The tract north of Oslo stretching 50 kms northwards and about 40 kms wide is called 'Nordmarka', which is mostly forested, is loved by many who can use the area for walking, cycling, skiing, skating and fishing but not least collecting a variety of fungi and wild berries. At least since WW2 it has been a protected area and it is not possible to obtain building permits. Some private cabins, and small farms remain from pre-war times and there are also newer log cabins for public use and some cafes with overnighting possibilities. There are lots of lakes in Nordmarka, several of which supply drinking water to Oslo. Property developers and the nouveau riche have constantly tryied to overturn the regulations so as to infringe on this pearl, but they have been very largely contained except on some fringes. Unfortunately, the battle continues and the conservationist public has to be vigilant all the time.


Forest in Nordmarka, near to the Movann lake
Nordmarka forest near Movann

Movann in Nordmarka
Movann - Nordmarka" />

A fallen spruce in Nordmarka

Nordmarka, fallen spruce

Tea-break deep in the woods

In the forest picking bilberries

Numerous kinds of mosses and lichens abound in the forest
Moss in th Nordmarka forest

Black wood ants are in the mound
Wood anthill in Marka

'I once put my hand in a woodpecker's hole'
Woodpecker's hole

Mr. Toad would a roamin' go
toad in Nordmarka, Oslo region

There are lots of vipers to be found in these woods

Viper in the woods near Oslo