Ex-pupils:- Fraser Pemberton (1942-48), Stephen Harvey (1944-1948), George Harvey (1944-1949), A.J. C. Weill (1945-49),David Pennington (1946-1952),
& Robin (Robert) Priddy (1945-1948). Until he passed away to our common loss in December 2004, Shaun Mather (1946–1950) was a very active member of this site.

Needless to say, but we are all keen to hear from anyone who was there at any time! So do please mail us!

Fraser (Alan) Pemberton, at Wisborough Lodge from 1942 to 1948, was Head Boy in his latter years (very popular) now lives in California,
where he is involved in nature conservation and education as a volunteer with Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

A. J. C. (aka Asher) Weill
contributes memories and reflections over Wisborough life and the boarding school ethos. Click here to read them

Shaun Mather
related his experiences Click here He also contributed interesting experiences on a range of Wisboro' events - see here.

Stephen Harvey writes his reflections & gives a diary extract from WL 1947. Click here to see them.

David Pennington is also a contributing member See here

George Harvey contributes to the memorabilia updates.

Robert (Robin) Priddy has written an account of experiences at Wisborough Lodge, (click here to see it) plus some further reminiscences.

Mr. & Mrs. Brook's daughter, Eve, has contributed with excellent photos & to memorabilia, as go-between for us and her parents,
See photos of them all            See also an obituary of Mr. Brook, the Maths and English master at Wisborough

Mr Brooke-Little contributed his biographical details and Wisboro' memories: His heraldry achievements were considerable and his obituary confirms this.

Ms. Margaret Cowlishaw who was a teacher of english and biology is included in our memorabilia.- See also here

'The Lodgean' - Wisborough Lodge Prep. School Magazine, Christmas Term, 1948

School photo 1946 Wisboro' Lodge 1949 - 47
School photo 1947 Staff photos - late 1940s
School photo 1948 Some Staff portraits 1950
School photo 1949 Two staff photos - Spring 1949
School photo 1950 Brook, Brooke-Little & staff
School photo 1951 Staff in 1948
Sports' Day (3 photos) Staff & swimming at weir
Sports Day Pyramid & Line At weir with Brooke-Little
Sports Day Gym Tableau Mr. & Mrs. Brook & Eve
Sports Day Line-up 8 Boys in 'playfield' - 1946-7
Sports Lines (Close-up) Five boys
Spectators see Line Up Four boys plus Rob
Relay - 440 yards Dustin & Purdy
Sports 1948- 100 yds. hurdles Aldrich & Bennett
Relay, Hurdles Two boys (Andrews & Shute)
Mr. Brook directs sack race John Molyneux
Mothers' Race John Bennett
Sports' Day & Prize-giving Alan Tunstall
Prize-giving 1948 Stephen Harvey
WL Footballers Nicky Borrisow
Football on Wisboro' Green Mavis & Nicky Borissow
Wisboro' Lodge 2004 - series Wisborough Lodge 1988 & Eve

Click here for Wisborough Lodge memorabilia - reminiscences and discussion as culled from our e-mails

School uniform & half-hol. treats

How it once was:-
1) Map of WL grounds (with comments)
2) Map of Main School (with comments) 
3) plan of main Wisborough Lodge building
(with comments)
Swimming at the weir on the River Kird
See4 also Prep. Latin and its textbook Then came the Shorter Latin Primer (see cover and disfigurement)
Obits of former pupils Henschilwood and Molyneux

Stephen Harvey recorded:- My 1947 Schoolboy's Diary reveals the following term dates:
Spring: 20 January - 2 April
Summer: 5 May - 29 July
Autumn: 22 September - 16 December
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