011.

Kumari De Alwis, Sri Lanka on January 21. 2011.

Achim Keiper, Germany on January 20. 2011.

Suny Gedam, India-USA on January 20. 2011.

Raj Kishore, Australia on January 16. 2011. "I believe person like this should be pressured from international government to third world like india where religion is bigger than their bread and butter."

Swetha Dronavalli, USA on January 14. 2011.

Sonu Jagdeo, India on January 14. 2011.

Adriana Auderset, Switzerland on January 14. 2011. Follower: 1981-1994 "I feel deep hurt for the loss of my best years of my life being enslaved by this evil man and his organisation. There are friends still in his clutches, unable to see and admit that they have been cheated for years. I am so happy to be free of this dependency. I needed psychic help to get out of his enslavement. But I am awake now!"

Arti Solanki, USA on January 4. 2011. Follower: 1995-2005 "This man knows nothing about "Dharma". He needs to come clean and stand trial. Come forward and face your victims..."

Sandi and David Deschambault, Canada on January 3. 2011.

Segundo Julio Vacas, United Kingdom on December 28. 2010.

Jampala Raghuram, UK on December 23. 2010.

Chander Thangavelu, India/Canada on December 20. 2010. Follower: 1994 to 2000

Cindy Reid, Canada on December 16. 2010.

Rohit Sehgal, Canada on December 10. 2010.

Darandu Okemmuo, Nigeria on December 3. 2010. Follower 1989 - 1993 Member of Sai Org. "After the first three years, I began to suspect that what we were doing was not true, so I began to reason out the events there and my investigations convinced me that Sai Baba was not what he claimed. I made up my mind that he was deceiving people to believe he was the incarnate of the Godhead! I am sure he is a deceiver in the name of God. For the past ten years now I have been educating those I led to join SS Org to withdraw. We like what you are doing, please continue to save many souls being trapped in the heinous ashrams all over the world."

Sunil Kumar India, India on November 30. 2010.

Corinna Glanert, Germany on November 28. 2010.

Gaurab Lama, Nepal on November 26. 2010.

Anand Mangnale, India on November 24. 2010.

NoufaL M, India on November 24. 2010.

Lalitha Krishna, India-UK on November 22. 2010. "We happened to know Sai since my childhood in Bangalore when he visit our uncle's place in 1971. He did lot of miracles, and over period of years, we moved to Puttaparthy, where even without entering Ashram, we understood the variations from reality and all false claims, foreigners who were in Puttaparthy are being swindled of money, and many VVIPs and political leaders visit this place expecting some favors as money, position and fame."

Nilesh Oak, USA on November 16. 2010.

Fatima Mohamad, Malaysia on November 15. 2010.

Denise Pelizzari, France on November 10. 2010.

Krishna Prasad, India/Malaysia on November 4. 2010.

Sam Daniel, India-Germany on March 17. 2010.

Vinay Kumar, USA on October 17. 2010.

Shiva S, UK on October 16. 2010.

Pier Paolo Caselli, Italy on October 15. 2010.

Srikanth Goud, Sweden on October 5. 2010. Software engineering . Without any proofs how to accept a person as god? He has to prove in front of world with his power by proving.

Caterina Iorio, Italy on October 25. 2010.

vinay kumar, USA on October 17. 2010.

Pratibha Das Hatibaruah, India on October 5. 2010.

Ramesh Sharma, India-Israel on October 1. 2010. "its not fair what sai baba is doing with innocent humans, i m thankfull for the person who exposed him by the help of the videos---"

Mary Hubbard, USA on September 30. 2010.

Nazar Ahmed, Congo/USA on September 26. 2010.
Position in S.S.Org: N/A
Fraudulent acts to deceive the innocent population is to be strongly condemned and punished.

Preyanthan Thedchanamoorthy, Australia on September 21. 2010.
He is a long time son of a b***h. i am really sorry for the people who follow his magic

Vinit Mehta, India on September 16. 2010.
-- Position in S.S.Org: --
The reality of his magic is revealed! He is just a magician!

Andrea Coltro, Italy on September 16. 2010.

Amit Jhingran, USA on September 13. 2010.

Diana Covell, Australia on September 12. 2010.
I feel sorry for all those who have been conned and abused by this 'sai baba' fellow. Someone I met recently who is a follower of this self-styled 'guru' tried to convince me that he himself was 'god' as a result of his devotion. I did not need to read all the testimonials of sexual abuse and corruption to know immediately that anyone so arrogant and self-aggrandizing was not to be trusted. Expose the fraud and others like him who seek to manipulate and exploit others.

mario celsi, Italy on September 1. 2010.

sathvika chowdary, United Kingdom on August 27. 2010.

pavankumar tirumalasetty, India on August 27. 2010.
Please investigate. Punish him severely if found guilty.

Tamas Murray, USA on August 27. 2010.
Hated him since the mid-to-late 70's.
Our church is a sect of Shakti Hinduism, as practiced by the Bhangi dog-eaters. This less-than-a-man robs from those who already have too little, while he molests children, fakes miracles and ruins lives. The Church of Kali has already cursed his name at our Black Masses and he is, to us, a walking dead, of less-than-no value as a human being. Blessed are the true Sons and Daughters of Shiva who labor to expose this dangerous and toxic fraud. MARDUK VI: 6.) No deed of womb-man's child is greater than to reveal the sacred cheat and expose the hallowed rogue to the ridicule and laughter they well deserve. This, with the discovery of knowledge and the works of the holy duty, are the greatest of all things.

prathap kumar lavudu, India on August 27. 2010.

Balan Pratheep, United Kingdom on August 21. 2010.
I am not
I know Human cannot be God, but in India lots people are very poor. They believe, if they follow this kind of idiots same miracle will happened to their life, so they still doing.

Aruna Aruna, India/Taiwan on August 19. 2010.
Please spread his fraud actions all over India and put him in jail.

sashi thapaliya, USA on August 18. 2010.
inshalla he will be punished , no doubt.

Monika Mitan, Poland on August 16. 2010.
My brother believes in this cult group leader and con artist.It is important to warn as parents as young people how danger is cult like that!

Rahul Radhakrishnan, Russia on August 11. 2010.
I strongly believe that a human being can NEVER be god. God is omnipresent , omnipotent, omniscient & he does not need an incarnation on earth to do his duties. All these "Human God" fellows are frauds. Its high time the Government of India grows up and start a proper investigation to open the eyes of the blind devotees & punish such frauds!!

musthafa abdulla, Bahrain on August 7. 2010.
1 year
Let justice be done

Lavanya Nal, India on August 5. 2010.
1996 to till date Position in S.S.Org: Devotee
Cannot Believe that me and my family followed such a bastard and thought he was the God. Please raise awareness among the millions of people who are still blindly following this crook.

Mubi Rashid, India on July 29. 2010.
Punish Him!!!

ram babu, India on July 28. 2010.
This fraud has to be jailed..People who are following him are

Sundar sivaraman, India on July 27. 2010.
He must be punished

Lucas Oliveira, Brazil on July 22. 2010.

Jorge Borggno, Venezuela on June 23. 2010.

fayaz abdul, India on June 21. 2010.
i knew from first that these guys plays cheap tricks hope they get all the good punishment b4 they actually die

Gopinath rao, India on June 21. 2010.
This is clear cut fraud and needs to be punished for the cause of the society.,

Thanga Madhan, India on June 21. 2010.
Not applicable

Try arresting this fraud

chaithanya venkata, India/Malaysia on June 10. 2010.

ashok varikuti, USA on June 5. 2010.
Ban this modern day cheaters. Let these be doomed. Swamy Vivekananda fought hard
for uplifting Hinduism and sacrificed his life for the same. These cheats r destroying Hinduism completely.

basith brahmin, India on June 2. 2010.

Joe Jose, India on May 26. 2010.
He is just a Magician cheating people.

Mira Ghoshal, Poland on May 24. 2010.

Atul Menon, India on May 24. 2010.
1993-2006 Position in S.S.Org: Lawyer
It was a shock for me when I heard about sai baba. I was never willing to believe the allegations against him. However, when more and more swami's came into the crooks list. And when swami's magic's were revealed to be tricks, I had to go against him. I strongly believe that a petition against him would hardly do any harm to Sai baba. He is one of the most powerful person's in this country. It would be really hard to touch him. I hope this petition would do some good and help people understand the facts behind sai baba. I utterly failed to convince people who are actual followers of satya sai that he is a bogus. No man can ever claim himself to be God. I feel unhappy over this. But I want my fellow brothers and sisters to understand the facts and never follow such crooks. Please consider my petition.

Paul Jensen, USA on May 23. 2010.

Mahesh Gopalan, India-USA on March 21. 2010.

Kevin Mathew, India on May 20. 2010.

Savitha C, India on May 9. 2010.

Marco Galli, Italy on May 14. 2010.

Rahul Roy, India on May 13. 2010.

Neo Castelino, India on May 15. 2010.
The very thought of this sick person and his nefarious acts just makes me feel how inhuman some people can be. This guy should be put to an end before he simply dies after living a luxurious life. My Parents are a die-hard followers of him but I just can't seem to convince them neither can I make them believe that the guy they're after is a crook, a con artist. He should be sent to hell for sure!!!

aby abraham, India on May 19. 2010.
I have seen some videos from youtube .From those videos anyone could easily understand his illussions are merely fake magic

Sharath Kumar, India on May 4. 2010.
Such fake godmen and his supporters should be given harsh punishment for playing with the emotions of lakhs of people. The punishment should be so severe that nobody should repeat or try to fool people in future.

Vikram Kumar, India on May 4. 2010.
Please.... Please for God's sake, arrest this criminal. He's a fraud. he is a killer. Where is the government? Please put him behind the bars ... FOREVER!!! So many lives has lost because of this bastard.

Andrea Mario Narcisi, Italy on May 2. 2010.

venkat esh, India/UK on May 1. 2010.
this so called godman should be punished for cheating the primitive indians.strip him off his wealth.

alfonso bolaños alves, Spain on April 29. 2010.
my ex-wife since 4 years ago

Aayush Mishra, USA on April 28. 2010.
Should band all the the world and everyone should become ATHEISTS... ATHEISTS RULES....not the people like this guy..

Vitthal Patil, India on April 26. 2010.
I have a firm beleif that SathyaSai Baba is a big fraud. Irrespective of the good things being done by his foundation, he should be exposed & brought to book. I feel ashamed when I look at the big names who are his followers.

Tuncay Bittner, Germany on April 21. 2010.
No Position in S.S.Org: No
A charlatan may use the light faith of the people not for own purposes. He damages not only India separate to the religion and the everlasting truth, GOD quite in general. I ... do not believe "God" like Hindus and Christians, God would become as a person.

Sai Naveen, India/UK on April 20. 2010.

Gokul Babu, India on April 20. 2010.

Ambrogio Castiglioni, Jamaica on April 19. 2010.
Stop him!!!! Fermiamolo!

Padma Rajendran, India on April 17. 2010.

manoj pavan, India/Sweden on April 17. 2010.

Lemmy SS, India on April 17. 2010.

Shyam Manisastry, USA on April 4. 2010.
Never a follower at anytime
Our family personally know one Indian boy who was sexually by this "Sathya Sai baba" without satyam and that boy's own parents did not believe him. He ended up confiding the truth to his friend. Pedophiles like baba should be banned and they should face similar legal charges like anyone.

Sarayu Santosh, USA on April 7. 2010.

Lorella Lattavo, Italia on April 4. 2010.
E' assurdo che nel 2000 esistano ancora truffatori di questo genere? Basta prendere in giro la gente! (It 's absurd that in 2000 there are still scammers like this? Just deceiving people!)

shravan kumar, India on March 27. 2010.
Take an action against these people who take an advantage of religion and mythology of holy india. To make it clear the similar thing happened with kalki. Please stop these people who are just psychological imbalanced ppl.

jijo abraham, India on March 24. 2010.
He is cheating somany innocent people.So immediate action should take aganist him.

sebastiaan engelbarts, Netherlands on March 18. 2010.
1990-2009 Position in S.S.Org: member utrecht
Ive had some personel experiences with SB. in 2009 I went through all the stories on the internet, found articles from people I know. So I wrote my story and it's on couldn't stop reading. it makes you sick to the stomach. I wonder in what kind of loka he will be going. maybe that is why he is crying much lately. 2010

Eva Fuchs, Switzerland on March 17. 2010.



Lalu Robin, Australia on March 15. 2010.

Praveen George, India on March 14. 2010.
this is too much - immediate action must be taken against him as soon as possible

gauthaman gs, India on March 14. 2010.
... if any such idiots can be a GOD then whats the meaning of the ultimate power that we believe in......... then this idiot could solve all our problems........ some foolish followers are the ones who make these people grow like this.......

Marco Ferri, Italy on March 13. 2010.As Krishnamurti said, kill any guru you meet... Anyway it is unacceptable a man plagiarizes so many people and the Indian government feignes not to see.

gopi nalluri, Australia on March 3. 2010.

Lawson Regan, Australia on March 3. 2010.

drew hempel, USA on February 26. 2010.

Ram Mohan, India on February 24. 2010.
There is some power in this world and we call it as GOD..Thats good..The religions and religious gods are man made..I am not an atheist.. People start thinking..No religious Gods here in the world..Nobody know whether that power is a machine or a alien or etc..Until you know truth, just trust that there is a superfisial power and thank him.Request government to take some action as soon as possible...

chandra sekar, India on February 22. 2010.

annalisa mazzetti, Italy on February 21. 2010.

Jose Crasto, India on February 10. 2010.
follower: First time Our Indian People are still in the ICE AGE, One side GODMAN, otherside HERO worship. Even though people are mislead many times, they won't get alert. As so far people get knowledge about a "TRUE GOD", this will continue.

Sen Valentin, Romania on February 8. 2010.
If Sai Baba's actions are fake than I'll sign this petition for no other people to be harmed.

vikas sharma, UK on February 4. 2010.

Sri Prudhvi Gaddipati, United Kingdom on February 1. 2010.

Dharani Prakash, India on February 1. 2010.
Wish to see the self-proclaimed god behind bars.

Vignesh Jogyala, India on January 30. 2010.
follower: Not at all Hope this works.

Rehaan Mohammed, USA on January 29. 2010.

Jean Tillie, Netherlands on January 29. 2010.

Anny Debets, Netherlands on January 29. 2010.

Alex Vlasov, Canada on January 29. 2010.

anu rupa, Ukraine on January 27. 2010.

Manoj Agrawal, USA on January 21. 2010.

eliana tomasi, Italy on January 19. 2010.
truffatore da condannare

Ajay Sharma, UK on January 18. 2010.
he is a fraud and a cheat, he should be prosecuted by law and people should wake up and stop following these sick fake babas blindly. It is a different trying to believe in the supreme being but by following him and treating him as a god it is an insult to the whole hindu religion.

Nava Nita, Singapore on January 16. 2010.
follower: Never Position in S.S.Org: NIL

V Renganathan, Malaysia on January 8. 2010.
follower: 2004 - 2005

Rangasamy Gopalsamy, Australia on January 6. 2010.
God please save the innocent people from this cheater.

Simon Kidd, Australia on January 5. 2010.

Harshana Seneviratne, Australia on January 4. 2010.

Dharmapala Senaratne, Sri Lanka on December 31. 2009.
follower: nil Position in S.S.Org: nil

Abhisek Mru, Mauritius on December 30. 2009.

enrico rizzo, Italy on December 26. 2009.

Jinesh Jayakumar, India on December 24. 2009.

Cate Murray, USA on December 22. 2009.
follower: 1998 - 2005
I am the niece of Camille Svensson who translated several Hindu scriptures for Sai Baba. My aunt, uncle, and mother all died as devotees. I was gradually turned away after hearing rumors. The final "wake-up" came after reading Avatar of Night by Tal Brooke.

Nadeem k, Delhi on December 20. 2009.
Position in S.S.Org: senior executive
i have done my primary schooling from the school run by the trust of sai baba but then i always thought that this guy is a big scam after doing a little research of this guy in my free time i found ou t that this is not just a scam but a big nexus of sexual abuse money laundering and narcotics i request the expose and punish this fake baba as he is exploiting many unsuspecting indians

Margot Tille, Netherlands on December 19. 2009.
follower: Never.
I always felt that he was a creep whenever I saw his photograph. My heart goes out to all those who are abused by this paedofile, and to their families! I hope he will be prosecuted soon!!! And I hope all other con men will be exposed as well.

Austin Hackney, UK on December 18. 2009.
The way that this man they call Sai Baba abuses the trust and belief of his followers, deceiving them with simple magic tricks is disgusting enough but the idea that he uses his 'power' in order to satisfy his sexual lusts with young men is disgusting in the extreme and should be legally investigated as a matter of urgency.

Malles Sana, UK on December 18. 2009.

tony Ramz, India on December 17. 2009.
i wanna know the truth abt satya sai...

Dhineshkumar Periyasamy, Australia on December 16. 2009.

kartik p, UK on December 16. 2009.
This Baba has cheated people for so many decades now. It's high time that the government takes note of these fake baba's.

Aditya Kanagala, Australia on December 14. 2009.
I being a responsible indian want to raise a complaint inorder to start investigating regarding all his activities. It is threat to human community .

Giuseppe Casiraghi, Italy on December 13. 2009.
Impegniamoci a fermare tutti gli imbroglioni, e ad assicurarli alla giustizia. (Trans.: Let us pledge to stop all the cheaters, and to bring them to justice)

Guido Imhof, Italy on December 11. 2009.
follower: I wasn't a follower
We must stop him! I think there is a difference between gay and ricchione (pervert) : Sai Baba is a very RICCHIONE DI MERDA...

Rick Potts, USA on December 9. 2009.

David Chwa, USA on December 8. 2009.

Srinivas Reddy, USA on December 8. 2009.
Please at least stop going Govt officials and president of India. Arrest this criminal.

Ateet Patel, USA on December 2. 2009.

Paolo Fuga, Italy on November 30. 2009.

naphirisa sawian, India on November 29. 2009.

rebekah kirupakaran, India on November 28. 2009.
it is heart breaking to see how many learned people and friends fall prey to this man of counterfeit miracles. It is my prayer that there be an awakening among his followers, and that they all will "kneel before the one true God- the maker of heaven and earth and all that is in it"!

Archana Kaushik Yanamandra, Germany on November 28. 2009.

Tono Sunny, India on November 26. 2009.
Please save innocent people by getting cheated like these kind of criminals.Make the aware of fake saints like sai baba and all. He will be punished by God above,for cheating poor people

Sandeep Surendran, India on November 25. 2009.
I feel Sympathy on people.. Government should take steps..

Monica Murgia, Italy on November 23. 2009.
follower: Bologna

nagin bhadresa, UK on November 22. 2009.
extradite him to usa & put him on trial. the pervert

sivam vethathiri, India on November 21. 2009.
If anyone truly experiencd God himself, they never entertain the people like a magician. They real God man's duty is awaken the people, not giving the false trick against the Nature.

Mohan Kumar, India on November 20. 2009.
I feel sympathy for the people who are educated and still believe this magician as the god - and one of my friends is in this category

neelanjan dutta, India on November 18. 2009.
The Governmnet should expedition steps to bring this fake to court and execute a trial

Antonio Rossini, Italy on November 17. 2009.

Nancy van Dijke, Netherlands on November 17. 2009.
Even guru's aren't above the law. Justice for all, justice to all.

Joe David, UK on November 15. 2009.

vipash awasthi, India on November 13. 2009.

paramasivam peetambaram, India on November 12. 2009.
Position in S.S.Org: IT engineer Arrest and direct an CBI enquiry.

cyaren katnikh, India on November 11. 2009.

Naresh Kargathra, United Kingdom on November 11. 2009.

Johny George, India on November 10. 2009.

Ganesh Poomal Girirajan, India on November 3. 2009.
follower: none Position in S.S.Org: none
I am outraged by all his evil acts. Still I believe truth will triumph in the end.

Raj kumar, India on November 1. 2009.
follower: for 8 years
Playing with souls of the people in the name of god using them for money and saying its service!. its a foolish and weak mentality of the people made him god. Why money needed when he is able to change everything in the world just with his power...he is a blunder dirty philosophy. One simple question i raise: please think hard . Do not give him money.. Do not bend your head to him.. do not go to him Just say i can do the same service here for the poor people with love.. because i am too the child of the God not just you.. i can get the peace from that.

lakshmi p menom, India on October 23. 2009.

simone romagna, Italy on October 22. 2009.

VIneeth VS, India on October 22. 2009.
These crooks must be brought under the law....

Sugu A, India on October 22. 2009.
I am not sure why this guy is around and seen as a god by a million innocents.
I believe Indians are smart enough not to believe in these tricks.

Deepak Manjooran, India on October 22. 2009.
These fake gods should be hanged till death. dont leave this duty for the public.

VASUDEV DEVAK, India on October 19. 2009.
These Baba's are Responsible for Many social myths that were still prevailing in India, Please i beg every one who is reading this message. Kindly, save these ignorant humans, they aren't just molested or abused but even their "organs", kidneys were traded by "sathya sai", i have full proof about this incident which occured in Bangalore hospital. Organ's were traded , packaged and sold to Japanese , Koreans.. Please save Fellow humans...Please just for a second "Be a Human", KIll this "EVIL baba"...Indian Govt and people are Brainwashed, False economic policies resulted in Slave mentality. Stop this Organ trafficking scam

Rohit Chaddha, India on October 17. 2009.
Let's get him and hang him upside down.

Malathi Rajendran, USA on October 15. 2009.
he is a fool....

prashanth koppula, USA on October 12. 2009.
No one is above the law he should be punished severely..

ravikanth jalagam, UK on October 12. 2009.

Chandra Barenkala, India on October 11. 2009.
follower: none Position in S.S.Org: none
I know from the begining that he is a big cheater, but now its exposed with full ever is doing this i really appreciate them and we need to get this kind of fake gurus out of public sight.

rama dasa, USA on October 7. 2009.

Konstantin Titorenko, United Kingdom on October 5. 2009.

Ganesh Raj, Malaysia on October 4. 2009.
The bigwigs in India are protecting Sai Baba & use him as a front for their nefarious activities. Anyway Sai Baba has failed miserably as a God & should be got ridden of.

Vish Deon, USA on October 1. 2009.
I agree that this guy is a Fraud.

Andrew Chung, USA on September 30. 2009.

David Sutton, United Kingdom on September 26. 2009.

R Balaji, India on September 17. 2009.
follower: No Position in S.S.Org: No
Indian POLICES are sleeping. Severe punishment should be given to that animal

Bheemabai Neethipudi, India on September 16. 2009.
I just dont understand how people end up going mad for fakesters like these. Even the highly educated ones are in the list of followers of this person. This has to end.

Diren BHemah, Malaysia on September 10. 2009.
follower: childhood

Manav Sharma, India on September 2. 2009.
follower: Until 2008
I deeply regret returning permanently to India from the US more than a decade ago after consulting “Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba” (BSSB) and obtaining his approval. What has actually transpired over the years and even earlier is too convoluted to elucidate here. Anybody else in my place might have committed suicide by now. However, I have decided to fight and live. I am convinced BSSB is the DEVIL INCARNATE, a ruthless, manipulative con/ fraud with double standards and brilliant oratory skills. On another note, several things come to mind such as BSSB’s highly publicized close association with the following.
1. President Idi Amin, later called the 'Butcher of Uganda'. Apparently, this was the only foreign trip BSSB made all the way to meet him.
2. Italian Premier Bettino Craxi, subsequently accused of personal corruption in his country’s huge bribery scandal. I am sure his chronic and adequately 'brainwashed”' devotees will have a ready, long winded explanation.I believe his sayings mentioned below are nothing but bold faced lies and glib talk akin to what most politicians indulge in.
1. 'Love of a thousand mothers'.
2. 'Shed one tear and I will wipe off a thousand'.
3. 'Take one step towards me and I will take ten towards you'.
When he warned his devotees about not falling to the charisma of any holy man donning saffron robes as they could very well be “ogres in ochre”, was he ironically referring to himself?! Our close family friend had Siddhi powers but never claimed to be an Avatar. A superb singer of Indian Classical music, he could materialize Vibhuti and also transport his cash from home to where he required it. An established devotee at Prashanti Nilayam (I think they actually ought to call it Ashanti Asylum!) who has since passed away, told me that 'Baba' called this person his “pocket edition” and even asked him to give a discourse on his behalf. I don’t know if he did or what happened thereafter, but this self effacing genius could easily have started an Ashram and announced himself to be God incarnate.

Giulia Bagnoli, Italy on August 28. 2009.

yahim el alam , Argentina on August 18. 2009.
follower: n/a Position in S.S.Org: n/a
the most fake human being in the world, buying souls for nothing!!! i WANT JUSTICE jail to the thief sai baba

Carlos Gomez de Orozco, Mexico on August 15. 2009.

Kiruban Poovan, Malaysia on August 12. 2009.

Zubair Mohammed, UK on August 12. 2009.

Sai Krishna Cherukuri Naga, Australia on August 10. 2009.

srujitha mullapudi, USA on August 10. 2009.

Grant S, USA on July 29. 2009.
To much evidence on this man, he should be stopped.

ravikiran reddy, India on July 21. 2009.
such fake babas should be hanged

Purna Aramalla, USA on July 19. 2009.

Thakur Vishwesh Singh, USA on July 11. 2009.
follower: NA Position in S.S.Org: NA
So many allegations have been cast that it is important for a thorough investigation to be carried out. It is important from the point of view of law, society and religion.

Maria Figlia, Italy on July 9. 2009.

Anup J.S., India on July 7. 2009.

sehrish amina, India on July 3. 2009.
he doesn't deserve to live, the government should imprison this cheat and fraud

Raju Sharma, USA on July 2. 2009.

michela carloni, Italy on July 1. 2009.

Indrayani Tripathi, Canada on July 1. 2009.
PLease do something about this. I hope he is exposed naked in front all the people he has fooled so far...!!

Harish Talla, USA on June 27. 2009.

Rex Smith, United Kingdom on June 20. 2009.
He is a fake, godmen like these should be exposed.he is a s*x offender a dangerous man with a cult following.

Paola Belardinelli, Italy on June 16. 2009.

Reddy Bhaskar, India on June 15. 2009.
Baba claiming himself an avatar in the name of social service is great offence.This shall be unconditionally condemned. Also remember that money diverted for the social work is not his hard earned money but it is simply the money made out of the poor people who believed him as an avatar at weak moment. He is just human being just like us and not either the avatar or God.A God can not be manufactured!!

Polya Pencheva, Bulgaria on June 14. 2009.

matteo del mistro, Italy on June 14. 2009.

Scaburri Carlo, Italy on June 11. 2009.

Vijayan Nadarajah, Malaysia on June 8. 2009.

Arunkumar Balasubramanian, Australia on June 7. 2009.

sudhir jammalamadaka, USA on June 2. 2009.
WHy do people believe in him!!?? I dont understand!! If at all he is a real god, why to show off all his so called "tricks" ??? That's wierd!!

Monique Fornara, Switzerland on May 19. 2009.

mio figlio e devoto di sai babba

john adams, Philippines on May 20. 2009.
Sai Babam you give real religous people a bad name

Monique Fornara, Switzerland on May 19. 2009.

rambabu taneeru, Australia on May 4. 2009.
he is cheater ....we need to teach him a lesson...

Krishna Dora, Germany on May 17. 2009.
follower: Never
People are so foolish to believe him for all his magic tricks.

kedaresh ketha, Germany on May 9. 2009.
lets help the people who tries to bring the truth.......

sidhartha tenneti, USA on May 8. 2009.

rambabu taneeru, Australia on May 4. 2009.
he is cheater ....we need to teach him a lesson...

Danilo Pomicino, Italy on May 1. 2009.

Sudar M, India on April 30. 2009.
follower: NEVER EVER
No mercy shud be shown on him.

Robert W van der Kroef, Netherlands on April 28. 2009.
follower: No way!

Abd Allah, Indonesia on April 27. 2009.
please let the truth talks. sai baba just one that alter it

Karishma M, Mauritius on April 21. 2009.
We need to arouse people!

Koushik Rao, India on April 17. 2009.
He is a cheat...he should be punished

Anurita Singh, USA on April 11. 2009.
Please be aware of whom you worship in human form.

Nicolas Libon, Belgium on April 10. 2009.
He brings the shame, he his so far of spiritual truth, he is a criminal.Stop this living shame!!!!

ranjith thopucharla, USA on April 9. 2009.
He is a cheat

Yashvardhan Naudiyal, India on April 8. 2009.
follower: 1991 to1993

Sahil Dhingra, India on April 3. 2009.
The more disturbing fact is that even well educated people were influenced by him. He should be hanged , but what are we going to do with his supporters and followers. ?

Christos Tolis, Greece on March 6. 2009.
Had a friend in there...quite a mess....

Jessica Romano, Italy on February 25. 2009.

Rajendra Baraskar, Australia on February 8. 2009.
May Shirdi Sai Baba punish him for imposing as Shirdi Sai incarnation and for all the misdeeds he has committed. My Shirdi Baba, let the whole world know the truth as soon as possible. I personally do not think he has any habits which great saints have. One who has been playing with peoples's feelings and continuously cheating them should be brought to justice. One who needs protection, how can he protect us.

Niranjan Bidargaddi, Australia on February 7. 2009.
follower: 1992-1998 Position in S.S.Org: Student

These allegations are disturbing!!...

Amar Sharma, USA on February 4. 2009.
follower: n/a Position in S.S.Org: n/a
Ban these God men worldwide. Also ban sending and movement of money internationally for religious purposes...

Gabriele Deias, Italy on January 21. 2009.

Davide Signorato, Italy on January 20. 2009.
Madonna ma ammazzatelo sto frocio senz'anima, è un coglione!

Luciano Gagliotti, Italy on January 12. 2009.
contro tutti i mistificatori ed i manipolatori. sporche persone che approfittano delle debolezze umane per soddisfare le loro nefande ed oltraggiose debolezze. (English trans. against all the hoaxer and manipulators. dirty people who take advantage of human weaknesses to meet their offending wickedness and weaknesses.

Sunny Torres, Windsor, Newhaven, Connecticut US on January 11. 2009.
follower: 1996 - 2008 Position in S.S.Org: Service Coordinator at Windsor CT center
In January 2008 I stumbled across the BBC production "The Secret Swami". Thanks to that documentary and the Findings in I had to finally accept the devastating truth that the "holy man" I followed for 11 years was a fraud and child molestor. I hope this petition gets someone somewhere to open an official investigation and expose this basest of predators.
My heart goes out to all the victims of his sexual abuse, especially to the Indian children in his schools who do not feel they can even turn to their parents for help.

Richard Ragbirsingh, Canada on January 8. 2009.
follower: never
Hopefully this deluded filthy rich god man can be stopped from his ungodly activities.

Muhammad Noor (Mano) Abdullah, Australia on January 8. 2009.
This so called god man should be exposed as a frauster and pedophile.

Ismael Rodriguez, Spain on December 26. 2008.
follower: 1976-1986

Giustina Schioppa, Italy on December 25. 2008.

Mario Canu, Italy on December 20. 2008.

stanley chetty, South Africa on November 26. 2008.
I feel so sorry for the abused followers of this fraud.
I believe that governments everywhere outside India should close down the branches of this cult and arrest the leaders.

Linda Deakin, New Zealand on November 21. 2008.
follower: 2000-2003 Position in S.S.Org: N/A

pakita costa, Spain on August 24. 2008.
Si hay impostura, hay que pararla. (If there is deception, we must stop it)

JOANNA PADGETT, USA on August 15. 2008.
follower: 1971-1983
I am delighted this evil man is finally being exposed, please continue to do all you can to reveal the truth for others sake.

Rose Winters, USA on August 14. 2008.
Let the light shine and the Truth have it's VICTORY!!! Sincerely, Rose Winters

Raj Subramanian, Canada on August 10. 2008.
I am a rationalist and humanist!

lia meijer, Italy on August 8. 2008.
follower: 1989-2003
yes, all adverse commentaries are verified and valid.

Adam kutty, India on August 6. 2008.
Brave!! Human "Gods" are plenty in India. Break the unholy bond of politician and these "gods"

Lionel Balasuriya, USA on July 25. 2008.
I was never a devotee or follower,but I know quite a lot
of people who are devotees of this individual.

suneel vuriti, India on July 23. 2008.

Prashant Jayaraman, USA on July 14. 2008.
follower: 1990-2005

Dhanapal D, USA on July 13. 2008.
This godman controls the minds of even very well educated humans and make them useless and to follow him

monica ciccolini, Italy on July 8. 2008.

martin angel, Argentina on June 13. 2008.
follower: 10/10/1983

asasa sorj, Burkina Faso on June 5. 2008.

ERA JOHNSON, Canada on June 3. 2008.
I am in support of his investigation. If he claims to be God, and knows he has done nothing wrong, then he should be open to being investigated. What is there to hide or to fear? If all the allegations are true than we need to protect the innocent people and bring justice for the ones who became his victim.
Personally I have never been interested in his teaching, because if something seems too good to be true....generally it is fake!

Dushyant Singh, Canada on June 2. 2008.
follower: n/a Position in S.S.Org: n/a

Amit Dua, India on June 2. 2008.
When someone does such activities in the name of spirituality, sainthood and Godhood, than many people start losing their faith in saints and spirituality. So if someone do such things in the name of sainthood, than he/she should not be forgiven.

dolcini marco, Italy on June 1. 2008.

Veronica Sierra, Spain on May 27. 2008.
I am not a devotee, but know people who are very much so. As there are so many allegations into child molestation and frauds I feel the matters should be thoroughly investigated for the truth to be known.

riccardo ginori, USA on May 24. 2008.
It s time to stop this MadMan. It s just ridiculous believe in that!

sarat tripathy, India on May 17. 2008.

maria bossi, Switzerland on May 17. 2008.
follower: 20 years
disgust,disapointment,sadness. ANY TIME WAS A WAISTED TIME. GET HIM INTO PRISON.

maddalena solito, Italy on May 4. 2008.

Bapujee Biswabandan, India on April 25. 2008.

anne bates, Ivory Coast on April 23. 2008.

giuseppe sommella, Italy on April 19. 2008.

Jeff Hughes, South Africa on April 18. 2008.

MASSIMO VILLANI, Italy on April 14. 2008.

federico cartesegna, Italy on April 13. 2008.

Sudarshan Yermal, India on April 13. 2008.

Ulrike Muizers, Germany on April 12. 2008.
It is time to stop this madman.

Soni Sutton, USA on April 8. 2008.
follower: Birth to age 29 (1974 to 2003)
Thanks to those who have come forward and opened up some of the devotees' eyes in this matter. Now I know in my heart that this man is not God. I wish more ex-devotees would come out in the open so my parents and sisters would stop worshipping him.

Miguel Angel Gonzalez, USA on April 5. 2008.
follower: 1996 hasta hoy 5 Abr 08 Position in S.S.Org: various en USA y Argentina
AH!! Que desilucion con este proyecto de guru !!!!!!!!!!! Una pena y verguenza que a tantos y por tantoa años nos haya engañado este pequeno hombrecillo.... Merece ir a carcel , que alli le den el dervicio que tanto demanda de sus devotos. (English: I feel shame to have been part of his followers for 12 years avoiding to see the truth about this little dwarf !! , he deserves to be payed with the same coin.
I hope and will pray justice be made and send him to jail so he can get over there many men to serve him well !!

Pat Nathan, Australia on April 4. 2008.
follower: N/A Position in S.S.Org: N/A
It is high time we bring this charlatan to book.

Pavel Belyaev, Russia on March 23. 2008.

Badri Narayanan, India on March 22. 2008.
follower: 1984 -
I think there is sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation. I respect institutions like BBC to be objective and beleive them to be a credible source. An investigation would help close this chapter once and for all. regds,

laxminarayan vardharajan, India on March 19. 2008.
I am not a devotee of sathya sai baba,but I oppose sathya sai baba for calling himself avatar of shirdhi sai baba who was a humble saint lived with lepers and poor peole,he should be exposed for his cheap hand tricks and booked in law and go to jail,I support you fully in your noble cause of educating people about the misdoings of sathya sai baba

claudio cini, Italy on March 8. 2008.

esenam agbotse, Ghana on February 21. 2008.
follower: 1996 to 2002
just to say that he used and deceived me for many years. in the end i lost everything and was a broken person. ive now come back to my lord jesus christ and i know he will put me back together. his followers are wicked and negative although they say the are devotees of God. it can never be. esenam

Lucas LaBarre, USA on February 20. 2008.

Washington US

filippo Angileri, Italy on February 14. 2008.
Ricerca della Verità, se ha sbagliato, paghi.

Luciano Scognamiglio, Italy on February 12. 2008.

marco miceli, Italy on February 3. 2008.
carcere a vita per l'impostore. Prison for life for the imposter

pipi pupu, Angola on February 2. 2008.

Gordon Lord, Hong Kong on January 31. 2008.
follower: (not a follower as such, but involved) 1991 - 2007
I was initially attracted to SSB because of the universal appeal of his message. And frankly, given that India is a socially divided / fragmented country with several social classes, castes and other ridiculous divisions, SSB's message and teachings of "All Are One", "Universal Language Of The Heart", "Education In Human Values" etc. seemed very appealing to me during my University years.
However, since 1995 I started hearing about allegations of sexual abuse at the ashram, rampant corruption among the rank and file of office-bearers in the International Sathya Sai Organization, lack of financial transparency such as no published financial statements etc. Fortunately, I was never inflicted by the disease of blind-belief, unlike most people I know, including my own parents, friends and relatives. (Ask any serious seeker of the meaning of life and he or she will most likely tell you that "awareness" matters more than "belief". But most SSB followers I've met in my lifetime don't care about awareness or self-understanding. They are only interested in using the crutches of "belief" all the way to their grave!)
Over the years, the allegations kept increasing and I also happened to personally meet some past students of the Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. I heard about cases of sexual abuse from the students too! And then finally, the shooting incident was the straw that broke the camel's back. Four young boys, at the prime of their lives were gunned down (a.k.a murdered in cold blood) by the police personnel that had stormed into the ashram. The local police filed a fraudulent report indicating that the cops had fired in self-defense when the 4 boys charged towards them with knives in hand. A federal investigation team proved these claims were false and charged the policemen with murder. Ask any experienced cop and he or she will tell you that the police training manual does not recommend shooting-to-kill as a response especially when the weapons of the attackers are simple tools such as knives or screwdrivers. Single shots to the leg or the thigh would have immediately incapacitated the attackers, thereby enabling their arrest and prosecution.
However, the fact that the police chose to "execute" the 4 boys rather than arrest them and produce them in a court of law, is a clear indication that they wanted to silence them forever, as dead men tell no tales!
Any decent and civilized human being who ponders over all these events that happened in Prashanti Nilayam would be utterly disgusted at the glaring discrepancy between what the ashram is claimed to be and what the ashram actually is! The word "Prashanti Nilayam" is meant to indicate an abode of eternal peace, but in reality it is the abode of "death" and disgusting brutality.
To this day, there has not been any proper investigation into the murder of the 4 young boys by the police and the perpetrators of this heinous crime are roaming free! And all this is happening in the "abode of peace".
Honestly, it does not matter what SSB is or what he isn't. The real misfortune is that millions of educated people, government officers, scientists, engineers, professors, politicians, bureaucrats, leaders, presidents and prime ministers still throng to this place in millions, even after these cold-blooded murders and disgusting events. Truly, all these "followers" are spiritually, psychologically and intellectualy "dead"!
Therefore, it is beyond doubt that none of these mindless "followers" (a.k.a dead people) can help bring about a more peaceful or less chaotic world, regardless of their academic or social or technological capabilities and achievements.

Chakrapani Gudipaty, USA on January 29. 2008.
Assuming that whether Sathya Sai Baba is a "saint or sinner" that we do not know, but certainly a truthful and honest enquiry and investigation is now highly warranted. As I believe, if he is a saint he must come forward and 'open-up' himself for these investigations. A 'true saint' has nothing to loose' by that process!!!

Jyothi Kumar, India on January 27. 2008.
follower: 1980 onwards Position in S.S.Org: Student of the Institute from 1984 to 1991
I want to expose him

Ravindra Chavan, India on January 22. 2008.

Mosetaf Palol, Canada on January 21. 2008.
follower: No Position in S.S.Org: No.
I don't understand why people are flocking to these Babas, Ammas and similar
Decades of deceiving and exploitation is too much to handle by law, short enough to be punished in this life.
India is a safe heaven for all these frauds, babas, ammas, sexual exploits in temples, festivals, melas, poojaris, sadhus rapists, pedophs etc in the name of religion and culture.
What does civilisation basically means?

Luca Preato, Italy on January 18. 2008.
I know Sai Baba is just a poor man. He isn't Good because, Good, is higher - Luca

Priyamvada Tripathi, USA on January 18. 2008.
follower: n/a Position in S.S.Org: n/a
I believe in the innocence and the truth of these children. India must act responsibly and give voice to those who depend on the adults for their well being. This kind of patriarchal oligarchy deprives million others of the normal life everyone born in a free nation is entitled to.

Noushad Velladath, India on January 17. 2008.
These frauds should be arrested and punished to make sure that
his victims are met with justice.

Walter Petrachi, Costa Rica on January 17. 2008.

Renato Pellizzaro, Italy on January 13. 2008.

sandeep shanbhag, India on January 13. 2008.
I have heard from my OWN friend that he was studying in Whitefield and his friend was molested by Sai Baba. it is high time that is man gets investigated and arrested.... [ADMIN NOTE: This student's details, kept confidential, have been verified]

luis gerardo galvan cortes, Mexico on January 12. 2008.
follower: 17 years all my life
I'm from mexico and in 2005 i got an interview from swami he tried to get s*x with me i have probem that i am telling you. The person who walked with me into the interview room was luis muñis former president of sri sathya sai baba oragnization in mexico.

Siddharth Shukla, India on January 9. 2008.
i hate him WAKE UP He is a crook .... making fool of innocent people .... He is not even the dust under Shirdi Saint's feet .. Bloody B******.....

carlotta boiardi, Italy on January 8. 2008.

Edoardo Marzi, Italy on January 7. 2008.

Anonymous exStudent, India on January 1. 2008.
follower: birth-not sure when the deception hit me
I am an ex-student who knows that what is alleged is true. From friends who were abused, and from being part of the culture which has denial written all over it. I personally had a "touch and feel" experience by Sai Baba, who massaged my genital area through my clothes with his legs for 10 minutes in a bhajan session in everyone's presence - I understood later I was being "trialled". Luckily, I did not "rise" to the occassion, and was deemed "unsuitable". I chose to be anonymous because I have good friends who I would lose - I am sorry but I am being selfish - for me, the friends matter more than exposing Sai Baba. I will work very hard to ensure no one else is harmed, but in my own quiet way. [ADMIN NOTE: This student's details, kept confidential, have been verified]

N Mehta, United Arab Emirates on December 30. 2007.
follower: Never believed in him
I think the man should be brought to justice. If he ever gets exposed, it will be horrible for all the people who believe in him. Faith shouldnt be so blind.

Elisa Offringa, Netherlands on December 20. 2007.

Danilo Pomicino, Italy on December 19. 2007.
follower: 1992/2007

Massimo Falsetti, Italy on December 10. 2007.
follower: 2000-2004

patricia lavieri, Argentina on November 27. 2007.
follower: -- Position in S.S.Org: --
conozco a una chica muy allegada a mi que empezo hace un tiempo con el calendario Maya .despues algo de numerologia,angeologia,y ahora lo de Sai Baba- y cambio de una forma abismal al punto de creerse que es un Dios en la tierra y que solo la palabra de ella es la que vale y con un ego que jamas ubiese reconocido en ella -lo lamento mucho por ella porque la que la arrastro a esto fue su maestra espiritual y ahora la llevo a Palermo al templo famoso ese de Baba-Realmente no se que le puede pasar porque es una persona que tiene y tuvo muchisimos problemas-espero que pueda safar de esta -porque esto ya no se trata de lo espiritual que cada uno pueda tener desde adentro de tu ser ,si no de algo raro que no se que es un lavado de bocho o algo parecido-Perdon por mis expresiones pero me da mucha rabia que halla descarriado su camino- GRACIAS!!!!

Veronica Pedone, Italy on November 24. 2007.
follower: no grazie!!! Position in S.S.Org: non lo farei nemmeno sotto tortura!!! (Even under torture, I would not (be a member)
Sono convinta che queste persone debbano essere fermate perché fanno solo del male! Nella vita un momento di debolezza o di sconforto possono capitare ma bisogna essere forti e non perdere mai la fiducia in se stessi perche solo cosi evitiamo di credere alle cazzate che uno squilibrato vuole farci credere!! la vita è troppo bella e preziosa per perderla dietro a persone deviate che vogliono lavare la personalità e l'intelligenza delle persone...l'amore e la famiglia sono valori che nn moriranno mai e che NESSUNO dovrà mai portarci via!!! Roughly translated: I am convinced that these people must be stopped! Maybe in a moment of weakness or distress (this can happen but) we must be strong and not lose confidence in ourselves because of unbalanced desires...! Life is too beautiful and precious to lose behind people who want to wash out the personality and intelligence of people ... love and family values never die and nobody will ever take them away from us!

Avish Acharya, Nepal on November 24. 2007.
David Blaine is a hundred times better magician and illusionist than Mr. Sathya Sai.

Trent Eady, Canada on November 16. 2007.

Claudia Pees, Germany on November 11. 2007.
follower: approx. 15 years
When I found out about the allegations I was shocked and read about it for many days. The only consequence I could take was to get rid of everything that reminded me of Sai Baba - books, pictures, CDs, cassettes... In some way or another he will be punished for what he did - I am sure.

Abdul-Maalik Tailor, UK on November 2. 2007.
follower: 1984 - 1991 Position in S.S.Org: _The London Boys_
I grew up brainwashed with this "god" -i was to my family and extended family as the one who was "bhagwanaa chokro" as i was the most religious out of all of us, who believed in his dogma even to what he said about the Muslims-the so-called prophecies about him - Hey guess what "sai Baba", me left you in 1992 and became a Muslim Walhamdullilah!! The Oneness of the True God can only be found in Islam.

ilyas khan, USA on October 31. 2007.

prajesh lakshman, South Africa on October 31. 2007.
follower: not a devotee Position in S.S.Org: none
Namaste ,satya sai baba is not god he is a terrible person ,who has disrupted many lives

Swetha Pathikonda, UK on October 30. 2007.
Paedophiles cannot be pardoned, irrespective of what 'social service'they have done, or what great sermons they preach. There are some unpardonable sins in this world, and sexual abuse of children heads that list. He is a most deplorable human being.

Emily Hart, Canada on October 21. 2007.

Deny Hermawan, Indonesia on October 17. 2007.
Although he is a cheater, Sai Baba Organization also break the fundamentalism of Islam here. It's help to prevent the growth of the most intolerant religion of all times : ISLAM.

Muz MURRAY, France on October 11. 2007.
I never was a follower. But Swami Muktananda of Ganeshpuri, warned me over thirty years ago, never to get into a private darshan with Sai Baba, as he had just returned from Puttaparthi adjudicating in a court case regarding Sai Baba's molestation of the son of two of Muktananda's disciples. Also an Arab friend was penetrated by Sai Baba many years later.

rita santerini, Italy on October 6. 2007.
follower: ITALIA

Sara López Vázquez, Spain on September 24. 2007.

Neha Nair, India on September 24. 2007.
I strongly believe in the power of rationality and hope that this conspiracy against human faith by mere mortals pretending to be godmen is soon ferreted out.

Fernando Langreo, Spain on September 24. 2007.
I had the option to have some relation to that sect and I read some book about Sai Baba and I met a person inside that sect. It's a way to recollect money althoug people from Sai confirm that no money is requested. It's one of the big sect all around the world.

Lila Rajiva, USA on September 23. 2007.
Have heard these allegations since my studies in India. Thought the man had long ago been exposed.
Definitely should be investigated. Preferably by external but well informed and culturally knowledgeable media.

Piero Padovan, Italy on September 20. 2007.

Sonia Cerasoli, Italy on September 10. 2007.
I'm a student of Indian Culture. I wanted to know something more about Sai Baba and... here it is!
Well, on my book it isn't written that in the name of Shakti and Shiva ( well, of course he is Shakti and Shiva!), he's been harassing men and young boys!!!! I'm not a follower of him, but i think that is important to spread the truth about him. I know a lot of people in need apply to him, and when you really are in need you are open to everything. As a student of Indian Culture, i don't want him to represent Hinduism in the world!!!!!

Leila Tommasi, Italy on September 9. 2007.
Spero vivamente che le autorità internazionali riescano a fare qualcosa, perlomeno per proteggere la popolazione innocente che si reca in buona fede alla presenza di colui che è invece chiaramente l'anticristo. Appongo anche la mia firma, con la speranza che serva. Una cristiana da Milano.(Italy)
I strongly hope that the international authorities succeed in doing something in order protect the innocent population that is in good faith. I add my support and hope it will help. A Christian from Milan (Italy)

venkat venkat, India on August 31. 2007.

Sheetal Tiwari, Netherlands on August 31. 2007.
He is abusing God . Must be punished....

Wilfred Waters, Australia on August 8. 2007.
follower: 1983-2001 Position in S.S.Org: n/a
I was born into the religion of Sai Baba. My parents did not know how to think critically and are still developing this skill. My father told me about the stories of Sai Baba sexually abusing boy devotees. We were shocked. It destroyed my trust in authority figures generally for the next 6 years.I had spent my whole life believing he was god, and now he had become the most despicable figure in my life. I am motivated by this to join the rational thinking movement and spread the skill of critical thinking throughout the world. It is unacceptable that so many people are duped by godmen and religion. It makes me wonder how India is ever
going to be taken seriously if their government has such close ties to this charlatan.
I so deeply wish I had been brought up as a rational thinker and been protected from believing in these sorts of people. I wasn't, but that doesn't mean I won't do my best to stop others falling for these deceptive sickos. Start the revolution. There is no god. How embarrassing to humanity that we still believe there is. Also, what a wake-up call it is that we still live in a world where this belief is a viable coping mechanism.

serena mercurio, Italy on August 8. 2007.
follower: never Position in S.S.Org: none
I am simply one who believes in God. I abhor that swindler dwarf! I never had anything to do with him; but I have seen with a deep sorrow what he can make of human brain and heart, bringing some people I know really to schizophenia. Sai Baba DESTROYED many people's life, their feelings, their family, everything. I hope he can be prosecuted before he dies, and I'll pray God for this, because people like Sai Baba shouldn't exist, in India as elsewhere. Serena Mercurio, Italy

Aaron Field, USA on August 6. 2007.
follower: NA Position in S.S.Org: NA
This man is a fraud, a liar, and a megalomaniac.

Paul Douglas Valentine, USA on July 25. 2007.
All religion is worthless.

Louis Dixon, USA on July 24. 2007.
It's about time,...

Jamal Moss, USA on July 12. 2007.
follower: n/a
The truth is what any concerned party wants. If he has done no wrong then he should have nothing to worry about. I fear with the government and so many political figures on his side he has become invincible. Something thus must be done, to prove his guilt or innocence.

srikanth velugula, USA on July 9. 2007.
follower: never Position in S.S.Org: none
I was never a devotee of sathya sai. I hate the whole concept of Godmen. But I wish to know the fact. I want see more solid evidences before commenting on this. He is now almost 80 and will not survive for more time. If he is really guilty please expose him before his death.

Krishna Murthy, India on July 5. 2007.
follower: 1970 to 1993 Position in S.S.Org: Active Worker
This fake Gurus criminal activities should be exposed
and punished according to the law.

Muthu Somasundaram S, India on July 3. 2007.
Please don't let these fakers swallow the country. True GOD is in LOVE and FAITH and in our MINDS.
Investigation is required to tear him and his organization

Sharada Devi, Canada on June 25. 2007.

ranto anthoni sinaga, Indonesia on June 25. 2007.
i went to meet sai baba if he is really god!!! i dont believe that
i hate his hair....................!! so god is not like that!! so are all about news

Phil Howard, UK on June 23. 2007.
I knew Ron Laing and Peggy, both deeply involved with SSB, and felt at the time that they were sincere but deceived by the charlatan. Such people must be exposed and then their followers have to make up their own minds.

Kirtan Kumar, India on June 21. 2007.
follower: 1960 onwards Position in S.S.Org: Student in the Primary,High School and Institute in Parthi
Wish to contribute in anyway to His expose.

Sarayu Hariharan, India on June 14. 2007.

Osama Binladen, Afganistan on May 27. 2007.
follower: - Position in S.S.Org: -

francesco italia, Italy on May 20. 2007.
sai baba rovina le famiglie e l'esistenza di ogni singolo individuo. SMASCHERIAMO il CIARLATANO, MOLESTATORE, IMBROGLIONE più famoso del XX secolo. (trans: you know baba ruins the families and the whole existence of single individuals. WE UNMASK the CHARLATAN, MOLESTER, most famous DECEIVER of the 20th century

Ricardo Westphal, Brazil on May 16. 2007.

Muhammad Ali Nuruddin, Indonesia on May 15. 2007.

Harish Murthi, Kenya on April 28. 2007.
follower: Never was a follower and never will be Position in S.S.Org: Shame on india to sanction this B*****D
Shame on Indians to encourage such fake perverts to have so much fame and god like glory.
This Pervert needs to be tried in a secular court and be jailed. In this day and age of science why do we believe in magic men, shame on the Sai followers for making this child molester a god like saint!

senada meskin, Bosnia Herzegovina on March 8. 2007.
I feel that what is he doing is against every religion in the world.

Jai Kumar, India on March 2. 2007.
follower: 1975 to Position in S.S.Org: Was a Student
I want to expose him

ram kumar, Malaysia on March 2. 2007.
follower: never belief in him Position in S.S.Org: nope
to those who believe in satya sai baba,it's not too late 2 unworship him cause he is not god....

jai ganesh, India on February 28. 2007.
follower: never
My family were followers of Sai baba for a very long time and me too believing him for some time but after seeing him taking lingas from mouth i stopped worshipping him and now after seeing all these videos and evidences I hate myself that I had once followed him. The funniest/sad thing is even after showing all these proofs to my mother she still believes there is some powers with that person.

Tancredi Trugenberger, Italy on February 27. 2007.

Sutanu Ghosh, USA on February 25. 2007.
God ? huh ! sai baba is a fraud.. cheap magician at best. A very very sick evil man, just exploiting people's blind faith. He must be punished, else it will be a huge defeat for the civilized world. I want to see him rot in India's worst jail for rest of his life.

Catherine Murray, USA on February 24. 2007.
follower: 1975; 1996-2005
I am a niece of the late Sanscrit scholar, Camille Svensson. Mrs. Svensson translated several scriptures for Baba. My late mother was also a devotee. I tried to deny the allegations as long as I could. But the behavior of Baba and the organization toward the allegations began to make me doubt Baba's holiness. Tal Brooke's book "Avatar of Night" finally broke the spell that Baba had on me. A pray for all the victims, their families, and the organization in general.

Anurag Sharma, Canada on February 17. 2007.

Kunalan Velraj, Singapore on February 14. 2007.
I have friends in Singapore who are blindly following him. They are such nice people, but sadly they are being cheated by this evil man. Many false Preachers and Christs will arise! They will do many wonders but, they are farther from the truth than it ever was.This Baba guy is a liar, cheater, pedophile,and in a way a mafia gangster as seen by the way he runs his organization.I plead onto the creators of this website to use Myspace and blogs to spread the word.Knowledge is power and will thus prevent tragedies and sexual encounters.I will help to do more if contacted but i would need someone to help as racial harmony is valued in Singapore.A blog against Sai Baba devotees might land me in Jail. I want to help to do more, are you willing for a partnership?

Ramya Chellappa, USA on February 11. 2007.
Indian Government should act like a democracy and investigate this pedophile and throw him and his ring leaders in prison before they hurt more people.

Selva Muthu, India on February 9. 2007.
There is only one Supreme God and no Godmen.

anna sree, United Kingdom on February 8. 2007.
Stop this fraudulant fake. Wake up people.

narendra nayak, India on February 3. 2007.
he should be held accountable for his misdeeds before he dies/

Jaleel Aleem Jaleel, United Arab Emirates on January 25. 2007.

Anand Balakrishnan, USA on January 19. 2007.
The day I see this person brought to justice is the day I will win a battle in my life against my spouse. I am hoping it is soon.

Robert Carney, United Kingdom on January 18. 2007.
I sign my name to support your truth, and your fight for justice

Baal Zaeb, Brazil on January 11. 2007.
remove the plague!

victor george, India on January 8. 2007.
follower: nil Position in S.S.Org: nil
... homo sexual fraud baba cheating millions of fellow people all over the world.
(I'm) hoping for the day to come for the trial of the ****************(censored).

Andrés Mastromatteo, Venezuela on January 8. 2007.

Luca Lombardi, Italy on January 7. 2007.
Face the truth. Fight the lies.

Stefan Bauer, Germany on January 7. 2007.
follower: 1998 - 2006 Position in S.S.Org: devotee
We should organize ourselves not only in words, but in deeds:- fotos of leaders of the sect into the internet
- demonstration against regional groups - confrontation in newspapers - confrontation directly in front of their clubs - build regional groups - do creative actions - disturb their meetings here in Germany: Stefan Bauer

Jose Alberto, Spain on January 5. 2007.

Dr. Rita Gregory, Malaysia on January 1. 2007.
follower: NIL Position in S.S.Org: NIL

ravi varma, India on December 22. 2006.
i would be more than happy if at least now the truth is known to general public

alex gallego, Colombia on December 17. 2006.

david tabla, Italy on December 15. 2006.
follower: italy
Mi sembra giusto fermare questo "dio in terra"....... (translation: To me it seems just to stop this “God on earth”)

Ganapathi Das, Netherlands on December 8. 2006.
follower: 1987 - 2004 Position in S.S.Org: Bhajan, Seva en Spiritual Coördinator Geweest [Former Bhajan, Seva en Spiritual Coördinator]

Jammer dat ik zo laat uit deze nachtmerrie ontsnapte, ik wilde eerst de verhalen niet geloven, sb was mijn vader en moeder. Beste Mensen die het nog nietwillen geloven, les a.u.b. the Findings op (trans:It is a pity that I escaped so late from this nightmare, first I didn't want to believe the stories, sb was my father and mother.Dear People who still don't want to believe it, please read The Findings on !)
Ganapathi Das

anuar muldagaliyev, Kazakhstan on December 7. 2006.
he is a great cheater and in my humble opinion must be punished for all his malicious deeds

Francisco Manuel Garcia Peñate, Spain on December 4. 2006.

Philip Barton, USA on December 4. 2006.

Gisela Villanueva, Argentina on December 2. 2006.

JanPieter Hoogma, UK on November 27. 2006.
My daughter and her family are folowers of Sai Baba.

David Third, UK on November 26. 2006.
This fraud needs to be investigated!
I saw the documentary that the BBC did on him ages ago and was just reminded of it. This man, because that is all he is, must be stopped before he harms more innocent children!

Marco Vecchi, Italy on November 26. 2006.

Jeevan Sharma, USA on November 25. 2006.
follower: Never Position in S.S.Org: None
Govt of India should wake up and take appropriate action against this. It is no excuse that they are party to SSB invitation adding fuel to his power show!

María Faría, Venezuela on November 25. 2006.
my son now is a follower, he's 21. He is wants to go india to see him. I'm afraid.

Harvinder Gill, United Kingdom on November 22. 2006.

roberto higura, Mexico on November 21. 2006.
stop for sai baba

Jimena Peña, Argentina on November 9. 2006.

Tim Pyles, USA on November 8. 2006.
i learned about this after i saw his picture on a box of incense. how can anyone believe in his divinity IF HE MOLESTS KIDS???

Kavita Sharma, India on November 2. 2006.
He has insulted God. Must be punished for his deeds. His followers have blind faih on him and he is fooling them.

Aldo sanchez, Panama on October 27. 2006.
that guy is a freak please do something for stop it.

jairo lee, Panama on October 26. 2006.
I'm from Panama, and i really worry about this. Jesus Christ Said: By their Fruits you will know them. I'm pretty sure that GOD, Jesus Christ's Father, will judge with Heavy Hand those False Prophets in this time and also when this time have passed. Because Jesus never made SIN he has the right to be the judge, and because of that we can also be save because as he has the right to judge he also has the right to forgive any one who is repented and guide him with all freedom to God's presence. God bless all of you who are managing this webpage, and guide you to his kingdom of LOVE AND JUSTICE.

Simona Magnone, Italy on October 26. 2006.
Shame! God? No! A mediocre juggler!

Suren Pandya, USA on October 25. 2006.
follower: Never Position in S.S.Org: Never
Down with Blind Faith, Down With False Gurus.

jet lee, USA/India on October 24. 2006.
investigations have to be made. truth must prevail.

Emiliano Galeone, Italy on October 20. 2006.

Colleen Ruggles, USA on October 20. 2006.
Creepy I have listened to my dad and other believers tell there little personal miracle stories and just go on about how wonderful he is. It seems to be an illusion fueled by the blindly faithful so well that all baba has to do is regular maintenance and damage control this is very creepy dude and now Al Drucker is suddenly in my dads life should I worry?

Sergio Carrara, Italy on October 13. 2006.
Erase him!

Marek Adamkiewicz, Canada on October 12. 2006.
follower: none. Position in S.S.Org: none

francoise lhermitte, Belgium on October 11. 2006.
i never was a follower as such but i stayed in the ashram twice for few weeks when in India. I thought he was a genuine spiritual leader.

Tiziano Valente, Italy on October 9. 2006.

Emilio Sújar, Spain on October 6. 2006.

Peter Hitchings, United Kingdom on October 7. 2006.

Emilio Sújar, Spain on October 6. 2006.

rajni gupta, New Zealand on October 6. 2006.
Sai - God or Fraud? This man who calls himself God, pure brain washer of people. I know this as my in laws including my husband is his devotees. I read many of his literature, a pure fraud and totally irrational and brain wash. He speaks ill about education, not to treat equel ur wife, how he takes over other's illness on him. Most of it, all this Sai Samaj let you think, you are evil, if you are not Sai Devotee. I am happy that internet came into existance and I know how to use forums and all stuff and can have my say. Now I am not feeling alone in not considering him a God and so don't wonder, as I used to think wether I am a sinner as I can't trust Sone person as God. He is big critique of Science, as it's based on facts, why then he uses all the latest technology developed by scientists, so hard. Why can't he predict the Tsunami even to southern state of India.

Jyothis Babu C, India on October 5. 2006.

Claudio Manenti, Italy on October 4. 2006.
Per Voi che cercate giustizia, la mia soliderietà, nella speranza che la civiltà mondiale raccolga la Vostra denuncia. (trans. My solidarity with you who try to get justice, in the hope that the world-wide civilization learns of your denunciation).

JAYSHREE GOVENDER, South Africa on October 4. 2006.
I am glad that this is brought to light. It is amazing how many people do not see his as a s*x offender. My late father being a priest for some reason would not let us even have a photograph of baba in the house. In some way I am sure he knew

Pasquale Lamacchia, Italy on September 29. 2006.

marianna tavarilli, Italy on September 26. 2006.

Francesca Di Cagno, Italy on September 26. 2006.

Alessio giuliani, Italy on August 23. 2006.

Francesca Vergani, Italy on August 23. 2006.

gianluigi cavallo, Italy on September 22. 2006.

ALEJANDRA RODRIGUEZ, Argentina on October 21. 2006.

Anders Thisted, Denmark on October 19. 2006.
follower: 1997 - 2000
I was helping with the Danish Documentary 30.1.2002

FRANCISCO RAMIREZ IBARRA, Mexico on September 13. 2006.
Find the truth!!

Eulalia Muttalib, USA on September 15. 2006.

Mohan Manoharan, India on September 9. 2006.

Maria Schiavone, Italy on September 7. 2006.
follower: never !
I underline my will that those implied in this scheme and perpetrators and associated directly or not be dealt with and brought to justice in the shortest delay. This has lasted long enough to cover of cowardice not to act on known and shown facts that are above doubt whatsoever.Has power and money won over the well being of the people? Where are the human rights in all this? What does the Onu and otherknown organizations doing to put an end to a mondial extortion, fear treats, murder, child abuse and god knows what else? TAKE A STAND AND DEAL WITH THIS WITH AS MUCH STRENGHT AS YOU (GOV) DO WHEN IT COMES TO PETROL - WARS - as it is a war, one of alleniation of the 'I' and slavery render 'legal' by schemes on which an eye if notboth are closed upon such realty.Are human rights reduced to what it was written upon? falling into pieces over time? I cant stand the idea that this goes on and on since so long and none has acted to put an end to it. I feel ashame for those above me that sit and turn their heads aside or close their eyes.We have become animals and no better than them by not strongly reacting so that ONE or many will finally do something about it.

Mario Romano, Italy on September 1. 2006.

Kamini Plaha, UK on August 30. 2006.
follower: Never!
Need to expose this man for the truth! Problem is brainwashing - if only people could see behind the persona!

Linda Deakin, New Zealand on August 26. 2006.
follower: from 1999 to 2001

francesco poli, Italy on August 24. 2006.

Erdem Bute, Italy on August 23. 2006.

Carl Locker, USA on August 20. 2006.
Sai Baba and his amateur magicians prey upon pathetic mentally ill Americans through their nefarious organization and their "miracle houses" where stupid "magic tricks" convince weak minded psychotics to fork over money in return for a miracle "cure" for their psychosomatic illnesses. Laura B. (Joydrops), a joyless drip is an example of one of Baba's pathetic victims. Now a member of the evil cult, she made a career of nonfuntional "healing" while living off of insurance and SSI. Avoiding real medical and psychiatric treatment she remains too mentally ill to differentiate between a parlor trick and a "cosmic miracle". The magician does not pull the rabbit from the hat using sleight of hand; the rabbit is transformed from energy to matter by the magician in her twisted mind. The magician is "God". She believes that drugs would kill her and that only the "miracle" of Sai Baba and his magic ashes, holy water, etc. will "heal" her, though it will take the rest of her life. The "healing" and the "sickness" are one and the same. A crooked idiot doctor fills out the social security paperwork to finance permanant perpetuation of the illness. Friends and family are used, abused, and then discarded. No "unsupportive" influences can remain to the cult zombification process.

Danuta Klingsporn, Poland on August 15. 2006.

Malgorzata Leonczuk, Poland on August 15. 2006.
follower: 7 months

Dr. Vladimir Martinovich, Belarus on August 14. 2006.

Peter Tan, Malaysia on August 12. 2006.
Once he passed on which I hope will be soon - the whole SSB Org will collapse like thin air.

alessandra molinari, Italy on August 9. 2006.

Luigi Carnelli, Italy on August 8. 2006.

Barbara Cioni, Italy on August 7. 2006.
Please, stop him

Samara Esemann, Italy on August 4. 2006.

Christopher Allada, Australia on July 30. 2006.
follower: Never
Sai Baba is trying to deceive the world with his lies. He is an intelligent man that has tried to bring all religions together in the name of unity. he encourages his followers to do good deeds however this results in a great outporing of foreign income. he needs to be stopped and i encourage others to sign this website.

Anabel Serrano, Mexico on July 29. 2006.
Lo principal es que un sujeto como Sathya Sai Baba no continùe con lo que hace y que reciba el merecido castigo, tanto èl, como las personas que con èl colaboran. (trans: The main thing is that a person like Sathya Sai Baba must not continùe with what he does and that those deserving it get punishment, as well as the people who collaborate.)

Monica Magnone, Italy on July 27. 2006.

alberto di vicino, Italy on July 20. 2006.
follower: un anno
è importantissimo verificare il tutto...xche la gente ci crede es i fida di sai baba ese non è vero quello che fa.....è giusto smascherarlo...ciao a tutti

Simone Rizzuto, Italy on July 10. 2006.

Emanuele Tumminia, Italy on July 7. 2006.

Oriol Sánchez, Spain on July 4. 2006.

Blaž Podobnik, Slovenia on July 2. 2006.

Pranav Reddy, India on July 1. 2006.

Luciano Fabi, Italy on June 25. 2006.
Da decenni lotto contro la superstizione che in Italia è vergognosamente sostenuta anche da molti progrsmmi della tv nazionale. Sai Baba è responsabile di gravissime colpe contro la povera gente che imbroglia e quasi certamente di delitti disgustosi. Lottare contro certa cialtroneria è un dovere di ogni persona civile. Continuerò a farlo come potrò anche etraverso la stampa.La vostra iniziativa merita l'approvazione di tutta la cultira mondiale. (trans: I have been fighting for decades in Italy against superstitions, supported by many national tv programmes. Sai Baba is responsible for the most serious guilt against many poor people who are confused and almost certainly for disgusting crimes.To fight against these blackguards is the duty of every civilised person. I shall continue to do this as best I can, including through the Press.
Your initiative deserves the approval of all cultures world-wide)

Jayaprakash muthuvat, Oman on June 22. 2006.
Saibaba is a pretender. He should be prosecuted.

Marco Ciarapica, Italy on June 19. 2006.
un tumore maligno, schifoso! (trans. a malignant tumour, disgusting!)

ali santens, Belgium on June 17. 2006.
On Sai Baba and childabuse i can not speak but his 2nd rate hocus pocus on the video, manifesting many 'goodies' is pretty obvious and.. his putting himself on the level of full avatar is baseless because not mentioned in any authoritive scripture. One of the general criteria of a secte or cult is it's lack of openess: to have to be protected by machinegun carrying bodigards is one thing but also... no cameras, no comments (on s*x abuse etc.), no entrance, etc? No real miracles either.

PURI PASTOR, Spain on June 12. 2006.

ANA ANTOMAS, Spain on June 12. 2006.

Vittorio Pelella, Italy on June 9. 2006.

alessandro davoli, Italy on June 8. 2006.

vikram dasgupta, USA on June 4. 2006.

Stratis Papanagiotou, Greece on June 4. 2006.
follower: none Position in S.S.Org: none
Congratulations to the ones who worked to uncover this dangerous "man" and who provide us with such important informations. Carry on your meaningful work. God bless you all.

Panchito Mandefua, Andorra on June 1. 2006.
follower: treinta años (thirty years)

Antonio Atzeni, Italy on May 28. 2006.
Full support in total agreement with the petition. This criminal (Sai Baba) has to be brought to justice in the shortest possible time and should be punished seriously!

Thomas Meade, Australia on May 26. 2006.
He appears to have done quite a bit of good, but that doesn't really mean he should get away with molestation.

Shruthi Chandrashekara, India on May 26. 2006.

Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, India on May 25. 2006.

Eleonora Palumbo, Italy on May 21. 2006.
follower: never...luckily
Mi chiedo come sia possibile che esistano al mondo persone che ancora credano in questo turpe millantatore...abusi..soprusi..pressioni fisiche e come fanno questi cosiddetti seguaci a non rendersi conto di che persona è questo "dio in terra"?...come è possibile adorare un uomo che per attivare "kundalini" si avvicina alla bocca del malcapitato devoto del momento con il suo pene? Come è possibile che continui ad agire indisturbato, che nessuna autorità faccia qualcosa per eliminarlo? Vi prego, facciamo qualcosa tutti insieme...Eleonora
(translation: I ask myself as it is possible that persons exist in the world who still believe in this vile boaster… abuser - physical and psychological abuses and pressures. Since this makes these so-called followers not to make that person accountable, how can he be “God in earth”? … how is it is possible to adore a man that in order to activate “kundalini” enters the mouth of the ... devotee ...? How is it possible he continues to act unaffected, that no authority can do anything in order to eliminate it? I pray, we may all of us do something… Eleonora)

Ramaiah Nagappa, India on May 18. 2006.
follower: None Position in S.S.Org: NONE
It is a pity that innocence in the young is exploited by crooked and cunninggly intelligent s*x-maniacs in the name of God. While ordinary people are taken to task, punished, excommunicated, insulted and TORTURED minute in and minute out by the societal norms for anything viewed as sinful, sexully abnormal some godmen (it is an utter shame to associate such s*x-sick-perverts with the divine, in particular the one from Puttaparthi, born as satya-----, but claiming to be a reincarnation) are idolatry among some even after all the expose!! Social revolutions aimed at improving human values and ethical standards cannot bring desirable results if public figures, servants of nations and cultures, Heads of states, reformers of the times, and moral-loving people across the globe do not heed to the cries of sexually abused innocent souls living in fear, confusion, low self esteem and with self-worthlessness. It is wrong on the part of our ancient, majestic and still valued civilization to have such s*x-perverts like this bogus creature go on scot-free.
Presidents, PMs, EVERYONE in INDIA please rake this issue up even by hiring the best sleuths and scientifically sound minds to find the truth out. Please HELP giving meaning to SATYAMEVA JAYATE Sncerely, Ramaiah

simone bertolino, Italy on May 16. 2006.
smascherare chi pratica attività sessuali pedofile e trucchi da prestigiatore!
Unmask these pedofile sexual activity and deceit by sleight of hand!

pizzagalli sara, Italy on May 12. 2006.

Guillermo Murillo-Godínez, Mexico on May 12. 2006.

Ivel Danieri, Venezuela on May 7. 2006.
follower: from 2005 to 2006

Giorgio Scolari, Italy on May 3. 2006.

Fernando López, Spain on May 3. 2006.

Andy Mikheev, Kazakhstan on April 30. 2006.

cristina saccoccio, USA on April 26. 2006.
this must stop!!! please! cristina

Gert Jacobsen, Denmark on April 25. 2006.
follower: none Position in S.S.Org: none
just a concerned fiance of a folower,devotee.

Sergey Burmisov, Russia on April 24. 2006.

Javier Martín, Spain on April 21. 2006.

Hernán Campos, Costa Rica on April 18. 2006.

Ayer Narayana, United Kingdom on April 10. 2006.
What is Shocking that newspapers like The Hindu have not dared to investigate this dangerous charlatan!

sudheer basetti, USA on April 10. 2006.
Do you think, this person at that age with that money, particulary being in GREAT INDIA will get punished. I do not think so as long as this Indias system sucks. I still do not understand why so many people died or sacrificed during freedom struggle. Just for these present corrupt id* s to rule the country. God should only save this country from this mindless corruption.

Vadim Koudreavtsev, Russia on April 10. 2006.
follower: 2000-2005 Position in S.S.Org: active member

Loicona Massimiliano, Italy on April 7. 2006.
Non solo immane imbroglione ma anche pedofilo... Queste sono organizzazioni criminali che dovrebbero essere estirpate dalla faccia della terra. (trans: Not only terrible deceit but also paedofilia... These are criminal organizations that would have to be extirpated from the face of the earth.)

Karthik pavan, India on April 2. 2006.
follower: Notatall
Please Dont Believe in Sai Babas

Fausto Bartolomei, Italy on April 1. 2006.
speriamo che presto tutti i devoti lo abbandonino (we hope that soon all devoted people will abandon this)

Sergio Perez, Argentina on March 28. 2006.
Please do something

radhika puri, India on March 19. 2006.
i believe it is imperative that a thorough investigation be carried out.
either way the truth must come out.

Satish Kprotected, India on March 24. 2006.
follower: 1990-2005
I have followed closely and observed that money laundering is of the highest order with tons of un accounted money (US $) scattered across and bounties ditributed aplenty to chosen people. However, doctors are paid less sincere employees work free of salary and are are not given minimum facilities also. Many get away with millions of rupees and are just allowed to go. NO police complaints.

carlos pacheco, Spain on March 18. 2006.

javier perosanz, Spain on March 18. 2006.

Jennifer Chastain, USA on March 13. 2006.
follower: n/a Position in S.S.Org: n/a

Peggy Shunning, USA on March 10. 2006.

Amandeep Singh, USA on March 6. 2006.
follower: NONE !!
Dr. A.P.J. Abul Kalam ji , please do something about this evil man ... We have our scientific tamper at stake and we have high hopes from u .. both as a scientist and president of India ! We want,from our few thinkers like you, nothing short of a public denouncement of this sick guy and all non-scientific practices so that our gullible people can see the truth!! WE ARE REALLY WAITING !!! THANKS , REGARDS

Hanneke Koeman-Bot, Netherlands on March 5. 2006.
follower: 1991-2004 Position in S.S.Org: S.S.O coordinator 4 j. - Centre coordinator Zaanstad 4 j.
What is there to say, I loved sb with all my hart, so, just like the rest of us. Its mind blowing to have to accept this. But one thing does not chance , that is my believe in the Lord God Almity, so we all have to know that God is not SB but God is OMNIPRESANT.I hope this helps some one in the proses. Sorry for my spelling is not so good, Whit Love, Hanneke

antonio de nardis, Italy on March 4. 2006.
è ridicolo lasciare che avvengano certi imbrogli. (Trans. It is ridiculous to ALLOW some forms of trickery to happen. i.e. People shouldn't have fallen for it).

Maria Luz Lerzundy Gòmez, Colombia on February 28. 2006.
Digamos NO al abuso de menores (Trans. Let us say NO to child abuse)

George Figueroa, USA on February 28. 2006.
follower: from 1999 to 2002

lory del pozzo, Italy on February 28. 2006.

Helena Johnson, Croatia on February 26. 2006.
People in Croatia are so guilible and they will continue believing even after they get molested or whatever. Please do something to stop him. Thanks

alessandra viola, Italy on February 24. 2006.
No Guru for me,please.Just real life.

Sudhakar S(protected), India on March 25. 2006.

Janeth Pérez, Venezuela on February 22. 2006.

Daniele Monteforte, Italy on February 19. 2006.
Tutti questi elementi sono solo un danno sociale. L'unica cosa effettivamente strabiliante che riescono a produrre è solo un'aumento consistente di vari tipi di psicopatologie gravi.Perciò lo ringraziamo........ (Trans. All these elements are only a social damage. The only effective thing this succeeds in producing is an increase in several types of serious psychopathology. Thanks.

previati leonardo, Italy on February 18. 2006.

Will Byrne, Ireland on February 16. 2006.
A truly odious and evil individual

Ramu chandran, India on February 15. 2006.

Sangeetha Raj, India on February 6. 2006.
Just because somebody claims to be God, they can't be above laws of the country and laws of human rights. Govt. of India should enquire into the accusations of sexual abuse and about the murders in his bedroom in 1993. If he was God, why did he run away leaving two of his devotees and the two assailants to be killed?

Dharmapala Senaratne, Sri Lanka on February 3. 2006.
follower: Nil Position in S.S.Org: Active member of Ceylon Rationalist Association and a lawyer
To be brief, he is just a clever fraud.

sara berta, Italy on February 3. 2006.
free your mind!

anjan kalyani, India on February 2. 2006.
follower: None Position in S.S.Org: None
Please free India from this man who is a hurdle in India's pathway to glory.

Beatrice Fernè, Italy on January 30. 2006.
It's a long time that I have heard about Sai Baba. I am catholic so never interested in him thinking is only one of many indian guru all around the world. But when my best friend told me to be a follower of this "holy man" who just says to love people and to follow our own religion, that all religions are the same, I decided to get some information. Once i saw on the TV a documentary about Sai Baba sexual abuses and his tricks to convince people he is God ! I think he is a dangerous man and he has to be stopped !

Alberto Cocchi, Italy on January 28. 2006.

cinzia carducci, Italy on January 28. 2006.

Sabrina Rossi, Italy on January 26. 2006.
Ho letto le testimonianze di questo maniaco e sono letteralmente disgustata. Non ho mai creduto in questi falsi profeti, ringraziando Dio ho una fede molto forte.
Sono davvero stupita di come tutti questi seguaci abbiano seguito questo "uomo" (se così si può definire) per anni...
Per favore, fate giustizia! Questo mondo svuotato dai valori ne ha proprio bisogno!
I read the ex followers of this maniac and I'm disgusted. I can't believe that there are so many people that see this "man" as a god...
Please, our world needs justice!!!

MARIA GURIERREZ, Venezuela on January 23. 2006.

Alessandro Tinelli, Italy on January 22. 2006.
Follow the Truth

Harold Merel, Austria on January 22. 2006.

sajjan jindal, India on January 21. 2006.
if the person is even if doubted to have done such crimes he must make himself available for the trial, if he says
he is divine man(he must then be rightous too)

carmen rodas hinostroza, Peru on January 17. 2006.
estoy aterrada con este supuesto lider espirituial,despues de haver leido los testimonios, es un enfermo sexual. espero que mi firma ayude en algo a desenmascarar a ese violador sai baba
(trans: I am terrified about this supposed spiritual leader, after having read the testimonies, he is a sexually sick person. I hope that my signature helps somehow to unmask that rapist sai baba)

denisse fuchs, Peru on January 21. 2006.

rakesh dookhit, Mauritius on January 16. 2006.
follower: 1996-2001
i dont beleive in gurus who performs magic and proclaiming he is god

Reji Kumar, India on January 7. 2006.
I do not believe in sai baba or in any such super natural powers. According to me the worst invention humans ever made is God. Though the concept itself and the way those agents of God, priests etc present themselves seem to be very peaceful, loving etc, there has not been anything that made human life so miserable as God, religion, casts, races etc. This dark side unfortunately gets covered up. Let this be the beginning of a brave attempt to save millions of innocents decieved by such Godmen. One can cheat another forever and all for once, but not all forever.

Siva Kandiah, Malaysia on January 7. 2006.
follower: few years Position in S.S.Org: N/A
I feel so sorry for those who are in the hypnotic state and have shut all their rational thinking. The 'service' carried out in the name of SSB is the perfect front,which initially attracted me to this organisation, that make many people to blindly follow him. The magic are cheap tricks, which are performed by many oridinary magician. What a fake and a criminal, this SSB. The higher ups over there know very well the 'goings on' behind the scene, and perhaps they are all birds of the same flock.
The worst is the kids who are brainwashed with this fraud and their life is ruined for ever. People who do not have an open & critical mind will never learn the truth.

Kunalan Velraj, Singapore on January 6. 2006.
follower: never a follower of him Position in S.S.Org: -
find out and do email me everything that you have found out till now....and in the future

Tranquillino Santoro, Italy on December 31. 2005.

Alejandro Méndez, Argentina on December 28. 2005.

XIOMARA VILLARROEL, Venezuela on December 26. 2005.

ugo casu, Italy on December 25. 2005.
sai baba is a true fake

Giovanni Ostinelli, Tadzhikistan on December 18. 2005.
follower: none Position in S.S.Org: none
My wife joined the Sai Baba sect and as consequence asked a divorce since I did not follow her. All this after 30 years of marriage!

prasadrao koduri, USA on December 16. 2005.
Position in S.S.Org: M.D.
I am personally aware of instances wherein Mr.Sai Baba had instructed individuals to give their offspring to designated person in marriage and this was carried out wihtout consent of the person involved. This has resulted in suicide of this person.

Linda Walker, USA on December 13. 2005.

carmen alvarez, Spain on December 11. 2005.
Espero q se siga a fondo las investigaciones necesarias. para saber q es realmente q pasa alli. Mucahs gracias de una "confiada".
(trans: I hope you continue deeply the necessary investigations in order to know what is really happening there. Thank you very much from one who trusts you.)

noelia moreno, Spain on December 10. 2005.

filiberto coello, Mexico on December 7. 2005.

Federico Cicoria, Italy on December 4. 2005.
Bring Sai baba to justice

Satheesh Thalladi, India on November 24. 2005.
I am not a victim but after reading and all victims of this cheater want him to be punished.

ramesh SVR, USA on November 24. 2005.
follower: 1992-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Student
I am an ex school student who was 'Molested' Please bring this mad man to justice!!!!

John Holmes, Australia on November 21. 2005.
follower: Never
Sai Baba is a sick man, nobody can claim to be God and not be destined for the greatest depths of Hell.

chandru r(suppressed), USA on November 15. 2005.
A criminal - should be punished

Davide Santoro, Italy on November 14. 2005.
follower: I'm not a follower

cristina saccoccio, USA on November 5. 2005.
the american governament must stop these people! please do something.cristina

Soh Wei Yu, Singapore on October 25. 2005.
I hope that Sai Baba will not be allowed to deceive all his million of followers!!!

Julian O'Donnell, Australia on October 24. 2005.
follower: 5 years

Gildo Toffoletti, Italy on October 23. 2005.
Truth must come out

Dr. Intaj Malek, India on October 23. 2005.
Alas....!!! Still blind faith reigns....!!! Let truth be revealed to the world. All such deeds must be exposed.

Celeste Carballoceles, Argentina on October 22. 2005.

Fabio , on pet Italy. .
follower: IP:

Renata Spadaro, Peru on October 11. 2005.
I think we must take the mask of Sai baba's face, to show the true to the people that follows him, and to stop the sexual abuse to children, and others crimes. He is a criminal and a lier.Thank you and sorry for my english.

flavio martignoni, Italy on October 13. 2005.

Gisella Alva, Peru on October 13. 2005.
follower: none Position in S.S.Org: none

Avijit Roy, Bangladesh on October 13. 2005.
Position in S.S.Org: Mukto-Mona (
Bring Sai baba to justice

Amy Sharma, USA on October 11. 2005.
follower: n/a Position in S.S.Org: n/a
The Sathya Sai Vip devotees are trash, especially Mrs. Mallika Shouri who publically humiliated me in front of everyone 4 years back. She did not even apologize to me. I kept on going for four consecutive years after that incident hoping if there was god, he would make her apologize
for her atrocities done to me. But that did not happen rather people only abused me further by saying that I was going "astray," (the actual word used by Mrs. Gokak, Vice Chancellor's wife).

angela cordova severino, Peru on October 11. 2005.

soledad cabrero, Spain on October 4. 2005.
follower: 1991-1998 Position in S.S.Org: none
En honor a la VERDAD, SATHYA,solicito se investigue y se trabaje en el esclarecimiento de tan terrible situación, que afecta a millones de personas inocentes e ingenuas, que como yo , sólo buscaban el Bien, el amor de Dios y la Verdad. (Translation: In honor to the TRUTH, SATHYA, I wish this to be investigated and that one works in the elucidation of so terrible situation, that it affects million innocent people and ingenuous, who like I, only looked for the Good, the love of God and the Truth.

Mhairi Fox, United Kingdom on October 2. 2005.
I've been aware of Sai Baba for the last twenty-three years, and was a follower for some of that time. Back in 2000 I spent three months at the ashram. I had two group interviews but never felt anything truely spiritual in Sai Baba's presence, only unease. Now I know why. I met many good and true spiritual seekers during my time in India, they were inspiring company and I'm am worried and furious for them. I lost my closest friend over this whole thing, she was the one who first alerted me to the abuse, cover-ups and dirty tricks perpetrated by Sai Baba and some of his followers. Since then I have continued to read about what's happeneing, and I've continued to be shocked, saddened and angered. Sai Baba is a sick and dangerous man who should be brought to justice now and locked up before he can do any more damage. The lesson I've learned from this whole mess -- I have no need of self proclaimed avatars and gurus, God is within. God is everything.

Zaki Rosanes, Israel on October 1. 2005.
It is disgusting, absolutely revolting and difficult to digest the fact that former P.M. Vajpayee and serving P.M. Manmohan Singh payed their respects to that despicable pedophile vermin, sai baba -he is not entitled to capital
letters- who lives in earthly splendor through exploiting and bamboozling naive believers, rich and poor, under the pandering protection of the government of India and local authorities.

Manolo Galván, Argentina on September 29. 2005.

Ales Masetto, Italy on September 27. 2005.

Jacinta van IJperen, Netherlands on September 15. 2005.
follower: 1987- 2005 Position in S.S.Org: none
Love will always let's send Love to all the people who are still 'sleeping'....that they will 'wake-up'...and that they will love Life again...and feel the freedom of our that we can make our own beautifull like a bird in the sky !

ZAYNAB DAURA, France on September 6. 2005.
follower: absolutely not a follower; YUCK!
i do not believe, I know, that the sai baba is absolutely delusional. i think he realy does believe he is ...i cant even say it; so on that note i believe he belongs in a mental institution. it's a pity though, he would have made a great "David Copperfield".

Roy Pendragon, Australia on September 5. 2005.
follower: 1990 - 1997 approx Position in S.S.Org: Former Administrator Sathya Sai School Perth WA
Lessons I have learned from sai baba and his organisation:
1 Never surrender your will to any being
2 Never brainwash yourself with ideas provided by a so called 'superior' being
3 Be an independent thinker, and act according to your own conscience
4 Do not be deceived by good works, they are not always altruistic
5 Do not brainwash children - let them have a broad education
6 Try to discern the forces behind SB and his kind
7 8000 times 50 does not equal 60 million followers
8 Believe in the Good Guys - they always win in the end aka Truelight007

anita sehdev, UK on September 4. 2005.

Myuran Palasandiran, Canada on September 2. 2005.
follower: 1990-1996

marcello olivari, Italy on August 31. 2005.

Adrian Reina, Spain on August 31. 2005.

Ilaria De March, Italy on August 30. 2005.

JOSÉ MARÍA MARTINEZ, Spain on August 29. 2005.

simone maggiolo, Italy on August 28. 2005.
we have to listen to ourselves when we search the truth and we never fail.What we can read in books is maybe false.The bible is false. Buddha never obtains Nirvana,I am not an atheist I believe in God but I don't think that religion help us in finding him or her.We have all a piece of God inside of us there is no need of avatar.

Shilpa Kashyap, Sweden on August 27. 2005.
Hi has long queue of people following him he has to be punished

Juraj Hornak, Slovakia on August 27. 2005.
follower: MAY 2005 AUGUST 2005 Position in S.S.Org: --------

Giovanni Polizzi, Italy on August 25. 2005.

Elvio Grzevic, Italy on August 25. 2005.

stefania artini, Italy on August 25. 2005.

Vania Campanella, Italy on August 21. 2005.

Saurabh Patel, Australia on December 20. 2005.
I am an Indian and just currently studying in Australia. i am a staunch believer of the original and the real Sai Baba of Shirdi. I was stunned to read that Sathya SB claims to be Shirdi Saibaba's reincarnation. I hate to even attach "Sai Baba's" name to his name. He is definitely a fraud as I don't feel all the people who have alleged Sathya SB can be wrong. Tthe Original Shirdi Sai Baba's sansthan itself claims that they have got nothing to do with Sathya Sai Baba. Please do not form a general opinion about Indian Spirituality just because of the wrongdoing of one person. Please always attach the "Sathya" (In Hindi it means truth, however he should actually be named A-sathya which means a lie) with this mans name.
To indian followers of Sathya Sai Baba: please don't give up on GOD because of this fake person named Sathya Sai baba. God bless all.

Stefano Andreozzi, Italy on August 15. 2005.

marco felice, Italy on August 12. 2005.
follower: 1989 - 1994

Usha Siva, Canada on August 8. 2005.
follower: never Position in S.S.Org: only visited once, hated the evil vibes Sai Baba deserves to be killed for the horrendous acts of child sexual abuse he carries out on innocent boys. His excuses in the name of religion that keeps inoccent people trapped under a fear of spiritual punishment is a human rights violation which should be investigated by the united nations because of the enormous fan base of 30 million people that he has accumlated worldwide.
I believe a world wide warning should be issued with results from a h******e investigation. God is in your heart...not in a man who makes your son give him a b*****b!All you that still believe in will rot in hell and your soul is that of the devils!

Zdenek Skoda, Czech Republic on July 30. 2005.

Guillermo Ricardo Oramas, Colombia on July 28. 2005.
Tengo personas cercanas que creen ciegamente en Sai Baba, sencillamente parece que no pueden ver la verdad. Mi deseo es que todo este engano se haga evidente y mucha gente pueda ser libre de esta manipulacion. (Translation: People close to me blindly believe in Sai Baba, it seems that they cannot simply see the truth. My desire is that all this deceit become evident and much people can be free of this manipulation.)

GIANNI CECERE, Italy on July 25. 2005.

Laura Mondello, Italy on July 23. 2005.

Jean-Claude Fornara, Switzerland on July 19. 2005.

Harpreet Singh, USA on July 19. 2005.
I don't know if signing a petition can bring him to justice. But if does make an iota of difference then i'm up for it. He shud be punished for his sins...

Mario Veiga, Spain on July 18. 2005.

Bala Krishnan, Canada on July 18. 2005.
At first blush, it is suspect that a man is called God. Who started this? Whew... God is supreme and no man or woman on earth can be called God. It is an insult to all religions that follow the path to God. Second, he is performing miracles? Bah, humbug. You do not need to prove you are God (if you really are one) by performing "magic". Then, all magicians are God, right? How does the "magic" set him apart? This alone makes me puke. Third, so many youngsters would not come forward with their story of sexual abuse at the risk of being heard or exposed at some point in the court of law. So, there must be some basis, nay it should be investigated. Fourth, if SSB is really innocent, why has he not spoken about this subject? An allegation of this nature needs to be explained by him to his "devotees"
Fifth, to all the devotees: Do not be so blindsided by unconditional faith. No living being can be or will be God. Accept that first. God is abstract. I can't believe very intelligent people in the world have not understood this fundamental axiom. The whole thing, inspite of the good deeds he has done, is not helping to remove the blemish on his record. A court case will prove his innocence/guilt. All decent humans must express in unison, the need for the case to come to court and resolve this once and for all.

Joyce Short, Canada on July 17. 2005.

michele mirabella, Italy on July 17. 2005.
sbugiardate i ciarlatani. Grazie. MM

antonella gervasio, Italy on July 17. 2005.

alfred thanmavarasan, Canada on July 15. 2005.
follower: no Position in S.S.Org: na
Hellow everyone!
I am not a dovotee but I am for a thorough investigation of any wrong doing
by this organization which is having millions of devotees.

Jan Bularz, USA on July 14. 2005.
follower: never, but my wife is
He should answer all those allegations

Josef Koch, Canada on July 14. 2005.
This man has to be brought to justice!

samita rai, Nepal on July 12. 2005.
follower: - Position in S.S.Org: -
my family members are strong believers in sai baba.i am deeply disturbed by accusations surrounding the man himself. i would be greatly pleased if a thorough and unbiased investigation is conducted

Ramana Rajanala, India on July 12. 2005.

Andrew Smith, UK on July 6. 2005.
i have never been a follower, however i do have friends who do follow. Prior to today i had no real interest or knowledge of SSB but, only looking at the tiNy amount of information i have seen it is obvious that this guy is a fraud.
Moreover, he is a VERY Bad magician and his palming techniques give all of us practicing magicians a bad name. This outrages me one this item alone and the fact that ....oh ...just ...."grrrr" basically! :o) and shame on the blindness of the followers.

Linda Patockova, Czech Republic on July 6. 2005.

Cinzia Venturini, Italy on June 17. 2005.

Sarvesh Shukla, India on June 16. 2005.
Baba should be punished seriously..

guillermo macello, Argentina on June 15. 2005.

Krishna M, India on June 12. 2005.
follower: 2 years
I was induced into believing by the trust and belief of my relatives. But then as i visited the ashram and started analysing events/things happening i realised he was just a normal human being and nothing more the famous quote i'd like to say about his tricks are this: "It is not possible for somebody to catch a trick behind a claimed psychic demonstration if he has no specific training in how tricks of this kind work. It's not a question of intelligence but, as I say, of knowledge". Check out the exbaba site .

Giuseppe Caserta, Italy on June 5. 2005.
"E chi accoglie anche uno solo di questi bambini in nome mio, accoglie me.6 Chi invece scandalizza anche uno solo di questi piccoli che credono in me, sarebbe meglio per lui che gli fosse appesa al collo una macina girata da asino, e fosse gettato negli abissi del mare."
(Trans. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.
But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea. - Matthew 18.5 & 6)

seetharaman kalyan, India on June 2. 2005.
i am shocked that so many refuse to consider that there could be something wrong with this man. The deluded ones are some of my friends and acquaintances.

komarraju swapna, USA on May 31. 2005.
By seeing this site ,i am very upset by our people and government we have to do something abt this fake baba , if we can do anything other than this petition i will be with u .We have to do something very much stronger.

Aguedita Coss, Venezuela on May 29. 2005.
follower: Never
Lamento mucho los abusos a los que fueron sometidos los jovenes. La primera vez que vi la imagen de este señor me pareció trastornado, nada mas decir que el es Dios es suficiente prueba de su gran perturbación. Nos cuesta tanto creer en la presencia de Dios, si no tenemos pruebas tangibles y materiales que este tipo de personas se aprovechan de esa situacion.
Dios es tan maravilloso y esta presente en cada uno de los amaneceres, en los padres que nos concedió, esforcemonos en agradecer dia a dia por las innumerables dadivas que El nos da. Oremos para que ese ser llamado Sai Baba pueda iluminarse y asi no hará mas daño a tantos inocentes.

Aman Alhamid, Singapore on May 29. 2005.
How can God, a supreme a man?

Charles Le Goff, France on May 22. 2005.

Luis María Fernández, Argentina on May 18. 2005.

Prashant Fonseka, USA on May 15. 2005.
My mother has long been a follower of Sai Baba, I never really paid attention to it. As an adult I now have had the opportunity to look into Sai Baba and realize what a joke the entire organaization is. The organization seems more like a cult than something which brings nuturing and healing to the world. As an educated man, I firmly believe that no god exists and I believe Sai Baba is a mockery of society keeping his devotees via using fear tactics. I strongly encourage all people with common sense to sign this petition.

Biranavan Tharmaratnam, Australia on May 15. 2005.
follower: N/A Position in S.S.Org: N/A
Im a Sri Lankan Male living in Australia. Im not affiliated with Exbaba or any of the other sites critical of SSB. Im just someone who does not want his family to have faith in a false god, conman and a criminal. Im not a devotee of Sai Baba myself but many members of my famlily are.
Some have been life long devotees. As a child i grew up being thought to belive in Sathaya Sai Baba and to pray to him when i was feeling down etc.
If the allegations are true then my family has been worshiping a paedophille and a conman. Even now they are teaching their kids to worship him. Its sickening. And also something must be done to save the children of India from this menace. He is creating a culture of paedophillia in a country where there is not enough law enforcement offcials/power to counter any underage prostitution and paedophille rackets. He is turning these boys he abuses into future paedophilles.If Sai Baba is innocent then he and the Indian Government have nothing to lose by opening a investigation into Sai Baba'sactivities and his financial activities. [NOTE FROM PETITION ADMINISTRATION - THE REMAINDER OF THIS LONG, INTERESTING POSTING IS REMOVED AND WILL BE POSTED UNDER 'Petition News' AT]

Giovanni Colanzi, Italy on May 27. 2005.
Buongiorno! Ho conosciuto molte persone che sono andate da Say Baba e tutti hanno lamentato problemi serissimmi ora, molti finiti o dallo psichiatra
o dall'esorcista. Quindi ritendo che l'associazione a deliguere di Say Baba, venga cancellata dalla faccia della terra.
Cordiali saluti. Giovanni Colanzi.

Ennio Calandra, Italy on May 9. 2005.
follower: 2001-2004

HARSIMRAN SODHI, USA on May 5. 2005.

BALAKRISHNA PAI, India on May 3. 2005.
He is a big fraud on this earth. I am really surprised how rich and the famous are falling prey to his misdeeds.

Sathya Kaliyamoorthy, USA on April 17. 2005.
Punish the criminal.

Tomaszewski Witold, Poland on April 16. 2005.
nie ma slow opisanie ludzkiej glupoty---

RAVI SASI, India on April 14. 2005.
follower: NIL Position in S.S.Org: NIL

Zunino Nicola, Italy on April 14. 2005.

Prakash Kumar, Egypt on April 10. 2005.

selma tapia pereira, Bolivia on April 10. 2005.
follower: three years
i been in the ashram the year 99 and i can feel manythings wrong about organization!!, its is very dangerous for inocent people who believe and have faith in sai baba!!, i dont want more people hurt..

Jesus Perea, Venezuela on April 10. 2005.
Espero que a todos esos charlatanes les llegue el día en que paguen sus crímenes

Vijay Mohan, India on April 7. 2005.

Dear Sir, Through this wonderful site of yours i have got a lot of information about this charlatan and peadophile Sai Baba. I have watched the documentary
called 'Seduced' and hope to watch 'Secret Swami' in the near future. Please do let me know about the latest expose news
via email. I hope in the near future saibaba is punished for his henious crimes by the due process of law. Thanking you. With best wishes, vijay

Antony Kumar, India on April 4. 2005.
follower: Position in S.S.Org:
Why do you need doctors in the heart foundation hospital when he can make miracles. Why do he not choose the poor to give the costly rings and watches and choose only the top officials to persent. Why do he not choose the local and choose a foreigner when came all the way to complain about the sexual abbuse. This is pure non-sense.
Why the police need self-defence / protection from the boys who just have knives. Does this mean I can protect myself (if I have a gun and shoot the opponent) from a person who threaten by a knife. All these are unanswerable. Those who fear to accept this are those who have lot of confidential stuff which will pull them down.
And the most of them belongs to the top political group. Stop this non-sense and make the people live a normal life.

Chinnaswamy Ramalingam, India on April 3. 2005.
I fully support this process.Every one should know this religious fraud.It is compleatly against scientific principles and attitude.

dhiraj chhajer, Finland on April 2. 2005.
He is a sexual predator. I am just surprised how so many people got attracted by him. Isnt it surprising ?
And The indian govt sucks. Dont they have eyes to see and ears to listen. What good has he done till date ? If he is god cant he explain the various intricacies of life and why is he limping like a dog when he walks. His hair look like a third rated circus joker. Feel free to contact me at

Rita Knox, Australia on April 1. 2005.
follower: N/A Position in S.S.Org: N/A
It appears there are predators in every organised religion.
May "The Force" be with you.

gerardo rendon, Mexico on March 24. 2005.

Andrea Oliveti, Italy on March 21. 2005.

MUKUNDAN C. MENON, India on March 14. 2005.
follower: NA Position in S.S.Org: NA
Full support in total agreement with the petition.

Raam Tarat, United Kingdom on March 14. 2005.

Hristo Todorov, Bulgaria on March 14. 2005.
follower: 3 months
As a part of my spiritual seeking I was living in Prasanthi Nilayam for almost 3 months. For this period I suspected that Sai Baba is not God as he claims and canceled every interest in him. But never even though about for such terrifying things that I read on this site. I beleive that this (all or partly) is true because for sharp eye the behavior of SSB, stuff, books etc. is more than enough evidence. But I know how hard is to judge truly when someone is under pressure of the real life circumstances, so I gladly join in this petition to help future folowers. I hope this madness is coming to an end and place is freed for real gurus to show their lights to seekers.

Gordana Jakob, Croatia on March 11. 2005.
Position in S.S.Org: 15 years sympathy with an idea of avatar saving the world. none. Sai Baba is a dangerous man pretending to be a God, using a knowledge of old east and west religions to fish for followers, washing their brains, molesting young boys. All he wont is money and power, he is not a holy man at all. Some good things he is doing with a part of followers money (water project, hospital) are only done to attract people with a good intentions and money. Indian government must start the investigations as soon as possible, before he dies and the followers make a cult of him. What are they waiting for?

Prakash Sankarasubramanian, USA on March 12. 2005.
follower: For 10 years ( 1995 - 2005)
My family has been a devotee of Satya sai baba. I have serious doubts that some fraudulent activity is done by satya sai baba and I request immediate inquiry into the issue to protect the millions of good people through out the world. Thanks Prakash

Guido de Gregorio, Italy on March 12. 2005.

mattia bassani, Italy on March 11. 2005.

george philip, India on March 8. 2005.
he is a

harry balzac, Kazakhstan on March 5. 2005.
I think sai baba lives off gullible peoples projections. Hes on this big power trip thats made him blind to other people and their true needs. Hes totally bought into the idea that he is an incarnation of god. Dont let this preadtor close to you or any of your friends. A kid I know got molested by him.

guido caporizzi, Italy on March 5. 2005.
schifoso bastardo imbroglione

guido caporizzi, Italy on March 5. 2005.
schifoso bastardo imbroglione

June Ives, United Kingdom on March 5. 2005.
follower: 20 years
Unbelievable. Yet this explains why I felt nothing at the Ashram, except for the love of the other meditators. Each and everyone was so keen to give the best of themselves. It is not being gullible. If it is, then what are Christians who do not research the bible history but take for granted the Gospel.

Margarita Sanchez, Spain on March 2. 2005.
I haven't been a follower of him but I believed that he was a real teacher. I even talked good about him. I am sorry. Recently found the info about his abuse. The truth shall set us free. I hope someone officially investigates to put an end to all kinds of abuse.

Vita Chiara Wembagher, Italy on March 2. 2005.

Giorgio Wembagher, Italy on March 2. 2005.
it is a very big scandal...

Daniela Finicelli, Italy on March 2. 2005.

Gail Benton, UK on February 24. 2005.

Daniela Vera, Bolivia on February 21. 2005.

Peter Liuzzi, Italy on February 22. 2005.
Sai Baba isn't a religious man, he is only a child molester.

Cynthia Gracie, USA on February 22. 2005.
This is not an issue of freedom of religion but an issue of a destructive cult leader who exploits and abuses. Please take action now to stop this destructive cult leader from perpetrating any further sexual, physical, psychological and spiritual abuses of people.

stéphane garcia, France on February 21. 2005.
il y a le même en italie, c'est son disciple, il s'appelle "swami roberto", et il agit de la même manière par de de la manipulation mentale, de la mise en scène, des paroles formidables, mais qu'il ne s'applique absolument pas. (Translation: It is the same in Italy with his disciple who calls himself 'swami roberto', and who uses the same methods of mental manipulation, play-acting, formidable pronouncements which are absolutely not applied in action.)

Neville Barnes, United Kingdom on February 22. 2005.
SSB is one of many gurus who have hidden behind a veil of religiosity. He must be brought within reach of justice.

Jeremy Carstairs, Germany on February 18. 2005.
follower: 1994-2003 Position in S.S.Org: former group leader & regional co-ordinator (spiritual branch)

indraputhra wimalasena, Sri Lanka on February 17. 2005.

Gianluca Piccirilli, Italy on February 11. 2005.
follower: no
Smascherate questo abile truffatore. (Unmask this clever cheat)

Hilary Cawsey, United Kingdom on February 5. 2005.
follower: 3 years Position in S.S.Org: ex leader Exeter Centre Region 7 UK
I would like to see him brought to justice in the shortest possible time

Margaret Tottle-Smith, United Kingdom on February 5. 2005.
follower: 43 years Position in S.S.Org: ex Spiritual Convener Region 7 UK
I would like to see this evil man arrested to stand trial. After being suspicious 10 years ago, I am now convinced he is a serial paedophile, a murderer and a fanatic

Salim Delgado, Argentina on February 1. 2005.
follower: never Position in S.S.Org: student
I know the terrible reality behind this horrendous man who has blinded many people thought out the world. I appreciate your action for criying out the thruth.
Please go ahead, you don't know how much good you make!!!

Catherine Dow, United Kingdom on January 28. 2005.
follower: never
Actions speak louder than words, and Sai Baba's actions say it all............he's nothing but a fake, and as the saying goes "what goes around,comes around"
Sai Baba is due for a big fall, and not before time, i can't wait till he falls flat on his face, it's what he deserves.

Giovanni Felice, Italy on January 29. 2005.
follower: follower from 1984 up to 2004
I have been at Prashanthi Nilayam for 15 times. One month every year from 1984 up to 1999. I believe that Baba is the anti-Christ as described in the book of Apocalypse in the Holy Bible. He is a bad imitation of the Savior Jesus and wants to cheat all the world.

Mario Torino, Italy on January 3. 2005.
I'm disgusted

hugo silva, Argentina on January 27. 2005.

Prem Kumar, Malaysia on January 26. 2005.
follower: 1975-2004
I have been to Prashanti Nilayam. I was expecting this place will be full of spiritual vibration but proved other wise. I feel sorry for those people that still believes this man is a god man. I request all to seek God within yourself and get the answer from within. There is no need to spend cash to meet this man. Make use the money for charity. God bless everyone.

William Goslee, USA on January 25. 2005.
follower: Never
The weight of evidence justifies further investigation and probably litigation.
“Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from deep nonsense.” –Carl Sagan
I can only hope that some of the disenchanted followers he leaves in his wake will turn away from superstition and irrationality in all forms and toward the light of scientific thinking.

SILVANA LORENZA, Italy on January 22. 2005.
Position in S.S.Org: IMPIEGATA

syed ahsan habibi, India on January 22. 2005.
follower: never
In the 21st century where people are engineers, doctors and scientists... they still believe in this conman. Surely, common sense would tell them from their educational values to scratch their heads. My question is why do people believe in BLIND FAITH and not question what they are doing. why they deny the creator ALLAH and worship the naked men.

kostas papadopoulos, Greece on January 18. 2005.
follower: never
I've been there and I saw him behaving like a king, not like a God. He didn't convince me.

Carlos Francisco Mejia Brizuela, El Salvador on January 18. 2005.
follower: 5 años (follower) Position in S.S.Org: Seguidor
Siempre estuve con cierto recelo con sus actuaciones, y manejo de su "organizacion", me alegra quew por fin se pondra fin a esta mentira mundial (Translation: I always had a certain suspicion with his actions/conduct, and the management of his "organisation", I am glad that finally this world-wide lie will be put to end.)

Pacus Gagu, New Zealand on January 11. 2005.
follower: 1980 - 1993
Sai Baba is dangerous and should be put behind bars.

Reinier van der Sandt, Netherlands on January 11. 2005.
follower: I was never a follower Position in S.S.Org: I have had no membership or title.
As webmaster of I sustain all activities to let the world know who Sathya Sai Baba from India really is, in order to prevent people to become a devotee of this fake 'Avatar'.

Vitor André, Brazil on January 7. 2005.
follower: 1 year Position in S.S.Org: Used to frequent SSB.Org. of Goiania / GO
What we could expect from a man that call himself GOD and makes propaganda of it?
His siddhi power made people's mind go totaly insane. When you get out of it you see what kind of cult you were trapped in. We cant permit Baba to play with peoples mind. This is very serious. This is very sad.

James Weston, USA on January 5. 2005.
If it has a mouth, it can lie. If it has hands, it can steal. If it has a get the idea. Wake up people - God is everywhere and in everything, and does not need a spokesman. Baba, the truth will set you free, after it rapes you like you have raped boys and the good name of India.

Meera Solanki, United Kingdom on December 19. 2004.
follower: none
All my family belive in him im the only person not too due to instinct,i would like any help such as literature or any thing to save my family especially my mother. Thank You

Ortelli Daniele, Italy on January 1. 2005.

RAFAEL IZTURRIAGA, Venezuela on December 30. 2004.

Gianfranco Stassi, Italy on December 29. 2004.
Stop this madness. The world is already full of evil.

LUIS ADAN, Guatemala on December 27. 2004.
NO DEJEN QUE SIGAN ENGAÑANDO Y VIOLANDO MAS PERSONA (Trans. "No more false homosexual prophets. Don't allow them to go on cheating and raping more people.")

Saurabh Garg, India on December 24. 2004.
follower: NEVER
In the 21st century where people are engineers, doctors and scientists... they still believe in this conman. Surely, common sense would tell them from their educational values to scratch their heads.
People believe in the caste system and old traditions, and still practise them. If someone challenges these practices, the standard response tends to be: "Aise nahin kehte" ('You shouldn't say such things')
My question is why do people believe in BLIND FAITH and not question what they are doing. It's herd-like behaviour...
People are dying of hunger and don't have the basics, and this man is producing golden eggs (hidden in a towel), 'gold' watches, rings... surely if there is a God, and from my understanding, God would not be so materialistic and ruthless.
If it's proven to be true that Sai Baba is sexually abusing followers, then he needs some psychological treatment and so do our politicians, who probably are aware of this situation. Yet they say (e.g. former Education Minister - Murali Manoharlal Joshi) 'how dare you question Baba's integrity and my stature'.
Finally, I feel sorry for India, a developing country, where culture and diversity are the main elements of its uniqueness... it's a shame that such people/believers hinder India's progress.

Rahul Aggarwal, United Kingdom on December 23. 2004.
follower: NEVER
A very bad magician who preys on people's insecurities.

Fierz Jacques-Antoine, Switzerland on December 23. 2004.
Come cattolico mi spaventa e mi preoccupa sapere che "catolici" dichiarino
di poter essere seguaci di Sai Baba !!!!!!!

Adrian Reina , Spain on December 10. 2004.
i can´t understand how people follow his, my girlfriends is one of them, and i cant separate

Abner Costa, Brazil on December 8. 2004.
I've never been, just concerned and hoping for God´s Justice. Concerned about all the things I have read and all the people close to me who´s following this self-called God.

Poochithevar Nagathevan, UK on December 6. 2004.
follower: never.
Why this man has not been caught and punished for his indecent asault on young boys etc.

Edoo Nawaz, Mauritius on December 5. 2004.

ramesh naidu, India on December 3. 2004.
Can he really be charged and tried with friends every where in the government business etc. After watching what the kanchi shankracharya was and had been up to i think we people will have to very cleverly bring these people at least under the investigative lens. the whole problem is even investigation is not being allowed let alone trial and punishment.

Ipsita Das, India on November 30. 2004.
follower: Till recently

Rajeev Jayakumar, India on November 20. 2004.
This man is a terrible homosexual, fraud and a money-devil. I wish fake swamis like him and Premananda had been tackled by Veerappan the bandit!!

Poochithevar Nagathevan, UK on December 6. 2004.
follower: never.
Why this man has not been caught and punished for his indecent asault on young boys etc.

Jessica Atcheson, USA on November 26. 2004.
It is essential that the allegations of sexual abuse be thoroughly investigated - no one deserves to be sexually assaulted. If the guru is a perpetrator, he must be held accountable for his inexusable actions.

Mike Ettrick, UK on November 21. 2004.

Michel Koeman, Netherlands on November 18. 2004.
follower: 1987 till Summer 20004 Position in S.S.Org: Seva / Bhajan Centrum Zaanstad

Marcial Camperi, Argentina on November 30. 2004.
ENGLISH: I'm a friend of many devotees who were damaged both psychological and economically by Sai Baba and his organization. Shame over the Indian government who doesn't have any trace of dignity, protecting until now their crimes.
ESPAÑOL: Tengo muchos amigos dañados psicológica y económicamente por Sai Baba y su organización. Que la verguenza caiga sobre el indigno gobierno de la India, que protege hasta ahora los crímenes cometidos por aquellos.

Giancarlo Ruberti, Italy on November 23. 2004.

Jinqi Chen, Singapore on November 22. 2004.
I think this whole Sai Baba thingy is a big fraud! I know that this is going to be a harsh on the devotees (my colleaugue is one of them), but I sincerely hope that these people can wake up from the false hope given by this "Godman" and move on with their life. There are many other things out there worth living for. Be strong to fight Sai Baba and his stupid organization; bring him down and may all the devotees find true happiness by leaving him.
23.11.2004 7:2:57
Concerned friend of a devotee...What goes around will come around..He will have to pay a price for the innocent boys he is preying on.

Ben Lund, United Kingdom on November 21. 2004.
Investigate now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rajeev Jayakumar, India on November 20. 2004.
This man is a terrible homosexual, fraud and a money-devil. I wish fake swamis like him and Premananda had been tackled by Veerappan the bandit!!

Jacquie McGee, New Zealand on November 19. 2004.
I know devotees whose devotion is very disturbing in its lack of realism and rationale. Some in their 70s too! Clearly there are more than enough personal witnesses to warrant a very serious investigation. I have no reason to believe that SO MANY would tell lies about being sexually abused. This person must be removed from such a high-profile position. I find the many stories I have read DISGUSTING to say the least.

Wendy Roberts, United Kingdom on November 19. 2004.

Victoria Madison, Spain on November 19. 2004.

Medadane Kipa, New Zealand on November 19. 2004.
It is high time the average public take their responsibilities seriously and not hide thier head in the sands.

Neelish Budhia, New Zealand on November 18. 2004.

Mayoor Patel, UK on November 17. 2004.

Pravin Patel, United Kingdom on November 17. 2004.

John Bailey, USA on November 16. 2004.

Paul Saltzman, Canada on November 16. 2004.

mauro leal, Venezuela on November 16. 2004.
follower: 4 years
is very important if a person said i,m good why kind of god, because god real is wanderful

mahesh srinivasaiah, USA on November 13. 2004.

Astrid zum Felde, Germany on November 13. 2004.
follower: none Position in S.S.Org: none
Concerned relative to a devotee. I wish that this guy is investigated!

Emilio Tuggi, Italy on November 12. 2004.
sai is a thief, he steal the object from other location with paranormal power in india there are so much yogis with this powers called SIDDHI by vedic literature

gert jacobsen, Denmark on November 7. 2004.
follower: none Position in S.S.Org: none
concerned relative to devotees.Not less concerned after having visited Puthaparti in 1997 and even more after having read a large number of stories on the net. Stop this guy.

Federico Fiore, Italy on November 6. 2004.

Elisabetta Cavagnino, Italy on November 6. 2004.

Poondi Raja, India on November 2. 2004.

Chandrashekhar Korivi, India on October 31. 2004.

I feel Indian Government should conduct an indepth inquiry into the these serious allegations, its a pity that top indian politicians take the blessings of him and are proving to be a mere puppets. Please dont compare a human to a GOD. Also its the duty of government to bring all criminals behind and save innocent civilians.

Irene Domínguez González, Spain on October 31. 2004.

Gautam Patel, United Kingdom on October 30. 2004.
The seriousness of the accusations against Sai Baba and his organisation are deeply concerning. In particular the sexual abuse of young boys is of grave concern and we should act to ensure this is thoroughly investigated and appropriate actions are taken to provide justice to any victims of Sai Baba and to prevent such horrendous crimes occurring.

ajay reddy, USA on October 25. 2004.
get this scumbag out of here!!!

Deepa Kandaswamy, India on October 25. 2004.
follower: Never Position in S.S.Org: N/A

sunita idoia begic zelaieta, Bosnia Herzegovina on October 19. 2004.
follower: few years when young

Edward Yah, Singapore on October 14. 2004.

David Redente, USA19.10.2004 16:49:2 .

Sarka Grunova, Czech Republic on October 13. 2004.
follower: 13.10.2004

Henry Sanders, USA on October 11. 2004.
follower: Not Applicable Position in S.S.Org: Not Applicable
Thank you for this petition that holds those who abuse the laws accountable to the law. Truth should never hide behind deceit. It's time for accountability!

Sara Friedmann, France on October 10. 2004.
follower: 2003-NO MORE Position in S.S.Org: CENTRO SATHYA SAI DI BASILICATA
I've been to Sai Baba last year with groupe from Paris. Vendors outside ashram tell me about sexual abuse. No longer following Sai Baba. Following my heart and no longer vegetarian!

Ronnie Bartlett, UK on October 9. 2004.
I like this intitative... the truth must win forth.

Salman Ashraf, Pakistan on October 6. 2004.

Laim Ekaf, Denmark on October 3. 2004.
follower: 1999-2001

Meer Sahib, Canada on October 2. 2004.
Charlatans like Sai Baba are truly dangerous criminals from whom dim-witted, superstitious masses must be protected.

Prajwal Joshi, USA on October 1. 2004.

Sonia B., Bulgaria on October 1. 2004.

Subramanyan Iyer, India on October 1. 2004.
follower: 1981-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Sevak

Jacques McGreg, United Kingdom on October 1. 2004.
follower: 1989 - 2003 Position in S.S.Org: Worker
In retrospection I feel devastated - why did I ever think of this cheapster, beguiler, deceiver, trickster as my guru and God. He's a knavish rascal. I have come to conclude that there is no living God. God is divine and above this material existence, how can he be one amongst us?I have taken back to my rosary and feel much comforted - out of the muck at last. God bless all with good intelligence to realise the TRUTH (the SATHYA) of this cheater SAI BABA.

Richard Veal, UK on October 1. 2004.
follower: 2 years Position in S.S.Org: None
I want to let every SANE individual know that they should not fall in the trap of this merciless, pedophile, quack, teflon, swindler! I realised it very late - after I had donated more than £ 43,340 for the pleasure of this rogue. Save your souls!

Balaji Srinivasan, USA on September 30. 2004.
All honest people owe it to themselves and society to investigate claims of child abuse. This is no longer just an issue of a fraudulent Guru. If he is a child abuser, he should be behind bars. There are devotees who know this and disgustingly enough justify it with "seven reasons" Miracles can never be a claim of immunity against child abuse. A more heinous crime does not exist on the face of earth.

Sri Ranga Puri das, Bolivia on September 30. 2004.
For the sake of true spiritual life, cheaters as this should be expossed and punished for their crimes

Mark Langstone, Australia on September 30. 2004.
Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

Dr. Siva Jagadeeshan, India on September 27. 2004.

Sumit Bhatia, India on September 27. 2004.
This fake "god-man" magician, is ruining the name of Shirdi's Sai Baba. He is just a underworld don, running his own mafia with help of all the politicians and policemen. Then to hide all these things he is helping a few people by building hospitals etc. I would certainly vote for a thorough inquiry. Though I doubt any politician would do that, what with the fear of backlash of stupid followers during elections.

Basava Premanand, India on September 27. 2004.
follower: 1968-1974 Position in S.S.Org: Best Worker in SSB Org., Podanur
I have exposed all the miracles of SSB and also Investigated murders, financial exploitation, and Sexual abuse of Students. Govt. of India have to investigate him.

H. Devosey, USA on September 26. 2004.
Position in S.S.Org: Member of Austin Center

Valentina Delz, Italy on September 24. 2004.

Carmine Flamminio, Italy on September 23. 2004.

Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan, India on September 21. 2004.

Arati Rai, Nepal on September 20. 2004.
never believe in Sai Baba or other indian Baba. Mostly Indian belivers spread around the world. It is a problem like SARS virus. It must be stop before it destroyed the world culture, value, religion and social system.

Jack Howard, Australia on September 17. 2004.

Bob Boyd, USA on September 16. 2004.

Gennaro Ripa, Italy on September 11. 2004.
I do not know which is the truth but I totally agree for an accurate investigation. Regards Gennaro

Cristina Morandotti, Italy on September 11. 2004.

PIERO PIANELLA, Italy on September 7. 2004.

Rachelle Lenihan, UK on September 4. 2004.

Kris Kozak, Canada on September 4. 2004.

Juan Carlos Aliaga, Bolivia on September 3. 2004.

John vd Jagt, Netherlands on September 3. 2004.
follower: 1993-2003
Stop misleading guru's from really hurting people/children instead of giving them the help they ask for.

petra van der jagt, Netherlands on September 3. 2004.
follower: 1993-2003 Position in S.S.Org: none
the abuse must stop.

Hrishikesh Ramani, India on August 29. 2004.

Barbara Johnston, Canada on August 27. 2004.

Radhe Narayan, Australia on August 26. 2004.
Takes advantage of people who are searching for some meaning in their life. People who could do well with self-help literature but fall prey to fake human beings.

Vivan Bhandarkar, India on August 19. 2004.

Yogesh Rajashekharaiah, India on August 17. 2004.
Wishing this international effort luck to bring justice to lot of people and relief to skeptics

Eugene Deegan, Australia on August 14. 2004.

Duarf Ton, USA on August 14. 2004.
follower: 1988-1989
Real Eye Opener!

Victor Brooks, USA on August 9. 2004.
follower: 1980 to 1998

Carlos Ramos, Benin on August 6. 2004.

Cees de Volder, Netherlands on August 5. 2004.
follower: 1998 - 2004
I always pray for justice and truth, for SSB too!

HMR Churi, India on August 4. 2004.
truth about murders should come out before it is too late

Subramanian Ganesan, USA on August 4. 2004.
He tried to murder my childhood friend.

Maja Marchig, Croatia on August 2. 2004.
follower: Never
His philosophy has never been my cup of tea, but I know many of his followers and admire some of them. I would realy like to see the truth come out, for the sake of all this people who mistake him for a god.

Miodrag Milosavljevic, Yugoslavia on August 2. 2004.

Adrian Wajsbrem, Australia on August 1. 2004.
If necessary, 'lock him up and throw away the key'.

Felice Aliprandi, Italy on July 30. 2004.

Morri Glaser, USA on July 29. 2004.

Z. Parkinson, UK on July 28. 2004.
follower: 1992-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Group convenor 1997-98
TRUTH - one of the human values is not evident when one of the Lingams "produced" on the BBC program eminates from the towel he was holding and not from his mouth.

Barbara Dent, U.S.A. on July 26. 2004.
follower: 1987-2004

Daniel Alberto Alegrett Salazar, Venezuela on July 25. 2004.
follower: 1998-2004

Pagano Luana, Italia on July 23. 2004.

Carolyn Wise, USA on July 21. 2004.
follower: 1998-2004
Get him out of here!!!!!!

Darko Plazoniae, Croatia on July 20. 2004.

Mohanda Dasgupta, India on July 20. 2004.

Simone Paganin, Italy on July 19. 2004.

Elangovan E, India on July 19. 2004.
Sai's charities should be under the control of the respective local government with immediate effect. All Baba's wealth, as well as Baba-like people's wealth, must be used for medical purposes, preferably AIDS research, so that our land (spoiled by these kind of people) will get purified. All his followers at all his ashrams (Baba's holy places) should work in factories rather than doing Bhajans (praising Saibaba), wasting the time and the resources made by hook or by crook (cheating the world). Let them generate revenues for the country, rather than running their own local government with the influence of nasty politicians.

K.Kalaivani Shanmugapriya, India on July 18. 2004.
Position in S.S.Org: Feb 2004 -June 2004

Krishnan Viswanath, India on July 17. 2004.
follower: Never Position in S.S.Org: N/A
Right from my childhood I knew Sai Baba is a fake. A true saint should never claim that he/she is a god. Well, from what I have seen, what Baba does is Pure MAGIC. I would rather go to PC Sarkar's show to get thrill than waste my time at Satya Sai Baba. In fact, I hate any gurus who treat people differently. If an *all wise* guru doesnt understand the basic fact that all humans are infact *equal* then he/she is not a guru at all. There are still thousands of these so called blind followers who are ready to do *anything*. I hope all these folks get out their hypnotic state and become more rationale. I am glad to see that I am not alone who feel like what I feel about Mr Baba.

I. Froelich, Germany .

Dr. Edward Jones, USA .
Sociologist. Sai Baba must go to Prison. Deserves punishment. All his devotees must be arrested and put them in social, cultural, & ethical awareness education programs, or must be put in psychological counseling.

Hari Khanal, NEPAL .
In Nepal, there are lots of stupid Nepalese people who believe and practice Sai Baba Religion. Those stupid Nepalese are ruining our social, culture, value, respect and religion. Other stupid Nepalese belive in RAJANIS Religion. So many stupid in South Asia, because they don't have QUALITY EDUCATION. So they can't judge which should be right and wrong direction even in simple logical issues.

Raam Tarat, United Kingdom on March 14. 2005.

Ashok Kumar, INDIA .
Sai Baba can do Hypnotism and magic tricks, So poor people and ordinary people belive that Sai Baba is a real GOD. United Nation Organization must organize and implement AWARNESS PROGRAM in undeveloped countries. Nobody think this is a serious problems but in reality it is DISASTER.

Samantha Eyre, Ireland .

raaid iqbal, Pakistan .
i was abused

Mauro Sala, Italy .

Arivendran Nair, Malaysia .

Kim Lee, China .
Religious cults are serious problems, and it is growing and spreading rapidly in 3rd world countries like China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, African countries, South American countries, Laos, Thai land, Philippines etc. If we don’t stop these cults religious groups or organizations, its bad impacts create very serious problem in our lives, communities, country politics and developments. Cult religion is damaging in social, cultural, religion, value, and respect, moral practices. If we are late to protect and prevention cult religion, we might have another bloody religious war.

George Miles, NEW ZEALAND .
MUST STOP or Create a International law and dissolve Sai Baba Cult organization. Must punish Sai Baba cult groups. It is a cancer or HIV-AID or sars dangerous transmitter diseases.

Nicolas Vivant, France .

Sharma Babu, INDIA .
Need for huge people movement or revolution against Sai Baba. A person or people can't able to stand up and blow the whistle against Sai Baba, because Sai Baba has too much religious, social and political power. Indian state police, government, religious organization and million stupid devotees are Sai Baba’s protectors and defenders. To put Sai Baba in justice or jail, People’s movement and revolution must require. Indeed it is reality and true. People scared and keep shut their mouths rather than get killed.

Ali Nizam, Pakistan .
Cult religion or organization must be hunted and controlled internationally by UNO. International cults like (1) Shoko Asahara - Japanese Cult (2) David Koresh - Waco Texas, USA cult (3) Omar Abdel Rahman - Muslim cult (4) Lafayette R. Hubbard - church of scientoloy , christian cult ....etc. These cult people or their organization will effectively and actively mislead persons, society, and country. This is a very dangerous crime. UNO must organize and establish laws, and also run awarness and prevention projects in 3rd world. It is very urgent. Cults can destroy human civilization.

Malla Nitu, Nepal .
Sai Baba's "SEDUCED" online video. DANISH TV CONTROVERSIAL DOCUMENTARY ON SAI BABA. Regardless of the fact that the Sathya Sai Organization did everything in its power, even through the judiciary, to prevent producer of DR (Denmark Radio), from broadcasting a critical TV documentary on Sai Baba, it was aired on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 8:05 pm. Video online ----)

Arjun Sharma, India .
Fact report about Sai Baba. Cut & paste in your web address---)

Don Miller, Australia .
Definitely, he can do some magic or trick to attract or convinced poor people who easily believe and think sai baba’s godly power. Sai baba and his devotees are very well organized in around the world. You can find all kind of Godly Baba in India. India has too many populations without education, which is a root of creation too many godly Babas. Educated Indian people from around the world must understand quickly and run awareness movement urgently. Otherwise, Religious Babas will destroy Indian religion, culture, heritage and values, and left behind Indian people & societies. In contrast, you know Western and European countries start to look water and life in another planet everyday.

Darren Fidels, USA .
follower: 1974-2003
prison is too good for this evil con man

Sundara, India/USA .
This person saibaba has to be summoned for judicial enquiries and duly punished if found guilty.

Dr. Mohan, UK .
Sai baba is not a god. Sai baba is a magician cult. No wonder! He can easily convince million Indian poor people and then million poor people became Sai Baba’s ambassadors for publicity. Indian state government also has responsible and involvement in this of crime and misleading to country people. Not only that, Indian police and government are protecting to Sai Baba instead of put him in jail. Now, It seems to me that it is an international major problem. Because Sai Baba problem spread in the world countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UK, Germany, and other Western & European countries. Sai baba bad impact hits very hard to poorest country. His cult religion activities drag people toward wrong direction. It is international crime. It must be stop immediately through United Nation Organization.

Lisa Barrett, United States .

D Bhatia, USA .
Get him behind bars......

Octavio Escobar, Colombia .
follower: 1989-1999 Position in S.S.Org: Former President, SSSB La Magdalena Center, Bogota.

Shiva Narayan, Sri Lanka .
Sai Baba is intelligent organized cult criminal. He made impression to India state government, police, politician, businessman and poor population. That was his very mission and objectives, which he succeeded for 40 years. When more people convinced other more educated people also became convinced. Devotees and people started to believe without any facts. Sai baba became a god by people to people, society to society like a cancer. If among 3 people, 2 people say he did some godly magic then 3rd person have no choice except believe 2 fools. Sai baba devotees increased like that way around the world.

Hari Dev Gautam, India .
Ex Sai Baba. Religious Devotee. I was Sai Baba Religious Devotee and became a victim very nearly. But I figure out before happening to me. You read BBC world new online. cut & past in your web address to read --)

Neeraj, India .

Rajkumar Subramanian, UK .
I never beleive in GOD Man

Alberto Benaim Azagury, Venezuela .

Massimo Isolica, Italy on June 24. 2004.
I'm the owner and webmaster of, the only critical website about Sai Baba and his world organization in Italian language, it aims to make devotees and their families aware against the mental conditioning of this cult and to make former devotees aware they have made the right choice!

Filipe G. Magro, United States .

Danielle Champagne, United States .
this man is a pedophile of the worst kind and needs to be stopped

Elango, Germany .
Never believed Sai Baba nor followed. I learned about Sai and signing this petition for public good.

Lauren Cooley, United States .

Catherine Grant, USA .
I learned about Sai Baba from one of my friends who used to criticize my Christian beliefs often, yet would constantly tell me about Sai Baba at the same time. I investigated for myself about who he was and found countless articles about his molestation of young men and boys.

Ian McGahon, Ireland on pet 2004 . .
Just saw programme on BBC about this, it's disgraceful

Trevor Fevin, England .

Bob Curran, Scotland .
Just watched TV Documentary and was shocked

Anurita Mulchand, England .
If there is even the slightest indication that Sai Baba could be a serial s*x offender, surely this needs to be investigated?

Marcus Owen, england .
Hindusism is a racist methodology which discriminates on the basis of a caste system and is steeped in sexual deviancy. I am not surprised that sai baba has been exposed as a paedophile. People should beware of him and his death will be a blessing for all humanity.

Nachiket Kulkarni, India .

Himat, England .
I believe that Sai Baba is doing wrong deeds and should be severely punished for abusing human rights. On one hand he is supplying people with water and saving their lives and on the other he is degrading people and dishonouring them. Such a fraud cannot even be called a human since he doesn't care about humanity. Therefore I don't know how he can be called God. I guess he will pay the price sooner or later.

Amrish, london .
How can people follow this this funky afroman who pulls rings, watches and what-not out of his hairdo? I'm an amateur magician and I can pull of most of the tricks he does. Also, Hinduism is about becoming free of all maya and solely worshipping God, why the hell is this bloke encouraging maya by giving out gifts etc, and he is attached to men/women too - he should be celibate, down to not even looking at women, like Swaminarayan sadhus.

rajesh, india .
one man can lie, but many can't lie.

follower: 1990 to 17june 2004
please contact the indian authorities to carry out a thorough investigation in to this matter

Sreejith, India .
He is a Fraud ! get him behind the bars before he destroys more lives!

Mala Pawar, United Kingdom .

norman d'costa, united kingdom .
as an indian,i strongly believe these allegations will be denied by the general public - we have grown used to denying the shoddy level of existence of most of our citizens - whether it be the caste system or corruption or poverty. please get this man to the courts and do justice for the many that have been abused. you have my best wishes.

His followers are being brainwashed with all his crap

Tarun Maisuria, UK .
I can't believe how many people there are in the world to think of this man as God!

Nick Keir, UK .

A. Srikantha Phani, UK .
There must an open and fair public enquiry to bring the truth on this murky Guru. He is a certified fraud. He was never exposed for only one reason: want of public pressure. Now is the time to get things right, before he dies he must face the justice of the world that we humans live and that of his maker (if there is any God for him).

Sarath Gunatunga, New Zealand on pet 1992 to 2004. .
I totally believed in this fellow

Mohan, UK .
I am really surprised that in modern age people are so naive to be taken by a trickster.

narottama, south africa .

Yeo Feng, Singapore .
As a magician I'm appalled at the trickery used by Sai Baba to fool millions of his followers. This is a man who has no conscience to face up to his own God one day. Technology should be used at all costs to shine light onto his sinful activities.

Robert and Amy DeMarco, USA .

Kevin D.H., USA .
follower: 1993 to 2002
This organization does not tolerate inquiry or debate regarding Sai Baba' supposed divinity. His devotee's children (especially adolescent boys) are at risk when they travel to the ashram in India. This group is a dangerous cult!


Neville Barnes, United Kingdom on February 22. 2005.
SSB is one of many gurus who have hidden behind a veil of religiosity. He must be brought within reach of justice.

stéphane garcia, France on February 21. 2005.
il y a le même en italie, c'est son disciple, il s'appelle "swami roberto", et il agit de la même manière par de de la manipulation mentale, de la mise en scène, des paroles formidables, mais qu'il ne s'applique absolument pas.

Cathy Swan, Canada .
SSB Org. has recruited my (now) ex-boyfriend in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Active cult promotion is occuring and promises of miracles have been made.

Raul Anibal Sanchez, Mexico .
Los crimenes de un chrlatan protegido por el gobierno, deben terminar.

Daniel Bloxsom, USA .

Sylvain Beauchamp, Canada .
follower: 1992-2004
I don't beleave in justice of human beeings. When the real judjment will append , every single thing that we all did ,think or said will be place in front of us. The end of this cicle will then be started. I wish to every on of us to find the right direction to elevate ourselves and be able to tolerate that spiritual storm.

Amit Gohel, India .
"Baba is no God; he's the opposite of GOD - DOG! The pious land of India is being taken for granted by this ever green fraud of India. He uses his spiritual (siddhis) powers to give false darshan of Hindu Gods, like a donkey wearing lion's skin! All those "

Svetlana Morozova, Russia .
follower: 1996 - 2002

Ruslan Kuznetsov, Russia .

Anurag S. Raj, USA .
follower: 1996-1999
I think false gurus and Godmen should be exposed and tried in court. It is because of such frauds that people lose faith in even the really divine gurus.

Alfredo Perez, Mexico .

Jeeva Kumar.C, Malaysia .
follower: none
get him behind bars......

Marc Furman, South Africa .

Monvoisin, France .

Jemille Hardy, USA .

Tuba, Turkey .
I know how strong brain-washing can be. The truth must come out.

Pierre Stahre, Sweden .
follower: 1990-2000 only Position in S.S.Org: only devotee
knows swedish malefriends that was severy molested sexually by Sai Baba for many years.

Professor P Radhakrishnan, INDIA .
See my article Religion under Globalisation in the Economic and Political Weekly, March 27-April 2, 2004

Davide, Italy .

Gary Bense, USA .

Karin Victorin, Sweden .
and the curtain shall fall!

Alessandro Piras, Italy .
Position in S.S.Org: Student

Louise Bruty, UK .

Deidre Haab, U.S.A. .

Rogerio Senna, Brazil .

John, India .
My friend said to me his drastic experience from Sai puran

Ian Stewart Cairns, UK .

Cristian Cheran, Romania .
Sick guru

Noel Joslin, UK .

Dr. Douglas W. Kinney, USA .

Thalonius Govender, South Africa .

Bill W Hall, United States .

jean perreault, canada .
thank you for your efforts towards the truth

M. Bravo, USA .

Jennifer Bunner, United States of America .

Ivan Moraes, USA .

Stewart Ware, UK .

Miss Julia D Atkinson, England .

Robert Todd Carroll, USA .

Nikhil, USA .

roberto, méxico .
justice, justice, justice

omar, united kingdom .
Position in S.S.Org: student



Arhire Lucian, Romania .

Constantin Dragomir, France .

saftel valeria, romania .

Dan Ratiu, Austria .

Dragos Ionel, Canada .

dorin gherghe, austria .

Sergiy Fadyeyev, Canada .

Ionut Nicoara, Romania .

Robert Antal, Romania .

Consuela Iliescu, Romania .

Calugar Floarea, Romania .

Paun Ovidiu, Romania .

Marga Berchez, ROMANIA .

albutiu anda, romania .
he is not the real Sai Baba, is a very bad man taking money from innocent people. He has done a lot of harm.

Sofia Scaunas, Romania .

Annemarie Beutel, Romania .

Natalia Hirceag, Romania .

Kovacs Erzsebet, Romania .
It is very sad that the small & poor countries have to adopt the laws of homosexuality, prostiuates and so on to be accept in international organizations



Nicu Dumitrascu, Romania .

Dan Dumitrescu, Roumania .

Sorin Voinescu, Romania .
follower: PhD

Dan Schor, Romania .

Sebastian Ciobanu, Romania .

Mathew Kokas, Canada .

Stoýan Nýcoleta, Romania .

Andra Ignat, Canada .

Angheluta Adrian, Romania .

Shatruhan Singh Tomar, India .
He is a false magician looting innocent people. Why doesnt he give the rings of diamond to the poors in India???

Anatoli Sestov, Italia .

Balwinder Singh, Malaysia .

Angela Gelezkaya, Moldova .

Irina Druhus, Romania .

Deaconu Sebastian, Romania .


Marcello Sandri, Italy .
follower: 1990-2002 Position in S.S.Org: Student

Petre Mirela, ROMANIA .

ritu cazacu, romania .
the negativity must be disclosed

Menge,Thomas, Germany .
"If only part of this is true; please expose it"

Camelia Matias, Romania .

Florentina Pernica, Czeck- Rep. .

G. Eusebiu, finland .
follower: never

Carmen Olariu, Romania .

Manuela Coltan, Romania .

anca burtoiu, romania .

Cristina Radu, Romania .


Estera Lungu, Romania .

Vlad Lungu, Romania .

Jana Popova, Slovak republic .

Teodorescu Cornelia, Romania .

Adriana Veress, Romania .

Banu Adrian, Romania .

Razvan Georgescu, Romania .

Kiran Premnath, Australia .

Anupam taneja, canada india .
behead this and all other false gurus

Karthik Chandrasekharan, India .

Leela Frankcombe, Australia .

Reinhold S, Austria .
I know this guy is harmful to humanity!

Raelene Wright, australia .

John Mitchell, australia .

Tessa Seymour-Smith, Australia .

Victoria Richardson, Australia .

Peter Aerfeldt, Australia .

Anish Rathod, UK .
follower: 2000-2003

Matthew Cooper, Australia .
A real Fakir

ramesh manocha, australia .

Rodolphe Clement, Australia .

Narain Nadarajah, Australia .

Keiran McPhail, Australia .

chris kyriacou, Australia .

Rob Hutcheon, Australia .
As long a you uncover the other tricks up his sleeve.

Maria Lambrinos, Australia .
Expose this Pig

J.W. van Prooijen, Netherlands .
Shirdi Sai Baba is the last real Sai Baba

James Hillier, USA .

peter costello, australia .
disgrace to human race

Chandana Wanigasekera, USA .
I think a thorough investigation is in order.

Ravin Gupta, India .
follower: Never!
Many of India's high profile super godmen are closing down their shops. Swami Sadachari, once spiritual advisor and tantric of many top politicians including Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister, has been in jail for running a brothel, following his exposure by Indian Rationalists. Gone with the wind is Swami Premananda, again to jail, following s*x scandals including rape charges. Chandraswami, master mind behind the milk miracle who had India's top politicians including former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao at his finger tip, faces charges of bribery and cheating. One fine day all of them lose their divine magic and the golden aura around them turns dirty grey. The rest is police business, court procedure, media sneer and silence. Now it seems to be Sathya Sai Baba's turn.

Reshma Karki, Nepal .
follower: 1990 -2004
I could not believe my eyes when I watched the videos where Sai baba used sleight of hand to Materialise the Holy Ashes and other small objects. I felt sorry for Sam Young and his parents for the sexual abuse that Sai Baba committed. I saw his testimony on Seduced. Thanks to all the brave and spiritual people who are fighting for the Justice. My heart goes out to all the victims of Sai Baba, not to forget those 4 brave Indians who rose against Sai and got cold bloodedly murdered on Sai Baba's order.May their soul rest in peace.

Nathaniel B. Smith, USA .

Barbara Sullivan, USA .
follower: 1981
He is no Avatar. My heart goes out to all he abused.

Prisha Pandey, Nepal .
follower: 1985 to 2003
I was one of the greatest Sai Devotees but thanks to internet and website like this which helped reveal the truth on this paedophilic monster and his cheap tricks.

alessandro cuciuc, italy .

Nayan, Asia .
Position in S.S.Org: Skeptic
One of my parents used to suffer from various physical and mental ailments. He came to know about Sai Baba and became a devotee. He became so obsessed with Baba that whatever little occupation he had, he left everything thinking that Baba will take care off everything. He even started indulging in many self destructive acitivities such as excessive use of tobacco. As a adolescent then, all I could do was to watch helplessly, thinking at the times that Baba will appear somehow and save our family from this vicious cirle of self destruction. But he never came. Out of sheer frustration and unable to bear it anymore, I took the personal diary of my said parent and scribbled as if I was Sai Baba that "as a baba I order you to stop destroying yourself". It had some cooling effect on the whole thing and it helped us to get through that difficult situation.. My parent still thinks that it was Sai Baba who personally came to write those words. So much for Sai Baba. and his miracles

Nandini Das, USA .

Sagheer, India .
follower: Never , thank God!
Hope the truth is revealed and the Hindutva govt at the center has the guts to convict this pedophile.

G. D. Parrack, Jr., United States .

Tony O'Clery, Canada .
follower: 1985-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Secretary, Vancouver Centre
He has desire therefore is a fraud. He was addicted to betel and has a preference for andhra cereal. His other desires and action deserve criminal prosecution.

Alexis Hildebrandt, Germany .
follower: birth(1987-2002)
I lived in India for nine years and heard many personal accounts- there is no doubt about the truth of the allegations.

Tania Gordon, Australia .
follower: 1980-1 to 2000
if there is any justice in the world truth will win in the end

susan greeley, usa .
follower: never
As a therapist that has spent 15 years treating sexual abuse victims, I am so shocked that my mother is a devotee of this man. This is the first I've heard about these issues that have been around for decades. My mother, a woman in her early 60s, went to see Sai Baba about 7 years ago. She came back and set up shrines in her home , but she wouldn't discuss her trip in any detail. She's been involved with a group in Atlanta, Georgia. Her personality has really changed in the past 7 years. She appears more paranoid and depressed.

Felix Maria Woschek, Portugal .
follower: 1984 - 1998
I don't want to judge about Sai Baba but I want to see with a clear vision and unbrainwashed mind in order to understand clearly what happened. Therefor an independent legal investigation should take place to reveal the truth (Sathya) OM Shanti

Karen Harp, USA .
follower: 1993-1995
To think, I named my daughter after this man! I have since learned he has abused many of the pupils in his boys' schools. We were very deluded to follow such a guru.

Jorge Arce, Peru .
follower: 1978 - 2000 Position in S.S.Org: Ex Presidente del Comite Coordinador -
Se debe investigar. Conozco el doloroso caso del Hijo de un entrañable amigo que fue un distinguido y entregado lider y funcionariode la organizacion en USA

Dagmara Genda, Canada .

mohammad tofigh, Sweden .
follower: 15 years

Andres, Latin America .
follower: 1985-2000
This person has singlehandedly caused so much damage to the reputation of India in the world more than all the Indians put togather ever.

follower: 1983 TO 1991

Jonathan, Australia .
It's time for it to end

Lalit Narayan Prasad, India .
follower: Never
All religious scoundrels must be stopped. People in high places should stop patronizing such rascals and should instead pressure full investigation.

ana maria yazlle, argentina .
follower: 1989-1999
solo quiero saber la verdad

Jeanne Chaussee, Mexico .

Vijay Dandapani, USA .
follower: Never
It is time this charlatan is exposed - no pun intended

Idaglia Florez, USA .
I've a friend who attended his main ashram in 2000. Over the course of the year following, strange behavior began developing...I am concerned.

Abigail Rosenblum, USA .

David Juliano, USA .
abused by Sai Baba in 1974

Sarah Wilkins, United States .

Latha Maha, India .
I am alarmed with the naivete with which Indian devotees at large regard the various reports against Baba. Are we still a backward and superstitious race ?? God save us !

Martin Romers, Spain .
let the justice decide

Rosalia Malagelada de Neves, Venezuela .
follower: 1982 until 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Coordinadora Service Caribe Aereas
He is Satanas

Jesse Neal Carr, Portland, Oregon, United States .
The many testamonies I have read seem to detailed to be fake, if Sai Baba is innocent, then there is no harm done. If he has wronged others, he should be held accountable. These matters should be investigated fully.

williams, .
follower: 1978-2003 Position in S.S.Org: sai student
thanks for the bold disscussion group.hope many like me will try to come out

Erika Brioschi, UK .

Ms. Armande McKenna, Canada .
follower: 1986 - 2001
When I first learned that Sai Baba was not the God I thought him to be, I shook my fist at his picture on the wall and I shouted: you owe me I pray that God will guide the Indian govt. to stop the Sai organization in the same way the USA crushed the Mafia.

Gert Jacobsen, Denmark .
seeker of truth

Nilson Vasconcellos da Silveira Dias, Brazil .

alejandra, Argentina .
He should never pass his birthday (and the rest of his life in jail). Everything around him is a huge lie.

J. Pate, Utah - USA .

shivaprakash raju, USA .
follower: 1990-1995
The lack of critical thinking and the discouragement of Critical thinking in India and elsewhere must be addressed on an emergency basis. People like James Randi and Premanand must be provided overwhelming support.

Samuel Hofmann, Germany .
Never been a follower!

Babubhai D Desai, India .

Sid Armfield, united kingdom .
immediate enquiry should begin

Karen Tilley, United States .
Thank you for putting this petition out and consisely explaining. I just heard about the sexual abuse from a friend who had been a serious devotee for 15 years. I am concerned for all children and young people. On a less important note, she saw a videotape of his 'materializing' objects and it is trickery - like a magican. He had hidden jewelry on a ledge, or under his pillow- to be 'materialized out of thin air. !!!

Ferreyra Roberto Gabriel, argentina .
yo no he sido devoto de Sai Baba pero creo que es urgente una investigacion de esta secta y tantas otras que estan destruyendo a miles de seres humanos

martha fletcher, usa .
This stuff needs to be stopped! Its worse than the COG ...

wayne moore, .
this organization needs to be investigated in the usa and australia.

Ellyn Nikkia Gray, United States of America .
May truth and justice prevail. God bless all of the victims/devotees. These claims must be investigated. The world will suffer if it turns its back on those who are being abused. All nations must join together to bring this international terrorist (of young boys and men) to justice. These human rights violations must not be tolerated.

Karen M. Krueger, USA .
I lived in a Western Community in Kadugodi in the 1970's. At that time I was on a volunteer status with the Indian Gov't. for 5 years to work with the International Community living there.

Maria L Weiss, Somerset, Ma. USA .

Bala Ramaswamy, USA .
i hope that more people get informed about the true nature of this person

Elinor Svoboda, Canada .

Larry O. Beckedahl, USA .
Lets get these books out of Unity bookstores and his influence out of Unity Churches.


Leandro Marcos, Portugal .

simone bonacini, Italy .

Lourenço Cardoso da Cunha, Portugal .

Craig Adamson, UK .
These allegations need investigating for the good of mankind.

Rev Thomas W. Shepherd, USA .
Official investigation is the only way to determine if abuses of minors have taken place. We owe it to the children to discover the truth

Rev. Clif Watkins, USA .

amparo soriano, españa .
Tras leer todas las historias de las personas que fueron molestadas por este impostor, y tras la vivencia personal de un familar, que a dia de hoy sigue en la organizacion, me gustaria que se investigara a este personaje y acabase en la carcel junto con su organizacion al completo.

fekre, Egypt .

William M.Adams, U.S.A., .

Rev. Roby Warren, United States .
The truth must be revealed. This violator must be brought to justice. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing and all who follow and turn a blind eye to the truth are just as guilty.

Anthony Alphonse, Trinidad and Tobago .
visited Puttaparthi Sept to Dec 1975

Ciro Spedaliere, Italy .
If Sai Baba is right, an investigation could make disappear all doubts.Otherwise... I just want to know the truth.

Juan Pablo, Argentina .
follower: 1990-2000
Sai baba is a big buissness. He and most of members of SSO should be investigated.They are all rich people!

William Daniel Watson, New Zealand .
follower: 1989-1995

Arlene Mazak, Ph.D., USA .
follower: 1975-2000
I visited the ashram a number of times, and had nothing but inspiring experiences. My relationship with Sai Baba was entirely on the inner plane, with psychic experiences.. When I learned of the extensive allegations, I severed that relationship. The spiritual abuse is immense. The truth must be revealed through an official investigation. Pedophilia is very serious abuse, and I am a mandated reporter in my profession.

Eleanore Duyndam, USA .
follower: 21 years
I have been to see Sai Baba twice. I only had positive experiences with him. No one should excuse or tolerate sexual abuse of any form. Of course there should be an objective legal inquiry and I fully support an inquisition.

Brad Wheeler, Canada .

Richard C. Mehl, USA .
follower: never
Let the truth expose abusive religions.

Curt West, United States of America .

Xortay, USA .

Position in S.S.Org: Libraire
Trop de points troubles. Trop de pouvoir sur trop de personnes. Trop d'interets, d'argent et trop peu de controle. L'intégrisme passe aussi par des gens comme Sai Baba.

Sapna Babber, UK .
I feel strongly for an investigation for the sake of the children more so, The prime minister should investigate his God and listen to the people, it should be the people's decision not his personal one not to investigate bcos vajpayee believes this man is his god

Janice Moore, USA .

Fred van Gunst, The Neherlands .
follower: 1997-1999
I am psycholgist and convinced that Sai Baba is a fraud and also a danger. H uses mindcotrol and brainwshing technics and holds in that way power over large groups of people, espcially in India. Consider he idea that this man holds influence over the Indian Prime Minister. He is a Sa Baba devotee, while India is a nuclear power!!!

Annette J. Henderson, USA .

C V Venkateshan, India .
He is a big fraud

Alessandro Bardi, Italia .
Vergogna ! Sporcare la spiritualità e i suoi valori in un modo così sguaiato e grossolano... facciamo pulizia di gente simile ! Questo laido individuo blatera il nome di Cristo paragonandolo a sé e anzi diminuendolo nel paragone. Le sue dottrine non farebbero passare un esame di storia delle religioni neanche ad un fannullone o a un cretino. Se la filosofia indiana, che confonde con elementi estranei di tipo cristiano exoterico, fosse una scemenza simile non avrebbe manco tre discepoli !

Padma Surya, India .
follower: 1986-2003
I was drawn to SB because I had some very grave personal problems and hoped there would be a solution. SB never showed any signs of awareness nor even a sign that he cared in all the years that I had been a devotee (Was that omniscience?? or compassion???

liz, malaysia .
I have been a witness to numerous abuses suffered by his devotees, and have failed to change them, they all are so mesmerised and caught in a trap. i really pity them, now that this evil person has been exposed, they would have lost their belief and dignity

marcus martenson, sweden .
A guy I know was sexual abused by Sai Baba

Ganapathy G.K., India .

Angela Cook, USA .

Alfonso, Spain .
follower: 1998-2002

marcel van buynder, belgium .

Sanjay Sola, United States .
follower: 1 year

Mahendra S Mehta, Canada .

Suryakala.M, India .

Yolanda de Greeuw, Nederland .


Richard H. Allan, USA .
follower: Fall 1977 - Dec. 1999
See my comment at

jamie minett, uk .

Michele Scimia, Italy .

Heerendra, Nepal .
Believe in yourself. Do not be swept away by other's opinion. Please do not have such opinion that because many believes so I do too . About Sai Baba he thinks we are fools who can be influenced by his clumsy Bivuti tricks and get hefty donations from the rich and influence the third world poor and middle class at large who long to have his blessings to solve their individual miseries..What a clever arithematic.

Sarah Edmonds, US .

Lars Winther, .
follower: follower 1988 - 2001
Don`t follow leaders. Follow your heart !

Evgeni, Russia .

Carlos Castillo Berrones, mexico .
i investigated about this person on the internet because of a comment of a book written by a priest, that he said, i consider him as satan's son and i really think he is

virginia villalon, Spain .
follower: 1985-1997 Position in S.S.Org: secretary of coordinating comitee Spain

Suresh, Australia .

Mr. Valeriy Kochnev, USA, Seattle .

Rita Brans, Argentina .
I am no follower and never would be!!! Disgusted by what I read, something must be done urgently!!!!

gween jolivet, france .

Miguel Velazquez, Venezuela is a caos, please help us .
follower: 1988 until 2001 Position in S.S.Org: devoto
Me mando bajar los pantalones y me toco mis partes

Philip J Brenman, Arequipa, Peru .
I have spent five months in a relationship with a devotee of Sai Baba. Have been trying to convince her that this man is a false prophet. Perhaps once she hears about this, she'll wake up. Let the truth be known.

jasmin, Montenegro/Yugoslavia .
follower: 2003-2004 Position in S.S.Org: Kotor-group

Sankaran Murthy, Australia .
"SaiBaba is a fraud and a public menace; I don't know anything about criminal activities"

Mohini, India .
I was never one. none I never believed in baba. But my marriage into a family of innocent devotees who contribute large sums of money to his organisation is making me feel sad and confused. I was almost tempted to believe in him until I came across this site which helped me reason and see things in their right perspective. I think there are better known spiritual leaders and genuine ones who are not self proclaimed avatars of his level but whose teachings carry far more depth and light on spirituality. I support this cause because I want to know the truth for the sake of my loved ones and for the greater good for everyone under his influence.

La Fata Alfredo, Italia .

elizabeth mars, USA .
not not a true guru quickly dispels all doubts in his devotees mind so that the devotee may focus on the task of realization at hand

Nirav , USA .
I really hope this crude man gets what he deserves!

Eva Bosanska, Slovak Republic .
I was not a devotee but I liked SB teaching and believed it is the truth. I just planned to go to Puthaparthi when I found out the Findings.

Rok Koritnik, Slovenia .
follower: august 2002 to may 2003
I was not his devotee, I just liked his teachings, was 90% sure that he is an avatar, visited his ashram at Puttaparthi, and then figured out that not everything is OK with him.

Nuria Balius, Spain .
the great lies on the world

jeannot, Belgium .

Ann McBride, USA .
follower: 1999-2001

Terence Grant, U.S.A. .

Diyanat , India .
let the truth previal

Patrice Derwa, USA .
Just became aware of him

Leen Auperle, Holland .
follower: 1992-2003


Mikkel Hansen, dk .

Luca Bertuzzi, Italy .

salvatore iozzia, italy .
follower: 6/1999 -10/2002
Stop this demon!!

michael smith, USA .
I am a sexual abuse victim advocate who is concerned for all victims in the U.S.

Arturo, Argentina .
Debe imvestigarse para evitar mayores daños

Vittorio Sechi, Italy .

Veronica Isacsson, Sweden .
follower: 94-03
friends of me has been sexually abused by Baba

James W. Paxton, USA .
follower: 1993-2001
Sai Baba is the Michael Jackson of Gurus. How could we have been so gullible?

Cecilia, España .
Un hombre que se dice Dios, avatar, debe ser investigado. Pues con estas afirmaciones, tiene el control sobre muchas personas. Y le da poder para hacer lo que quiera, muchos pueden y han salido perjudicados al seguir ciegamente a estos dioses humanos, puesto que pierden la personalidad y las perspectivas de la realidad.

Tobias Knopp, sweden .

David Fiske, Canada .
The Truth must be told

kelly donaldson, USA .

Rajan Raju, USA .

Prakash Rajan, Sri Lanka .
follower: Parents Follower

follower: 1991/1997
I want a trial of Sai Baba. Por tantotiempo que estuve ciega,que se lleve al mentirodso vividor y criminal de Sai Baba, a los tribunales. sobre todo que lo sepa todo el mundo

mohammad javad ghaedsharaf, poti iran .

Carlo Giovanni Suzzi, Italy .
no more lies

Lisa Strohacker, United States .

Antonia Pérez Esquivel, Colombia .
follower: 1993-1997
Que Dios (el verdadero) bendiga a todos los que han sido psicológicamente dañados por este criminal .Cómo es que nadie es capáz de ponerlo tras las rejas???

Lee Yue Heng, Singapore .
follower: 1997-2001
If Sai Baba is really who he claims he is, he should have nothing to hide.

Sami Laitinen, Finland, Europe .
This organization should be throughly investigated and guilty parties brought into the justice....and innocent victims be helped to survive from this mental abuse.

Asanka Perera, Australia .
Noted human rights violators and shady politicians have been blessed by this man. This cult must be exposed !

Janusz Matkowski, Poland .
How blind people can be.

Ratikant , India .

Greg Gerson, U.S.A .
follower: 1993-?
The Sai Baba organization is a brain-washing cult and Sai Baba is a false guru. I regret that I ever got involved.

Giovanni Losantos, Bolivia .
Las obras ocultas de sai baba deben ser mostradas al conocimiento publico, que ayuda a tener una optica imparcial de estos engaños


John Hart Young, USA .
follower: from 1986 to 1998
Put him in jail !

Silvia Sanchez P., USA .

Siddharth Balacnadran, USA .

Raja, USA .
follower: 1991-1995


Mr P Smith, England, UK .

Lisset Melendez, USA .

Ellyn Gray, USA .

r.dean, USA .

Maurizio, Italy .
STOP HIM !!!!!

K.Srinivas, india .

Juan Manuel Sanchez, Spain .
follower: 5 years
This man is a criminal .

Jorge Reyesvera, Mexico .
follower: 1983-2000 Position in S.S.Org: 1984-1996 .
Esto es una petición para investigar. Si no hay culpa no hay nada que temer.

Mercedes Pretto, Argentina .
follower: 1980-1995 Position in S.S.Org: gracias a Dios, NUNCA!!!
No me caben dudas de que es el Anticristo! Que no se siga difundiendo su mensaje ya que bastante mal ya causó en las vidas de sus devotos.Es una mafia perfectamente armada.

keshava, mauritius .
A good knower of vedic literatures will never accept si baba as God or even divine....sai is just a yogi with some material mystic powers!!!

sangita gurung, hongkong .

Simone Gabriele Fiore, Italy .

Danilo Rabellino, ITALY .

bonita swordmaker, USA .
follower: 1987-2002 Position in S.S.Org: wedgewood group of seattle,wa.
if baba had nothing to hide....wouldn't he come forward and clear up any allegations? mothers around the world...don't send your boys to the school until this is all cleared up..don't take any chances..

David Thompson, United Kingdom .
This sort of blantant abuse to innocent children and young men needs to be stopped now.

Hallaj, Norway .
This guy is clearly a charlatan

Ruben Spaans, Norway .
I saw a TV documentary and was quite shocked, I hope SB's infiltration of the justice system in India and other corruptional issues will be brought to an end

Bjørn Ihle, Norway .

Turid Sandberg Ihle, Norway .

C Dhaliwal, England .
Come from a family of followers, but have never followed him myself. I have been always shocked at how badly written and inconsistent his philosophy is, for God - so embarassingly unlearned. I have been backstage at the Poornachandra Hall - sheer decadence. My family follow him with the most innocent of hearts and so it breaks mine that they are so maliciously duped.

Patricia Soler, Argentina .
follower: 1988-1999
Soy psicóloga (profesional) , viajé 4 veces a India . Como devota siempre me extrañó el entorno de Sai , Los líderes de Argentina siempre dejaron en mi opinión , mucho que desear , subidos al mismo narcisismo que su maestro hablan de austeridad y de recti

Giambattista Noviello, Italy .

Gillian Hearn, Greece .
follower: 1997-2003

Simon Jones, England .
The abuse of children must be prosecuted by the full force of the law wherever it takes place. For a spiritual leader to indulge in such a practice is particularly abhorrent. The moral responsibility for the investigation of the allegations against Sai Baba rests with the Indian government and their police, but international pressure may help in this matter.

Maxime Lapointe, Canada .

seyyed masaud, iran .

Jennifer Moore, USA .
follower: not a follower
This guy needs to be exposed!

Jean-Louis Erbetta, Canada .

Guna, Malaysia .
This man is no God but Dog after sense enjoyment

Livio, Italy .

Stephen R. Welch, USA .

Lello, Italy .
follower: 1990-2003
"Sai Baba-sconvolge le menti com il miglior ipnotista di massa-dopo tanti aani passati nel cercare di seguire i suoi insegnamenti-ho rilevato-famiglie rovinate in diversi settori-matrimoni rotti-perdita del posto di lavoro-rovina economica-incidenti stradali a ripetizione-intrusioni nei sogni da parte di Sai Baba ( buon ipnotista o telepatico)-e molte contraddizioni nelle sue parole-conosco a fondo i suoi insegnamenti e l'ho incontrato diverse volte-è pericoloso a parer mio,avvicinarsi a Sai Baba (Swami) abbagliati dall'India
Misteriosa, dalla gente che si accalca per vederlo-e sopraognicosa ...diventi oggetto di soprusi anche nel mondo reale....avrei tantissimo da dire-ma queste poche parole danno già una chiara idea"

Janesh Gossagne Nunkoo, Mauritius .
May Sai Baba stop harassing others!

Helene Angelica, France .

Ingersoll Junior, United States .
Sai Baba is an imposter. It's a pity that the President of India Dr Kalam is a devotee/puppet of Baba!

Ramdas Gouri, Italy .

Max B., italia .
follower: 2000-2002 Position in S.S.Org: membro attivo

Francisca van der Meer, Netherlands .

Aks, Utopia .
follower: 1985-2001

alberto ferri, Italy .
mi piace la verità e non credo alle polverine magiche-je veux la veritè je ne crois pas au puovre magique!!

Elena Tedeschini Lalli, italy .
ha ingannato mia figlia, allontanandola dal cristianesimo e dalla sua famiglia.

Florianna Sing Key, Australia .

Petelo Massamba, France .

Paul Richard, USA .
The Society Of has long been a force on the Internet to bring greater awareness to the public about the pedophile activities of Sai Baba of India. We consider him to be a subangel prophet, not an Avatar or God Realized Maste

Bhanu Chopra, India .
follower: 1981-1988 Position in S.S.Org: Student at Prashanthi Nilayam
God or does not take away innocence from young children. He does not fill their heart with fear and shame. My only advice to everyone is DO NOT BELEIVE in anybody who claims to be God or Son of God. Just believe yourself and trust yourself

donato santilli, italy .

matilde molini, italy .

maria elena santilli, italy .

Canti Charlyne, France .

Hamza Benzenine, France .

Giuseppe Addessi, Italy .
bisogna fermarlo a tutti i costi prima che faccia altri danni

Yves Jerkunica, France .

Philippe Jerkunica, France .

Fabrice Cadet, France .
C'est un guignol

Jacques Cadet, France .
J'ai toujours su que c'etait un fou!Mais a ce point ca fait peur et ca fait pleurer

Marie Amador, France .

Dora Aguilera, France .

Neila Bounoua, France .
C'est trop degoutant!Il faut absolument faire quelque chose et faire tout pour que cela ne se reproduise plus .Il faut surtout alerter tous les media pour mettre en garde les gens contre toutes les pieuvres totalitaires

Ruiz Julien, France .

Danielou Mathieu, France .

Danielou Jean, France .
Encore un qui va droit dans le mur

Dembi Duval, Congo .
Y 'en a marre des dictateur de tout poil .Avec celui la, c'est vraiment le cas de le dire.!

Andre Constantini, France .
Il faut tout faire pour proteger les enfants du monde entier

Vanessa Moussi, France .
On ne touche pas aux enfants

Ranjan, Australia .
I'm not a devote. Why don't u take an action against him. In Sydney also they have an Ogranisation all of them r professional. They lead the ppl(kids) in the wrong way.

Amitabh Mehta, India .

Sylvie Ngonga, France .

follower: no

Jai Simman s/o R. Rangasamy, Singapore .
Investigations should be carried out and the man brought to court to stand trial

Marcial González Camperi, Argentina-Spain .
follower: Never, luckily and thanks to the Buddha and Krishnamurti I'm a friend of many devotees who were damaged both psychological and economically by Sai Baba and his organization. Shame over the Indian government who doesn't have any trace of dignity, protecting until now their crimes.// Tengo muchos amigos dañados psicológica y económicamente por Sai Baba y su organización. Que la verguenza caiga sobre el indigno gobierno de la India, que protege hasta ahora los crímenes cometidos por aquellos.
I'm a friend of many devotees who were damaged both psychological and economically by Sai Baba and his organization. Shame over the Indian government who doesn't have any trace of dignity, protecting until now their crimes.// Tengo muchos amigos dañados psicológica y económicamente por Sai Baba y su organización. Que la verguenza caiga sobre el indigno gobierno de la India, que protege hasta ahora los crímenes cometidos por aquellos.

Yolande Aguilera, France .

Frederic Mery, France .

Laurent Bouity, England .

Nathalie Bouity, England .

Annabel Underwood, England .

James Underwood, England .

Luka Jerkunica, FRANCE .

Frederic Hermier, France .

Bernard Cadet, France .

Michelle Aguilera, France .

Bernard Duverchin, France .

Patrick Escolano, FRANCE .

Denos Laurent, France .
C'est monstrueux

Laanya Hicham, Maroc .

David Osherow, USA .

Marie-Antoinette CHERPION, France .

Demangel Bruno, France .

Karlene Murray, france .

mohamed nasser, egypt .
Don't play with god!

praveen, India .
westerners of developed countries get easily fooled by treacherous fools and fraud babas who claim for US dollars and the properties of western devotees. These babas grow in money and power bcos of the western devotees. Where would satya sai be today if no dollars were donated tohim and if there were no foreign followers? There is god in everybody. Love humanity. You dont have to come to cheats like babas in india to realise god.

debora lewis montserrat, france .
what happens in darkness always comes to light!

christophe boity, france .

licia, Italia .

Mark Aguilera, france .
three weeks at ashram in 1989 ex admirer may this holocauste of lambs not have been in vain eerily for me and quite ironicaly one of the questions i was pining to ask sai baba had i been granted the much coveted private interview

Shobhna Kapoor, Canada .
follower: briefly, around 1981 Position in S.S.Org: N/A

Donald Wilson, USA .
follower: 1980-1999
Concerned about false teachings and abuse of kids

Jackie Gartland, England .

Rama Krishna Alavalapati, USA .
follower: Thank God, never believed any BABA
There are thousands of Babas in India. This Baba was most successful in all aspects including cheating people and committing crimes. Like all cults, SSB caused agony to large number of families.

Sonia Ghinelli, Rimini ITALY .

Babu Surati, India .
Anybody who exploites others, minor or adult should be brought to justice. I am really ashamed for indian politicians and justice department who hides his hideous crimes and forces many young people to suicide. Thanks

Srimathi, India .
The atrocities must be answered by justice

Geraldine maloney, Ireland .

Abdallah, Australia .

Samira, Iran .

prem latha, india-bangalore .
follower: 8 yearsnow no more Position in S.S.Org: does not arise
i have no trust on him 'my logic is qestioning him.i think he should be punished oterwise nature will punish him as no body can go ageinst nature

Cheeramveettil Bhaskaran, India .
Shame to VVIPs of India who are followers of Sai.Baba.

Paternò, Italy .

Åsa Samsioe, Sweden .
follower: 5 years
Believe it or not, but I am happier now and my self-respect has grown....

Rosalia Malagelada de Neves, Venezuela .
follower: 1982 until 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Difusión y Coordinadora de Servicio a nivel Latinoamericano

Paul Throne, USA .
follower: 1988-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Center education coordinator
Have been to see SB 4 times, 1990, 1994, 1995-96 and 1999. Despite many positive experiences, I believe too many credible accounts of abuse now exist to pretend it isn't real, including a young male friend of mine who told me SB fondled him. More frightening to me than the megalomaniac SB is his organization and its leaders. When the leaders refuse to hear these concerns or allow discussion of these events, it has become a complete mind-control cult.

Charles Mansion, Holland .
It is a total shame for all the spiritual organisations around the world if we let this act of shame to continue.

Silvano Fuso, Italy .

Anne Irene Larsen, Norway .
follower: Follower from 1992 to 1998

Mary Garden, Australia .
follower: 1973 - 1978
on and off I wrote about my experiences with Sai Baba and the allegations of him being a hermaphrodite and a sexual predator on young boys in my book 'The Serpent Rising - a journey of spiritual seduction' published in 1988. These allegations were also aired on national television - Midday Show - when Ray Martin interviewed me re my book and also in an article called 'pilgrimage to terror' that featured in the Australian Woman's Day May 2, 1989. I also tried to bring these things into the open through an article I wrote for 'Nature And Health' Vol 11 No 2 1990 called 'Mind Control and Religious Cults'.

Warren Grant Potts, New Zealand .

Orlando PRB, .
No comments - Just do it

Jeanne Lindsay, USA .

paola e mario, UK .
follower: 1987 -2002
ben fatto! e` ora che si faccia luce sulle menzogne raccontate da sai baba.Complimenti al sito .

Mohan D Rao, USA .
The brain washing of millions of people has been done so brilliantly that even after seeing the proof the people are still following him.....

Andrei Staikov, USA .
Concern Russian Christian whose mother is invoved in Sai Baba movement in St.Petersburg,Russia

jamie morrison, england .

Alex, ITA .
follower: never
If this guy SSb is guilty someone should do something... so many persons on this website cannot all be liars

Gavin Yoder, usa .

Michael Goldberger, United States of America .
follower: 1992 to 1999
He seems miraculous. I saw him materialize vibhuti.

RvdSandt, Netherlands .
I was never a follower... I had never a title in the S S Org. I am webmaster from, please mail, if you have any news or articles about the expose... bye, and thanks in advance!

M. Rousseau, .

stefano grossi, italy .

john purnell, australia .
follower: 1987-1994
also sexually abused by that fraud he must be exposed

Nicola Merlitti, Italy .

Sonia de Rojas, Spain .
follower: 1990-2001

follower: INFORMAL - EARLY 80'S


Satish Kumar Narayanasamy, India .

Michele, Italy .

Giuseppe Acquarone, Italia .

Laura Stefan, United States .

Julio Salas, Argentina .

Ricardo Orquera, Argentina .

Santiago Alejo Martin Millan, Argentina .

maria del Pilar Millan, Argentina .

Juan Jose Martin, Argentina .

María Tardío Cabrera, Spain .
follower: 2001-2002 Position in S.S.Org: Local coordinator
Solo quiero saber la verdad

Isidro Cachadiña Gutiérrez, Spain .
follower: 1989-2002 Position in S.S.Org: President of local Center
Son acusaciones muy graves. Hay que investigar y descubrir la verdad.

swati patel, UK .
follower: 1996 - 2000 Position in S.S.Org: devotee

Alessandro Malaspina, Italy .

J. Hoekstra, Nederland .

Teresa Torsello, Italy .

Massimo Isolica, Italy .

T. Hamilton, USA .
The truth about this imposter has been out there for years (try Avatar of Night by Tal Brooke, published in 1982). This action is long overdue.

Johnny Asia, USA .
Stop spiritual charlatanry and abuse!

Joanne O'Hara, canada .

J Sreedhar, India .
It is vital to put an end to this fraud, charlatan, trickster

G. Lakshminarayana, India .

uma rajini, singapore .
do not cheat in the name of GOD!

Kim Browne, Australia .

Rangeeth. B.N, India .
follower: 3 years
He is just an incarnation of the devil. Well I wish everythings gets exposed before more like me suffer.

Agnes Ogbomon, Germany .

Jagvir Bains, United Kingdom .
follower: During 8 years
I want to know the truth.

Carmen Cristina Mendoza, Venezuela .

R.S.SUBAJI, New Zealand .
follower: 1985-1999
I do not blame SB. We are selfish. Thing, how many of you like other's happyness? How he became popular? He is doing miracle. Thats why we are attracted. He can still do miracle. I do not understand why he is doing fake thing. He is not god, he is evil. Evil still can do miracle.

Jenni Oliver, Australia .
I have known people who were members and who became seriously disturbed after their involvement

k.dayaharan, UK .
follower: 1975-1993

Dianne Waldron, USA .
All things of this nature should be investigated. If government won't do it the people must

Eva Castrillo, Venezuela .
No he sido seguidora nunca , pero lamentablemente mi esposo sigue siendo un seguidor de este estafador pederasta, y quiero que esto se haga público, que todo el mundo se entere de estos hechos. Por favor ayuden a las personas a saber quien es en verdad este hombre.

Rangeeth, INDIA .
follower: from 3 years till last month
I should not have believed all this crap about sai baba. If he is really a divine power I would not be undergoing mental torture like this. He is going to be the reason for the destruction of one life in this earth that's me. He is called a man of miracles but I know its not possible in my life as he is a fraud. His teachings tell about love but when it comes to use practically in life its of no good.

Darren Tay, sg .
should've been done years ago

balu, India .

Jose Santiago, Venezuela .
follower: 3 years
I want a trial on Sai

Parameswaran Sankaran, India .

Ed Burgos, USA .
My girlfriend is a Sai Baba devotee and I have attended Sai Centers in California

Elisa, Italy .

Juan de Dios Suarez, Venezuela .
follower: 6 años Position in S.S.Org: Ex Devoto
Conozco de dos Venezolanos que fueron abusados Sexualmente por el Falso Maestro

Klaas Knol, Netherlands .
follower: 1985-1999 Position in S.S.Org: translator/corrector
very disappointed in the 'truth' SB preached

Susana Contreras, Sweden .
follower: 15 years Position in S.S.Org: Former Balvikas Teacher
I Come from Venezuela to Sweden, and Sathya Sai Baba is Descredit in this Country. I sent letters to the officials in Venezuela. And I never received an answer. I'm very sorry, but Sathya Sai Baba is a False Guru

Jenny Knol, Netherlands .
Position in S.S.Org: typist/corrector
very much disappointed in SB's 'truth'

Hans Ruijs, switzerland .
follower: 93-till 99

Dr. Frank Gaetano Morales, USA .
Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is a profound and ancient religious tradition that has been done a great disservice by such false leaders as Sai Baba.

Suarez Martin, Argentina .

willie, United States .
Position in S.S.Org: real estate sales person
leaders should be sinnless

Saravanan Kandasamy, singapore .

sanjeev, India .

Jaap Hutte, The Netherlands .
follower: 1978 - 1999 Position in S.S.Org: translator, musician
had unknowingly associated with criminals


Roberto Simeoni, Italy .
follower: 1974-2001


Madhur, India .
Let the Truth Prevail

Ramaiyer Sainath, USA .
Just want to get at the truth

preeti vijay, u.s.a. .
follower: 1990-2001

Maqui Rivero, Argentina .

Elsa Malka, Canada .
follower: 1998-2000

Patricio L. Michini, Argentina .

Mariana Lomelí Quintanilla, México .
follower: 1989-2000

Jethro Cadbury, UK .
Many modernday gurus and their organisations(which they usually hide behind) need serious investigation.

Sharon Comstock, USA .
follower: (not a follower)
I am a former member of the cult Eckankar and have become acquainted with the atrocities committed by this self-proclaimed godman and his toadies. It's time to put a stop to things like this, especially where innocent children are being harmed because scum like Sathya Sai Baba are allowed to con people in the name of religion.

Carmen Ramirez, ESPAÑA .

Pete Watts, GB .

Diana Ortega Villaseñor, Mexico .
follower: 1983-2000

Angelica Bos, Netherlands .
follower: 1993 till 1995
I stopped going to groups in ´95 but I still believed and prayed to him. He is in a powerfull position over there and someone needs to stop him asap. Please do something!

Alejandro César Agostinelli, Argentina .
I've been investigating the SB controversy for over a year. My articles have been published in and in Gatopardo Magazine (Colombia). I collaborated with two TV programs on this subject, broadcasted by Zona de Investigación (Azul TV, Argentina). The initiative of this Petition is fundamental to climb over the wall of cover ups that protect SB in India.

Gary Logan, USA .

Don Eales, UK .

Eric Blackstead, USA .

Daniel Rowe, USA .
If Sai Baba is innocent, he has nothing to fear from such an investigation. In fact, he should welcome it.

William E. Williams, USA .
former follower of another cult originating in India

Nori Muster, U.S. .
Pray for Peace

Norberto Maraschi, Argentina .

Anil Kumar B, INDIA .
follower: NEVER ( Had friends who were involved)
This is a great cause. I have always been skeptical about SSB right from my young age, but was never aware of his pedophilic activities which shocked me. Very glad that this is happening and hopefully this will have results.

Norbert Laderoute, Canada .
The sooner there is serious official action the better.

Natalia Lomeli Quintanilla, México .
follower: 1991-2000

Sanjay Dadlani, United Kingdom .
follower: 1990-2001 Position in S.S.Org: Member of Youth Group, Mill Hill Sai Centre, North London
This mentally-deranged paedophile must be investigated and jailed for his crimes.

Helen Trbuhovich, Australia .
follower: 1998-2004
The Truth Shall Set Ye Free!!!!

Albion Tross, Canada .

Anindita Ghose, India .
I'm a journalism student and i hope i can make this issue public

Sirbu Adrian, Romania .

Aneken Ka, Germany .
follower: Never
Sorry for all those believing in him, but who could possibly claim he is the reincarnation of god? Bi-polars can.

Antonello, Italia Foggia .

daniela, Italy .
I agree to put my signature for this petition,because I had lot of problems because of the Sai Baba school. I went out of my mind and it took a few years to become back as a normal person. I'm sorry for my bad english,by the way I hope you can understand.

michelle long, usa .
i think this MAN is a petifille

Lourdes Medina, USA .
follower: 1990-1999

Varavara Rao, India .
he is above officials and authorities. who will dare to enquire into his only may help people to know more about him and may help people to act upon.

Philip Owen, Australia .

Innaiah.n, india .
on 7 march 2004 we held a press meet at Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh and screened the CD of Danish group on SatyaSai Baba. The media published the news and telecasted it. The rationalist magician Mr Vikram demonstrated how Satya sai fakes the crea

B.H. Kumar, India .
"There should be official investigation into the allegations againse Satya Saibaba and if he is proved to be guilty, adequate punishment is to be given. Since many governments and the ruling class elements are very close to him and even they are following the orders of him with great interest, it may seem ridiculous to expect the ""Official Investigation from the very same agents of him. There should be a mass awareness programmes against his crimes so that the people themselves will pay the price for his crimes."

lateef mohd khan, India .
Position in S.S.Org: Civil Liberties Monitoring committee .India.
Free and fare inquiry is needed to expose the crime of Mr Sai found guilty must be punished under the law of the land

Gopivinod kumar Machavolu, India .

Marian Trascu, Romania .

Bujor Diana, Romania .

Marian Teodor, Romania .

Peter Weber, Germany .
follower: 1996 - 1999
The oak of Donar is falling again

Pavel Cristinel, TURKEY .


Butiseaca Mirabela, Romania .

N.Innaiah, india .
Sai Baba should not be treated above law. When crime occured in Puttaparti Ashram under the control of Sai Baba and sexual allegations are received, and UNESCO withdrew its support for educational conference due to sexual abuse of Sai Baba, there shouls be open enquiry

zmuschi bogdan, romania .

Cristina Matache, India .

Cristian Radu, Romania .


grigore george, romania .

Radu Vasiliu, ROMANIA .

rajni ashar, india .
this is the biggest scam and shame our government should expose and it is going to require a lot of will power and guts to do it,. it is a shame to see how totally the educated people are brainwashed!this shows that education and rationalism have nothing in common!one can be uneducated or illiterate and still be very rational and stay clear of these psuedo spirituality vendors!

Vasile Veres, France .

Adrian Sonea, Romania .
Truth should be found out about everybody, but particullary about those who are in a position to influence the masses!

Valentin Gherman, Romania .

anca burtoiu, Romania .

Ioana Dea Bichis, Romania .

drugan eugenia, Romania .

C. Strambu, Romania .

popsor marcela, Romania .

Iosof Doinita Mihaela, Romania .

katona Levente, Romania .

cristina radic, Romania .

Neagu Simona, Romania .


Pascu Ciprian, Romania .

Cristina Muresan, Romania .

prodan dan, Romania .

Paun Aparna, Romania .

Andrei Dascalu, Romania .

Octavian Dragulin, Romania .

Albert Hainalka, Romania .

Broutechoux Mihaela, France .

Deac Daniela, Romania .

Carmen Dumitrescu, Romania .

John Boyle, Australia .
the great CREATOR is uncovering every foul deed done by people who claim spiritual leadership, wolves in sheep's clothing.

Balasescu Mihaela, Romania .

Terry Penney, UK .
follower: 1998-2000
SSBaba is degrading India, It's wonderful people, and worst of all ,The Sanathana Dharma!


Zaharia Ecaterina, Romania .

harangus leontina, romania .

Rachel Gray, Australia .

florin paraschiv, romania .

Phillip County, Australia .

marcela popsor, romania .

Iosif Vernes, ROMANIA .

Clive Beaven, United Kingdom .

Chiroiu Gabriela, Romania .

Alin STEFANIU, Romania .

Valeria Berchicci, France .

Nicoara George, romania .

Dascalu Doina, Romania .

Stefan Mircea Ciocanel, Romania .

Sebastian Vlasceanu, Romania .


Vaiberg Daniela, Romania .

voiculeasa alex, romania .

Sean Daly, Australia .
He is a Fake Guru who is after money

Gerry Lim, Singapore .
I have known of many friends & relatives who have fallen victim to this horrible fellow and they are living really miserable lives of ill-health, diseases, bad temper and having all sorts of physical and mental problems. He did not cure anyone of anything!

Gustavo Adolfo, españa .

eugenio gregorio, españa .

Guillermo Santos Valle, Mexico .
follower: 1982-2000

Gabriela Quintanilla Treviño, Mexico, .
follower: 1991-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Activo

Rosa María, Málaga/Spain .

Saraswati Jada Bharat, USA .

Aravind Ramasamy, USA .
follower: 1989 to 1999

Suganya.Sangarapillai, New Zealand .
follower: 1985-1994
Most of the things comes in my dream, all are become true, according to that his divine power has gone he is just an ordinary man. I haven't seen any of these allegations by my eyes, at the same time what people telling he is doing misterious things, I haven't seen those also. I was staying for 2 months in Puttaparthi in 1994-1995. I could see that he is just an ordinary person. Law is same for all whether he is God or not if he commited any crime he should be investigated and get punished. When he can't live in sincere life why he is teaching to others, how to live.


A.H. Rozendaal, Netherlands .

Sekharji, USA .
follower: Met in 1946, 1949, then 1999, 2000 Position in S.S.Org: Devotional Speaker - deprogramming

Federico, Argentina .

Jorge Fuertes, Spain .

David Tafora Desconocido, Spain .

Sebastian Bassi, Argentina .

Gustavo Horman, Argentina .

Max Seifert, Argentina .
Member of

Hans Draaisma, Netherlands .

John Coelho, USA .

Xavier Martin-Dupont, France .

Joseph Kellett, USA .
These are serious allegations worthy of investigation -- the same standards should apply as those which the Catholic Church is currently being held to in their scandal.

Germán Buela, Argentina .
Member of

Oscar Arturo Lope de Vega Betancourth, México .
follower: 1998-2002

Raúl Medina, México .
follower: 1982 - 2000 Position in S.S.Org: follower

Adeel Amin, Canada .
follower: 1990 to 2000 Position in S.S.Org: Bal Vikas student (Oh boy!)
Why keep allowing this misfit's organization to teach his obsolete ideas? We have to get him and his dirty organization out of Canada and the rest of the world. I DESPISE PAEDOPHILES AND SEXUAL PREDATORS PRETENDING TO BE GOD! DOWN WITH EVIL!! UP WITH TRUTH!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!

kawata kazushito, japan .
follower: 4years

David Evers, Netherlands .

Alfonso Peniche Ballesteros, Mexico .
follower: l989 --- 2001

Patricia McGovern, United States .
As a legally mandated reporter, I am shocked that more has not been done to investigate this man and stop his pedophilia.

sebastian, Poland .

Raju Ganeshan, USA .

Dale Beyerstein, Canada .
editor of _Sai Baba's Miracles_

follower: 1990-2000
he has to be stopped so he doesn't hurt more people.

follower: 1985-2000

Betty Gump, USA .
follower: 1989-2000

Roshan Ram Rammohan, USA, India .
follower: Never
He may have done irreparable damage to unwilling and unwitting young kids. A detailed investigation and interrogation by a set of rationalists and experts unswayed by blind faith is definitely required. Prosecution of this demon may help in preventing such false god men in the future. For Mankind and for Truth and for the abolishment of such perverse forms of religion I hereby sign this petition.

Marcia Liapes, USA .
follower: 1988 until 2000

Miguel Pineda Huerta, México .
follower: seis meses (2000) Position in S.S.Org: ninguno
Dios está más aya de cualquier hombre y de cualquier personalidad, solo hay que buscarlo.

Francisco Neves, Venezuela .
follower: 1990 until 2001

Rosalia Malagelada de Neves, Venezuela .
follower: 1988 until 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Venezuela Comite
I knew the two cases very close of abuse

Santosh Oommen, India .
He is a charlatan.

Hans de Kraker, Australia (see here).
follower: 1989 - 1997 Position in S.S.Org: Western Canteen Director Nov, Dec - 1996

Eddie from Toronto, Canada .
follower: 1993-1999 Position in S.S.Org: part of the herd follower
I wish the Kalki avatar would show up and get rid of this fake guru

Taniya Weerasuriya Purcell, USA .
follower: 1994-1998 Position in S.S.Org: Bal Vikas Teacher

Ma. Elena González Herrera, México .
follower: 1974-2001 Position in S.S.Org: esposa de un devoto sai-wife of baba´s devote
"Mi esposo perdió demasiado tiempo siguiendo un espejismo,y malgastando mucha energía que pudo haber dedicado a sus hijos. Para mi es increíble que todavía haya personas que aún viendo todas las atrocidades que hace ese ser malvado llamado sai baba , permanezcan en la organización sb . Me da pena por ellos porque finalmente son víctimas del engaño más grande de la historia ;llamado sai baba"

Manuel Antonio Piñero Martinez, Venezuela .
follower: from 1997 to 1999
I agree to the public petition for official investigations of Sathya Sai baba

Abel Ferreira, united states .

Nirmal, Canada .
follower: 1976-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Author and archivist

Andreya Joyce Schneider, USA .
As a psychologist in schools and a legally required reporterof sexual abuse, I implore you to investigate this case.

Anthony Thomas, UK .
20 years of attempts to get this predator exposed

Mhairi Fox, Britain .
follower: 3 years

Margarita Rocha, México .

Lourdes Guízar, México .

Norman Fajardo Martínez, Colombia .
follower: From January 1994 to November 2000 Position in S.S.Org: Group. Coord. of Devotion

Russell Morano, U.S.A. .

Kyra Kitts, USA .

Xavier Puig, Spain .

Marcela Castro, Argentina .
Estoy en contra del abuso sexual, emocional, psicológico y espiritual.

Dave Brandt, USA .
follower: 1971-2001 Position in S.S.Org: Contact officer for SD, Wy, ND, NE. of USA

Maria LoGrasso, USA .


Catharina Elisabeth Kuyken, The Netherlands .
follower: 1992-2000 Position in S.S.Org: secretary of the Purmerend-Group

David J. LaFratta, USA .
follower: 25 years of deep devotion
The lesson - question everthing!

Arthur Klein, USA .
It is good for the world to see how fanatic and dangerous cult members can be when they think that their leader is truly God the Father on Earth. Not all visitors to this website know that Sathya Sai Baba has declared himself to be God incarnate. A hideous blasphemy to all religions and a mockery to all of mankind. That is precisely the reason why officers of the organization have kept secret all the accusations of pedophilia. Even though the spamming has caused us undue problems it has helped to further expose our view.

Abu, Canada .
As an ex-follower, I regret having been duped into following an organization led by a batty man (gay, pooffy, homo) who looks bad and does bad! Shame to all those who support this mistake of Creation.

conny larsson, Sweden .
follower: 1978-99 Position in S.S.Org: Natrional Spiritual Coordinator from 1993-96, member since 1992
I was a victim of Sai Babas sexual molestation since 1979-1983

María G. García., México .
follower: April 1997 to Agoust 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Centro Sai de la Colonia Roma México D.F.
I want to know just the true.

Rocio Santos, Mexico .
follower: 1990-2000

Jim Veenker, USA .
follower: 1997-2000 Position in S.S.Org: local Seva coordinator & vice president
I visited the ashram in 1999, and later saw a letter from a victim. I had observed some of the facts of the letter and believed his account of molestation.

Riva Freifeld, USA .

Robert MICHAELSON, Australia .
follower: 1979 - and still going! Position in S.S.Org: no office bearer or membership(withdrew my membership shortly after I signed up as a member around the early 1980's.
I am still investigating Sathya Sai Baba,and WANT THE 'TRUTH'

Wilhelm Kaiser, Germany .
follower: 1987-2001

Antony v mathai, USA .
follower: 1997-2001
visited Prasanthinilayam in november 1999.

Susan Angel, Canada .
follower: 1975 - 2001 Position in S.S.Org: former bal vikas teacher

Lilian Pike, USA .
follower: 1980 - 1998

Lisa Tice, USA .
follower: 1985-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Ex-President Gig Harbor Center/7 years

Newton Barry K., Australia .
follower: 1994 - 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Ex Chairperson Pennant Hills, ex Deputy Chairperson NSW Zone B

Sergio Arturo Loyola Michel, México .
follower: march 1976 to december 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Composer and singer . Compositor y cantante
No se vale que sb este usurpando el lugar del verdadero Dios por quién se vive.

Jacqueline Champana, USA .
I have no sympathy for Pedaphiles

Ella Evers, USA .
follower: 1986-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Have been in various Officers' functions and hosted the Eugene Sai Center for fifteen years
I wrote a letter to Dr. Goldstein after hearing about the pedophilia acts by Sai Baba. The Goldstein letter was returned to me unopened.

Jon Sutton, USA .
follower: 1986 -2000 Position in S.S.Org: Hosting the Eugene Sai Center for fifteen years

Sonia Mendoza de Rojas, Spain .
follower: 1990-2000

Johannes Aagaard, Denmark .
President of the Dialog Center International (DCI)

miriam reinhart, USA .
follower: 1987-2000 Position in S.S.Org: President Eugene,OR chapter 1993-1995
thank you for doing this

Edwin R. (surname withheld), The Netherlands .
follower: 1996-1999
It is time for truth.

Michael Ward, Canada/Australia .
Investigative party with friends involved since 1985

Bonita Schmelzer, USA .

Howard Wish, USA .

Bettina Woolard, USA .
follower: 1991 - 2000 Position in S.S.Org: SSE teacher and Service Coordinator

Seth Woolard, USA .
follower: 1991-2000

Steve Woolard, USA .
Position in S.S.Org: President of Walnut Creek, CA center for 5 years.

Rhonda Eicher, USA .
Fight Evil with Good

Corrie Wiersma, Holland .
follower: 1991-2002

Tal Brooke, USA .
follower: 1969-1971 Position in S.S.Org: Author of AVATAR OF NIGHT
Avatar of Night and the Hardback Lord of The Air were released in India by Vikas Publishing exposing Sai Baba's dark side. Avatar of Night is now available on This 400 page book details my intense experience as a close disciple of Sai Baba who

James Albert Danis, Canada .
follower: 13 yrs
My very good friend Glen Meloy asked me to be listed on the list. He mentioned he would do it for me with my permission which was ok.

Marcia Miller, USA .
follower: 1984-2000

Egon Audhoe, Suriname .
I am against religious delusions