After over a decade, the article on Robert C. Priddy (as scanned below from the English Wikipedia page) was deleted by users (without an admin. decision) on Wikipedia, relying on obscure technicalities and biased points of view. They had whittled down the content bit by bit and then deleted the remainder, using specious grounds and untrue representation of references to my work. This occurred after many Sai Baba devotees and other believers in gurus had unsucessfully tried to deface and delete the article for many years. After a nomination for deletion 17 November 2006, the administrators had voted overwhelmingly that the page be kept. Eventually the sheer volume of deleters managed to delete the page without any administrators taking action against them. The fanatics also used a false IP to hack into my talk page and so get the administration to bane me from editing it. However, the German version of Wikipedia retained exactly the same material for Robert C. Priddy as one can see here

Failed deletion of Robert C Priddy Wikipedia in 2006 on admin. vote

There had already been an official arbitration, latest in 2006, where the panel of administrators voted to keep the article. This arbitration was ignored and no new arbitration was even asked for. Apropos, I was not informed that the deletion was to take place, but someone mailed me about it later on. My bibliography is found here. That and and a series of references to my work have been ignored by the editors. One or two users have defended this page, but - in the absence of anyone who knows the important sources or official documents proving my academic career, who also knows how to present them in a way which satisfies the most stringent Wikipedia rules complex - the deletion cannot be reverted. (As the person concerned, I am not allowed to comment, and a point is made of the fact that I once changed a dead link on my own Wiki page, which I did not know was totally defendu, and for which I subsequently apologized! Besides, these attackers of my wiki page are tireless persons, some of whom continue to argue, change, deface or delete almost endlessly! Where is or administrator a serious person who is willing to expend so much time as required to refute the slapdash excuse for 'research' and follow-up on the attacks?

One editor - Tifo098 - even misspells my name as 'Piriddy', which says something about accuracy and he considers my academic books to be 'classroom textbooks' - but the main on ('Communication and Understanding') was the basis of the entrance examination for foreign students to Oslo University for several years, and it has plenty of original materials. That is how Wikipedia works! It is not least a place where people of no consequence can appear to contribute knowledge to an encyclopedia through editing out everything which can be removed without retribution from anyone, and thus censor the life work of persons who have made a considerable difference... in my case, most recently through exposing for the world a huge international organization based on corruption, secrecy and extensive deceit, including my role with the BBC, which based key aspects of their documentary filming of 'The Secret Swami' on my on-line work and informed advice! Among others, I was and remain central in the international efforts to bring about the exposure and veritable collapse of a huge international organization based on corruption, secrecy and extensive deceit, including my role with the BBC, which based key aspects of their documentary filming of 'The Secret Swami' on my work and informed advice. The work proceeds and the facts emerge continuously.

The main reason for all the attacks on this article were that I, Priddy, am a whistle blower as to the crimes of Sathya Sai Baba, which offended the cult followers (and other fanatical defenders of God since his comprehensive documentation is continuously being proven true. Among the persons responsible for deletion were User Meco (aka Halvor Raknes Johansen), who works constantly and most obsessively on Wikipedia as an editor (and who has signally failed to qualify as an administrator, despite his hundreds of thousands of entries) and who states that his employer is God and is a God worker and a shaman! (See Robert Priddy widely attacked for defending Sathya Sai Baba cult victims). This defamer's user page is scanned below). He has been blocked from the Norwegian Wikipedia page by a consensus decision of the administrators, yet he still ranges freely on the English pages. He had (necessarily) informed me he intended to delete the article, saying that he had once known a child of mine (it was a at kindergarten around 1967 for some months, at which time I had begun to lecture in philosophy for foreign students at the University of Oslo). He further seems to have developed some grudge against me (obviously baseless as he was less than 3 years old at the time I knew of his existence as a playmate of my offspring, but no more than that). He warned me in his e-mail out of the blue that he would use any reply I might make to him on Wikipedia or elsewhere. It was reported to me that he is psychically-challenged, as his own self-description only serves to emphasize (see lower down this page). Later, he was banned permanently from Wikipedia, as one can see from the following scan:-

Halvor Raknes Johansen banned by Wikipedia
However, this does not help me since he managed to get Wikipedia to block my talk page so I could not rebut his claims (which were false) and because no one can edit their own Wikipedia page, and no associate or relative of the person can edit the page either. It has to be a disinterested independent person. The Wikipedia administration does not right such wrongs without a costly lawsuit, so it remains blocked, and - adding insult to injury - Wikipedia advertises the fact when one tries to enter the Robert C. Priddy page!.


Scanned from Wikipedia - Halvor Raknes (Johansen) who is "working with God directly", no less!

He has worked on my pages in tandem with down-putting User: Geschichte - apparently his conspirator.