Roffey Park Queen Mary visit
The North Gateway to Roffey Park - where the remainder of once very ornate gatesis seen (the gates were stolen and
must have been worth a great deal)
North Lodge Roffey Park 1965
The North Lodge which had been renovated and fitted out in 1944 when the Secretary of Roffey Park Rehabilitation Centre needed space for his family.

Roffey visited by old Queen Mary 1946
Old Queen Mary visit to Roffey Park in 1946


Rookfield pond rhodedendrons in flower
Former resident of North Lodge as a child revisits the rhodedendron lake, Rookfield Pond.

The North Lodge 1969, now derelict and soon to be demolished in preparations for the motorway.

The old paddock on Roffey driveway
In the 40s until the 1970s there was a paddock for horses and ponies adjavent to the driveway.

Beedingwood, Forest Road 1987
Formerly annexed to Roffey Park Rehabilitation Centre during the war and later; Beedingwood in Forest Road - 1987

Roffey Park: Beech tree beside Rookfield Pond 2004
Ancient beech beside Rookfield Pond 2004

Ancient Beech 2004
Closer look at the ancient beech of memory

Rookfield pond giant oak before 1987 hurricane
Great beech tree close to Rookfield pond in 1969, destroyed in Sussex Gale 1987

Roffey Park drive 1965
Roffey Park in 1965

Roffey Park drive 2004
Roffey Park drive 2004

Gate to Roffey park near Rookfiled Pond closed (2002)
Access to drive denied after Roffey Park was taken over by new owners

Sweet chestnut grove Roffey Park 2004
Sweet chestnut grove seen from driveway (2004)

Rookfield pond in summer 2004
Summer 2004 - Rookfield Pond in Roffey Park