Distant War - recollections of Robert's boyhood during World War II in Southern England

The Dialectics of Liberation - Conference at The Roundhouse in June 1967

Window tape or 'scrim' used in WW2 to stop splinter danger

Looking back to my origins (Robert)

Sidney and Lillian Earthy of Gidea Park

2nd World War - news report on Atom bomb & Japan's capitulation

2nd World War - UK newspaper celebrations, plus photos of some central figures

2nd World War - The Observer May 5th 1945 and May 13th 1945

On the Atomic bombing of Japan

Jokes during WW2 about the Second Front

Marvels of the Modern World pre-1939 edition

Cricket and Edmund Blunden

The sphere of lost books

The Raj and the Reich compared

Ancient India's unusual discoveries

Aspects of bureaucratism - depersonalisation systematised

Reflections of the world of letters

Crickhowell, Powys - information for visitors brochure from 1980ish

Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth - magazine 1989 (article)

Wern Watkin, a hill farm near Crickhowell formerly owned by Jeremy Sandford

Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, Olympia, 1980 - photos

Jokes in 1944 about the Second Front - plus news articles on pre-fabs and Whitehall red tape

The Royal Liberty Grammar School, GideaPark, Havering - a brief appreciation

Air Signallers Swanton Morley A.S. 10 1955-6

Training as an Air Signaller in the R.A.F. in the 1950s

A revelation of the essence of nature

Mind, Body, Spirit festival, Olympia 1980, with Jeremy Sandford & Philippa Finnis

Jeremy Sandford - obituary

Les Musicians du Nil - Etkal Kenawi - rebaba, Kenawi Bakhit Kenawi -mizmar- poster

Elephant Fayre 1982, Port St- Eliot, St. Germans, Cornwall - poster

The Roundhouse, Camden, 1967 - failed attempt at public levitation

The Grotto Club, Baker Street - 1958-9

Speaker's Corner 1958-59 Hyde Park

Little known jokes and amusing quotes

A Far Shorter History of Western Philosophy

Some Europe jokes

Macgregor of the Suez Canal -most famous of bum-boatmen

Old Camel Ponsonby and the greenhouse effect

What 100 tons of coal can produce in products and bi-products

How coal gas is manufactured from coal and delivered to the consumer

Bill Öhrström och Merrymen från Stockholm

Poems 'Time and Mind' cycle by R.P.

Poems 'Another Year Done' by R.P.

Poems 'Home from Home' and Diverse by R.P.

Charing Cross Music shops of yore

Resident's report on Norway for outsiders (i.e. non-Norwegian speaking visitors)

Eric Steadman and Robert Priddy ca. 1964

Elsa and Walter Uhlfelder - Jewish Holocaust survivors

Michael Bell: Ex Royal Navy, lived in Oslo early 1960s, from Tunbridge Wells

Coluche (Michel Gérard Joseph Colucci) French comedian president candidate in 1980

Nesodden fra luften ca. 1950s - viser Helvik, Ursvik med Oslofjorden i bakgrunnen

Pio Larsen - en nork skribent og radio speaker fra Helvik, Nesodden

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