INVESTIGATIONS INTO SOME FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES - Secular understanding and related issues

Extraordinary phenomena - some aspects of both nature mysticism, extra-sensory or supposed 'spiritual' experiences.

The Psychedelic Experience and its effect on my life The controversial subject of psychedelics and their effects on individual minds and lives, illustrated in my own case

The Nature of Dreams and whether dream interventions are possible

My first and overwhelming LSD experience

Overwhelming vision of cosmic energy due to LSD 25?

'Everything is relative'
Relativity, relativism, subjective uniqueness and the objective, understanding and relatedness in science and philosophy, scientifically-tested knowledge versus beliefs

The Human Need for Metaphysical Assurance On the 'spiritual vacuum' felt by many who give up faith in religion's supernatural sphere and God, and how it may be filled

Tahir Shah, a most remarkable exposer of Indian mysticism

The Inner Research of Hallucinations and Autism (1962) Experimentation with cannabis to investigate unusual psychic experience

Distinctions drawn between ATHEISM and AGNOSTICISM plus SECULARISM and NON-THEISM Trying to clarify different standpoints often misunderstood

The Origins and Persistence of Religious Belief and Faith in God Secular and humanistic overview of the growth of religion from a historical viewpoint

Charisma - how it arises, is reinforced, and diverse ends it is used for The key characteristics of a charismatic and the conditions necessary for it to arise. Example of Adolph Hitler and others

The Origins and Persistence of Religious Belief and Faith in God

God is everything, in everyone – as a spiritual teaching - the ultimate self-defeating circularity

'The brain creates God' debate - an analysis of 'neurotheology' as pseudo-science
Critical analysis of an article "How the Brain Creates God
" by Iona Miller of the Asklepia Foundation, from the general viewpoint of neurophilosophy

Advaita – historical flight into abstraction and speculation - Ideas of individual “spirits” embedded in nature would not hold up, so abstract principles and powers beyond nature were hypothesised, but never proven.

The Failed Doctrine of 'Original Sin' On the misconceptions from the Bible about the nature of 'sin', whether it is inherited and what its consequences might be for the 'sinner'

Grayling's question (Prospect Magazine) Can ethics be derived from natural selection?

Sorcery and Magic

Swami Ambikananda of the Quintessence ashram

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