'Scrim' or window tape fom WW2


In old films about WW2, see image from 'The Dam Busters' below, one can see photos of taped windows. I recall them well (I was 9 yrs. when the war ended) and that the sticky tape which criss-crossed glass window panes to reduce splintering in case of nearby explosions was commonly referred to as 'scrim’. It was probably identical to the sticky tape called ’passepartout' (French for 'fits all over'). The word 'scrim’ has other meanings, but this wartime use is not recorded anywhere, but it exists and does refer to a rectangular weave of material (see the website 'Protecting windows from air-raid bomb blast in World War Two' and als 'Scrim' in Wikipedia).

'Scrim' tape used on windows in WW2

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