Robert Priddy widely attacked for defending Sathya Sai Baba cult victims

Though I would have preferred a quite retirement without much of a profile, I originally had to stand forth with my full identity so as to reassure those who are victims of the Sathya Sai Baba deceptions and serious abuses and crimes readers - and any other persons who wish to get to the truth of the matter. Originally I was known as a pro-Sai writer and, after my total disillusionment with Sai Baba, I felt strongly that I must set the record straight and make up for the articles and a popular book which were misleading in many ways due to myself having been a victim of the huge organised deceit, clandestine cover-ups and organisation of mere appearances which marked the entire Sai Baba remit.  

One wordpress blog alone bearing my name has now had close on 10,000 visits and this entire blog site has had well over 1 1/2 million visits since it was begun in 2007. On Sai Baba's day of death the number of visits were very considerable.  This was only after 7 years of my exposé work since 2000 on several websites, altogether visited roughly by at least as many again. In order to compete with the massive positive propaganda and misinformation from countless Sai Baba sources, both 'official' and otherwise, I have had to make as much of an impact in the web and Google as possible, otherwise the unpleasant truths about Sai Baba would have been drowned in the flood. Fortunately, my work along with that of other very active dissidents, has achieved world-wide dissemination and has influenced many serious media outlets, increaslingly also within India (where foreign opinions are largely not welcomed unless very positive.Incidentally, I am posting this partly so as to help counteract certain attack pages on my name, which appear when it is Googled. Any backlinks from Facebook, Twitter etc. to this blog would be most helpful).

Since I stood forth with assurances of total confidentiality to all who wished it, I have been contacted by many hundreds of former Sai believers who wised to tell me their experiences, including many who needed more information, help in extricating themselves from the web of lies through which they - and often their wives, families and friends - had got entangled. Advice on how to deal with many issues arising after leaving the fold of the Sai cult, not least total exclusion even by their own closest relation, friends and other social involvements. Divorces, denial of justice, harassment, serious threats and vilification were experienced by many such ex-followers, from dedicated service workers and top professionals of known good character even to the rectors of internationally famous universities. Not least were there issues about dealing with sexual abuse suffered by them or reported by friends or their family members These abuses led to break-up of families loss of property and personal fortunes due to indoctrination of deluded family members who donated away their holdings to Sai Baba, also in testaments (such as did the famous film actor James Mason among numerous other celebrities and very rich persons).

Since I began to expose on the internet the crimes of Sathya Sai Baba which had come to light through the testimonies of many young men and boys who were sexually abused, and subsequently through the input of thousands who contacted me to support my efforts, I was attacked on a massive scale by the followers who were willing to ignore totally all of Sai Baba's directives about how to behave towards others. These soon began to attack me with abuse, lies and distoritions of my words and web pages, also via the Robert Priddy Wikipedia page in English (started in the mid 1990s. Among the very worst defamers were Gerald 'Joe' Moreno (SSB 108) and Lisa de Witt (conscientious objector), among numerous others. These attacks continued unabated by many anonymous 'editors' until some of the conspirators against me simply deleted it and through some nefarious trickery even managed to get me blocked from my talk page. I cannot reverse the situation as one cannot reinstate one's own page once deleted. (Others who know the rules of Wikipedia could, however).

One prime weakness of Wikipedia is the distortions that members of spiritual or other cults, very stong interest groups who can organise as editors and overwhelm critics, dissidents and whistle-blowers with the number and frequence of their entries, corrections and the consistent misuse of Wiki-technical possibilities to exclude or block either materials or critical editors others from editing.

A sectarian, cultist or fundamentalist religious believer can become an administrator by diligence and then edit and sideline published materials that go against the claims of those they believe in, supporting from a wide choice of anonymous editors who are privately organised to that end. Such zealots can and do use all means to undermine pages about those who oppose their vies, even eventually deleting pages of other-mindedbecause they have enougn weight of numbers to declare as not notable. This major bias can be found throughout sections of Wikipedia.

Incidentally, the Robert C. Priddy Wikipedia page was removed by two fanatical religionists, one of whom Halvor Raknes Johansen, is now permanently banned from Wikipedia. (see here below)
However, this does not help me since he managed to get Wikipedia to block my talk page so I could not rebut his claims (which were false) and because no one can edit their own Wikipedia page, and no associate or relative of the person can edit the page either. It has to be a disinterested independent person. The Wikipedia administration does not right such wrongs without a costly lawsuit, so it remains blocked, and - adding insult to injury - Wikipedia advertises the fact when one tries to enter the Robert C. Priddy page!