Bibliography of Robert C. Priddy

Main Recent Publications
Science Limited © (a 13-chapter critique of science, 1997) 1999 on Internet.
Beyond Science © (a 7-chapter study of human understanding, 1990) 1999 on Internet
The Human Whole - An Outline Of Higher Psychology © A study of human psychology from a combined Western and Vedantic viewpoint. Inclusive metapsychological outline. 2nd ed. 1998. (previous limited first edition, Oslo
Source Of The Dream - My Way To Sathya Sai Baba This book focuses on that influence as it has been exerted upon the author both subtly and directly for a long time, drawing him eventually to India and into direct contact with Sai Baba, transforming his experience and his life. (Publ. by Sun-Sky Publications, Bangalore 1994 & Samuel Weiser Inc. York Beach, 1998) (300 pages.) Republished in 2000 by Sai Towers Publications, Puttaparthi, AP. India and reprinted. A sequel to this book is being published in India in 2004 entitled 'The End of the Dream', due to the fact that the author came to learn indubitably of the involvement of Sai Baba in crimes and deceits on a very large scale, which have been assiduously covered up by almost everybody around him, including many political figures (including India's governments and Prime Ministers).

Main Academic and Scientific Publications
Objectivity And The Study Of Human Society Thesis dealing with the the epistemological problems of the main social sciences. Oslo University 1968 (133 pages)
Behaviour, Intention & Meaning Study of research principles on meaningful human behaviour. Institute Of Social Research, Oslo 1969 (62 pages )
Forskningsorienteringer I Norsk Samfunnsvitenskap (Research Orientations In Norwegian Social Science) Conclusions of a research project in the sociology of knowledge into Norwegian social research during the 1960s. Institute Of Sociology. University Of Oslo, 1972 (20 pages )
Communication & Understanding Textbook in semantical and logical analysis and the philosophy of science. Oslo University 1982 New Eds. 1983, 1985. (216 pages)
Empirisme og byråkrati
Hovedtendenser i norsk samfunnsforskning i 60-årene. Yearbook of Sociology p.11 - 34. (Sosiologisk Årbok 2000.1) ISSN 0808-288X.

Plus lesser academic or critical studies:-
Filosofisk Hjelpebok
, Universitetsforlaget (Oslo University Press), 1975, ISBN 82-00-01479-7
Kontrast Articles, 1965-1970.
Foreword to Det Spaltede Selv by R.D. Laing, 1968, Gyldendahl Forlag, Oslo
No Bouquets to the Baba, Law Animated World, 15 December, 2005, Hyderabad
The Fundamentalist Guru Trap Exploitation, Ragtime, Vol 10. No 7. Oslo.

I was active in social science, philosophical, psychological/psychiatric and social-political debate in Norway - in journals and newspapers - since the mid-1960s. During the two decades when I worked at the University of Oslo, I held well over 2,000 two-hour lectures at various Institutes, mostly in philosophy - including for several years lectures on my textbook 'Communication and Understanding', on which I also set and censored examination each semester. I held gave some hundred plus lectures in sociology, both at the Institute of Sociology and the Institute of Psychology. I was guest lecturer for Ph.D. candidates in sociology at Umeå University in Sweden for one week in 1969.
In the 1980s and '90s I published diverse writings on spirituality in articles, journals and books in the UK , Norway, India etc. See bibliography

Contribution to the debate on social theory and methods,see here
My work as a NAVF researcher in sociology at the Institute of Social Science, Oslo, between 1968 and 1972, and my entry in Sosiologisk årbok 2001 - see a recent reference here
Three articles in the journal 'Kontrast' on R.D. Laing and the 1960s revolution in psychiatry see here and here
Foreword to R.D. Laing's 'The Divided Self' in Norwegian see here
Writings on psychology include 'The Human Whole' (1991), showcased in 'Transfigural Mathematics' see here
Some socio-political articles in Norway's national newspaper 'Dagbladet' see here and here and here
Chapter in 'Filosofisk Hjelpebok' pub. by Oslo University Press see here

See also scans of the contents pages of Sanathana Sarathi journal in which Priddy has articles
Also a page from the official Sai Organisation brochure on Norway, where Priddy was national leader for many years
Article in the Indian journal 'Law Animated World', see here
Article in Norway's English Cultural Magazine 'Ragtime', see here
The first edition of - 'The Source of Dream' and the edition in Portuguese from 2000 - plus an article in 'Avatar of Love': see here

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